Anatomy and physiology

Date of publication:2005-6   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Liu Chunbo   Pages:264   Words:427000  

"Anatomy" is a basic course in pharmacy specialty, is the human body structure and function of the subject. Learn and master the basic theory of human knowledge and skills, will be a very solid foundation in pharmacy and other professional courses. According to the Ministry of health of the textbook "Office of national Chinese Medicine Higher Vocational Ministry of health planning compiling requirements", "seven college textbooks Compiling Committee of Chinese medicine teaching materials in Higher Vocational Colleges write basic principles", and the requirement of syllabus, textbooks written weaken discipline consciousness, realize the goal of training practical talents, and strive to make textbooks have thought and scientific, advanced, practical and instructive. In the preparation of the closely related courses and clinical study, to inspire students initiative, to enable students to learn and know their use, lays the essential foundation for learning other courses. The book includes an introduction, histology, anatomy, physiology chapter twelve. The book of the guidance and teaching syllabus. Application of this textbook terminology, data and unit name, unified standards according to the national. The illustrations in the most cited related medical teaching at colleges and universities, and make appropriate modifications.
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Chapter 1 introduction of the basic structure of the human body the first ganglion cells second basic organization the second chapter main body system anatomy of motion system in section second section third respiratory system, digestive system fourth section of urinary system in section fifth reproductive system in section sixth circulatory system seventh nervous system the third chapter basic physiological functions of human body section life activities of the second basic features the basic function of section third ganglion cells in the regulation of physiological functions of the fourth chapter first day blood body fluid and internal environment in section second, blood composition and physiological function of third blood coagulation and fibrinolysis in section fourth, blood and blood circulation system the first section of Chapter fifth physiological heart physiology section second vascular physiology section third of chapter sixth respiratory regulation of cardiovascular activity system of physiological pulmonary ventilation second. Gas exchange and transportation section third respiratory regulation in Chapter seventh digestive system digestive physiology section second section absorption section third regulation of digestive organ activity eighth chapter temperature section normal body temperature and its physiological fluctuations in section second Heat production and heat loss of third section temperature regulation ninth urinary system Urinary physiology section and its generation section second influence concentrated urine formation factors of third renal and dilution function of section fourth, section fifth of plasma clearance delivery rate of urine storage and emission of the tenth chapter of nervous system physiology chapter eleventh sense organs twelfth chapter appendix experimental endocrine system guide appendix two reference appendix three syllabus (Trial) appendix four, color
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