Date of publication:2002-11   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Ivan Roitt, translated by Zhou Guangyan   Pages:488   Words:954000  
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The first chapter second introduction to chapter immune system immune system cells, tissues and organs in the third chapter of cell migration and inflammatory reaction in Chapter fifth chapter fourth antibody T cell receptor and MHC molecule sixth chapter antigen presenting the seventh chapter cytokine and cytokine receptor eighth chapter antibody response cells in the ninth chapter in immune defense cooperation the tenth chapter of mononuclear phagocyte cell mediated cytotoxicity in Chapter eleventh, the regulation of the immune response immune tolerance of twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter the evolution of the immune system in Chapter fourteenth, chapter fifteenth virus immunity against bacteria and fungi, protozoa and worms immune immune sixteenth chapter seventeenth chapter eighteenth chapter tumor immune vaccination nineteenth chapter twentieth chapter secondary primary immunodeficiency immunodeficiency chapter twenty-first type Ⅰ hypersensitivity chapter twenty-second type II hypersensitivity chapter twenty-third type III hypersensitivity chapter twenty-fourth type IV hypersensitivity to the twenty-fifth chapter and twenty-sixth chapter transplant rejection and autoimmune diseases autoimmune twenty-seventh chapter immunology appendix glossary question answer @##@ term index The fully updated and revised, immunology, "" sixth edition was published. Book first half -- basic immunology than the earlier version of the organization adjustment. All chapters are accompanied by thinking questions, with detailed answers in this book. In clinical immunology part, in order to achieve a comprehensive, targeted teaching objective, thinking is accompanied by the necessary clinical laboratory data or illustrations. Book introduced 250 pieces of high quality photos, make the interpretation of clinical immunology more intuitive; 400 on the chart, the immune complex stick out a mile. The combination of online teaching (, this book is a teaching and learning tool a truly valuable.
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