Pathology teaching objectives and detection

Date of publication:2004-7   Press: Satellite   Author:Wang Peide editor   Pages:203   Words:144000  

"Pathological teaching goals and detection" is based on the new teaching plan, issued by the State Ministry of health in 1994 syllabus and secondary health school "pathology" third edition textbook compilation, significant features of the new teaching plan and syllabus is to strengthen the professional training objectives, requirements of each school for professional services, set up a. By the professional goals, curriculum goal, goal, goal of science class unit target system. The book is given priority to with community medical professional curriculum teaching objectives, according to 114 hours to write, pay attention to other professional use, according to the different professional requirements increase part, so this book is also available for nursing, midwifery, maternal and child, dental, medical inspection, health inspection, preventive medicine and other professional reference. "Pathological teaching objectives and detection" main air is established on the basis of the current class teaching syllabus unit target and, at the same time with the class target detection problem in nature, which regulate the teaching activities, classroom teaching instruction, evaluation feedback and correction, improve the standard level of remedial students, to cultivate practical talents is very useful. In addition, identified by outline unit Mu Cun out, after sampling test, difficulty, distinguish the comprehensive unit target of feasible detection problem, for students and teachers to review reference examination question selection.
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Damage, and repair the introduction of first unit second unit fourth diseases to unit third, disturbance of local blood circulation unit of water, electrolyte metabolic disorder of acid-base balance disorder sixth unit fifth unit seventh unit eighth unit shock inflammation fever ninth unit tenth DIC unit eleventh unit twelfth unit thirteenth of tumor hypoxia respiratory disease of cardiovascular system diseases unit unit fourteenth, unit fifteenth, diseases of digestive system diseases of urinary system diseases of the female reproductive system of unit sixteenth unit seventeenth unit eighteenth of infectious diseases and parasitic diseases endemic
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