Common mistakes and Countermeasures of examination of pathophysiology

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Peking Union Medical College press   Author:Kingdom   Pages:157   Words:248000  

Book undergraduate students in medical colleges and universities teaching outline as a guide, to the Ministry of health planning material as the basis, the book is divided into 17 chapters, based on the pathophysiology of each chapter learning focus and difficulties, often by examination of the multiple-choice questions, multiple-choice, short answer questions and essay questions and other questions of medical students, make a 10 call Yu exercises, conducted a comprehensive analysis, pointed out the common mistakes in the exam, analysis of the causes of wrong answers, leakage, and give the correct answer. The author of this book are engaged in medical education for many years, has rich experience in teaching teachers, selected exercises and analysis has good pertinence; in the book "the key content of common errors and analysis", for students to review, consolidate classroom knowledge, distinguish the basic concepts easily confused, attention should be paid attention to the problem answer easy to see, to prevent the test error, have a good reference value, for teachers to enhance the pertinence of teaching is of great significance.
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The first chapter chapter second introduction third chapters, the fourth chapter of water electrolyte metabolism disorder of acid-base balance and acid-base balance disorder. Fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh chapter stress hypoxia fever eighth chapter shock in ninth chapter of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) the tenth chapter ischemia-reperfusion injury in Chapter eleventh, cell signal transduction and cell apoptosis and disease chapter twelfth the thirteenth chapter of disease of heart dysfunction in Fourteenth chapter respiratory insufficiency in fifteenth chapter poor liver function renal function insufficiency chapter sixteenth chapter seventeenth multiple organ dysfunction and failure
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  •   Pathophysiology is one of a class of medical students the most headache, not only need very strong logic, also need to use these knowledge, other books are not on this link, this book is very good to do this.
  •   Okay, just a little old

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