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Date of publication:2005-8   Press: Science Press   Author:Ding Haijia Ma Xuehai  
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the first chapter into the biomedical research gate
A, biomedical research type
two, the quality of the research of
(a scientific hypothesis) hypothesis in the scientific research and the role of the
(two) forming the hypothesis based
(three) hypothesis testing
(four) study of four examples,
important scientific hypothesis history resource
five, the selection of research projects, the design and implementation of the principle of
(a) subject choice and give up
(two) design principles
(three) principle @##@ program "Biomedical research: the basic knowledge and skills in biomedical field" new young researchers or graduate students, provide the basic knowledge and skills for their scientific research system, help them as soon as possible entry. This book from the point of view of scientific practice, as far as possible with modern characteristics are introduced, including: research the basic concepts and skills, information collection (especially on the Internet), method type and selection, literature review, research application, study design, results, statistics, the research on writing, foundation and clinical study of specification. The book also introduced the basic knowledge of drug research, provide a reference for the development of standardization of various researchers.
"biomedical research: the basic knowledge and skills" can be used as biomedical graduate textbook, can also be used as a reference book for researchers.
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  •   Because the library have seen feel good so just to buy ~ suitable for build a strong professional scientific research quality, even how to write reviews and essays include ~ very useful introductory book

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