• Rehabilitation medicine

    Rehabilitation medicine, this book is one of the twenty-first Century "innovation teaching material", mainly includes the introduction of rehabilitation medicine rehabilitation, assessment, rehabilitation therapy and rehabilitation therapy in the treatment of common diseases. Application of book prominent rehabilitation treatment technology in basic level hospitals and community health service center, pay attention to scientific, advanced, practical. ,

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology problem set

    This book is "one of the most medical students to review the examination set" series, the affiliated obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital of Fudan University has rich clinical experience, Professor of teaching writing, according to the basic requirements of maternity medical colleges of the State Education Commission of science, with the latest version of textbooks as the foundation, referring to the modern mode of examination, collecting the whole,

  • Preliminary calculus and biomedical applications

    This book is the same name according to the revision of the textbook editor Professor Fang and prepared by the Peking University Health Science Center and the Capital Medical University cooperation, some colleagues. This book aims to focus on the foundation, facilitate teaching; practice, cultivate the ability to face the future, focusing on the modernization. In addition to draw supervised institutions decades of teaching,

  • Surgery exam common mistakes and Countermeasures

    All kinds of common disease surgery involves the general surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, bone surgery, Department of Neurosurgery, Department of urology clinical disciplines, large space. Book in accordance with the "surgery" fifth edition and Sixth Edition chapter, emphatically listed 43 chapters, respectively by choice, explanation and question and answer form, analysis,

  • Military Preventive Medicine

    Military preventive medicine -- Military Medicine Curriculum Textbook Series, Wang Denggao, Shi Yuangang, editor in chief, military medical press,

  • Preventive medicine

    This textbook is the core of modern medical knowledge in "preventive medicine" system theory, technology and method. Through the implementation of the teaching, training the readers to master the basic theory of modern preventive medicine, basic skills, basic method. The book is divided into the following 4 parts: the first part: environment and health. Mainly about,

  • Histology and Embryology synchronous exercises and their solutions

    "Histology and Embryology synchronous exercises and solutions" for higher medical college and the central radio service university medical nursing students to use, but also can be used as reference in the paper the examples of professional teachers. ,

  • Pathophysiology

    "The higher medical education teaching materials, pathophysiology (Second Edition)" mainly for the medical college education and vocational college students in class, but also for other medical with the level of use. This textbook is one of the adult higher medical education teaching materials. The book consists of 17 chapters. The first chapter the pathology,

  • Investigation of Community Medicine

    Since 1997, the development of community health service, the community health services development change rapidly, but the research on the community medical books still does not see more, this book is designed to develop and meet the development of community health service and the preparation of the. This book from the introduction to the research community medical staff, the agency,

  • Common mistakes and Countermeasures of neurologic examination

    The book is in line with the national planning textbook of medical colleges and universities "Neurology" written. This book is aimed at the actual problems of medical undergraduates and 7 year medical students in learning "Neurology" encountered in the process of learning, including the key content understanding, and learning difficulties and reflect the common mistake in the exam,

  • Medical microbiology experiment guidance

    "Medical microbiology experiment guide" is divided into general bacteria, the scientists bacteriology, virology, other microorganisms, General Virology theory and Appendix 6 parts, a total of 28 practice content, each practice content including pathogens test method principle, materials and methods, steps, results and,

  • Surgery

    Twenty-first Century - doctor in rural training series of surgery, edited by Du Shaoxian, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology

    This textbook combined anesthesia, inspection, oral, mental health, public health professional characteristics, in accordance with the three basic (basic theory, basic knowledge, basic skills) and new progress, follow the five (thought, scientific, instructive, advanced, practical) principle, content including anatomy, physiology of female genital,,

  • Tutorial of hemorrhage of upper digestive tract

    Book with upper digestive tract hemorrhage as the starting point, systematically introduces developing law and diagnosis and treatment of bleeding esophageal, gastric and duodenal disease complicated with. The book has 14 chapters, discusses the basic knowledge of upper gastrointestinal bleeding, etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, non variceal out,

  • Psychiatry

    Psychiatry, medical institutions of various clinical medical students after graduation, most do not engage in mental work, after graduation they are more comprehensive hospital clinical medicine, community physicians or researchers. They faced in the treatment of patients with object is inside and outside, women, children, nerve, endocrine, blood and infectious disease and these patients with,

  • Diagnosis and nursing technology

    "Diagnosis and nursing technology" is the examination, judgment subject disease and nursing basic theory, methods, skills and diagnostic methods of scientific thinking, is a basic course based on modern science and technology, medicine, clinical practice experience. It focuses on every clinician must,

  • Based on experimental methods and microcirculation

    The book consists of four parts, a total of 21 chapters, mainly introduce the basic theory and experiment technology of the research field of the microcirculation. The basic concept of pandect introduces microcirculation and theoretical knowledge; the article emphasizes to organ microcirculation characteristics; disease paper changed common disease microcirculation; experimental mainly from molecular,

  • Medicine

    The book includes two parts the Department of internal medicine disease and infectious disease, accompanied by some summary and analysis. Materials science reasonable arrangement, content integrity system structure, scientific, pertinence, meet basic health personnel training requirements, both scientific and practical. ,

  • Emerging infectious diseases prevention and control.

    The editors were Capital Medical University, Beijing Municipal Center for Disease Control and prevention, health law, Chinese period in epidemiology, infectious diseases, psychiatry and related disciplines senior experts, they were personally participated in the 2003 battle to fight against "SARS". In view of the "SARS" prevention and treatment process,

  • Preventive medicine

    "For twenty-first Century curriculum materials, emergency medicine" made detailed descriptions of each main category of emergency medicine, reflects the main characteristics of emergency medical system. Including the pre hospital first aid, common critical disease, critical care, emergency care and treatment of common technology and Department of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of ENT,

  • Medical physiology

    Edited by A.C.Guyton and "J.E.Hall" is a textbook of medical physiology medical physiology foreign classic science, from the beginning of 1956 first edition, published once every 5 years the revision. The tenth edition of the new covers all the major part physiology, the book consists of 15 papers in 8,

  • Etiology and pathology

    Etiology and pathology, ISBN:9787801942081, author: Dong Ziming, Li Daoming, Xu Junye,

  • Medical immunology

    Immunology development change rapidly, medical immunology textbook version of different levels of diversity, variety of reference books. "Medical Immunology" one book, is composed of 6 colleges and universities Sichuan University press organization in West China Medical College jointly prepared. The content of the book system, complete, accurate, scientific, advanced and inspiration,

  • Rehabilitation medicine

    Rehabilitation medicine -- in twenty-first Century for the curriculum and teaching materials, editor in chief of Liu Shanshan, Peking University medical press,

  • The Open University of China medical system design course syllabus compilation

    Since 80 time, the needs of society so that the medical adult higher education and continuing education to the rapid recovery and development, ease the shortage of higher plant of the medical personnel in a certain extent, but still can not meet the demand for higher medical personnel of the grass-roots level and in remote rural areas. According to relevant statistics 1988,

  • Human parasite learning problem sets

    On the latest version of the Ministry of health planning materials; comprehensive coverage of the key and difficult point; study section of the proposition team recommended; include questions over the years; seize the score of "collection". Book tightly around the undergraduate curriculum requires students to master the content to be concise and to the point, the emphasis and difficulty of each chapter;,

  • Medical Biochemistry

    In order to adapt to the situation of reform and opening up in 1990, Shanghai Second Medical University Department of biochemistry test, the original biological chemistry syllabus, expanded into biological chemistry textbook outline, words by nearly 200000 to about 300000, increased the chart, to enrich the content, the amount of combined with clinical medicine, in content,

  • Medical ethics and health law

    This book from the practical application of office and Internet, introduces the common knowledge of computer office software and computer on the Internet, office and the two complement each other, to maximize meet the needs of readers to study and work. Hope that through the study of this for the knowledge, use the method enables the readers to quickly master the office software,,

  • Study progress of medical laboratory diagnosis

    Study progress of medical laboratory diagnosis (2 clinical gene diagnosis) -- Inspection continuing medical education materials, Wu Jianguo, Ming Qing Tong, Li Xiaojun, ed., Southeast University press,

  • Pediatrics

    Master medicine is a series of core texts for medical students. Each volume includes core informat,

  • Department of internal medicine review multiple choice

    "The Ministry of health planning fifth edition of learning counseling, medical review multiple-choice series Department of internal medicine review multiple-choice" published by the Second Military Medical University press. ,

  • Neurology

    In the course, highlights four key points: one is the novelty, in view of social scientific progress at home and abroad is very rapid, the need to reflect the appropriate in this textbook, textbook mainly absorbs a more mature point of view, there is ambiguity does not write. Two is the practicality, the utility value of medical students in clinical practice, and,

  • Eye ear nose throat Oral Science

    Eye ear nose throat Oral Science -- twenty-first Century rural doctor training series, Huang Wei, Guo Xirang, Li Xinming, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Pathology learning and problem solving Guide

    Basic questions for pathology and pathological examination. The two part. The first part to the latest five year, eight year and seven year Ministry of health planning materials based on reference to the pathology, the graduate entrance examination "Western comprehensive test" in the test paper and more than ten domestic well-known medical colleges and universities in recent years,

  • Textbook of Medical Laboratory Animal Science

    This book systematically introduces the basic concept of quality control, the field of medical research laboratory animal science animal breeding, animal experiment environment conditions and experimental animal; introduced the biological characteristics of commonly used experimental animal, application and management, expounds the basic concepts involved in animal experiments are described in detail,

  • Clinical pharmacology

    The book consists of 27 chapters, elaborates the basic theory and method of clinical pharmacology, and appropriate introduces basic pharmacology content, the teaching material is continuous, complete and systematic. Chapter 1-12 is the introduction part, mainly introduces the basic concept of clinical pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacodynamics, clinical medicine,

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

    Twenty-first Century - doctor in rural training series, traditional Chinese medicine Lei Xinqiang, edited by Liu Daoqing, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Introduction of family medicine

    Introduction of general medicine in twenty-first Century -- rural doctor training series, Wu Jinliang, edited by Tian Qingfeng, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Normal human anatomy

    Normal human anatomy - doctor in twenty-first Century rural training series, Zhang Qinxian, Yu Xiaomo, Kong Xuli, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Cosmetic skin treatment

    The skin is the largest organ of human body, cover the body. At the same time the skin or the largest human sense organs and most attract sb.'s attention aesthetic organ, with feelings, the aesthetic function of aesthetic information; therefore, the skin is the body of the first object of aesthetic. "Cosmetic skin treatment" is medicine,

  • Medical biophysics

    Medical biophysics, book by new materials of Ministry of education should be oriented towards twenty-first Century, focusing on training new century talents demand, we in the past many years teaching experience on this idea to compile this book is: 1 to systematically introduce the theoretical framework of biophysical studies itself, also want to consider the practice of medicine the required,

  • Pediatrics

    Pediatrics doctor - twenty-first Century - rural training series, edited by Gao Tiezheng, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Medical immunology and pathogenic biology

    "The main content for twenty-first Century curriculum materials, medical immunology and pathogenic biology": editor in strengthening the training objectives desalination disciplinary principles, medical microbiology, parasitology and medical immunology together, re combination, arrangement of the teaching material. Considering the characteristics of the subject, the book is divided into,

  • Medical psychology and psychiatry

    In accordance with the "standards of twenty-first Century rural doctor training series", the materials for rural doctors training and re education books, by learning to enable students to college level. In compiling textbooks, we maintain the integrity and the system at the same time, highlighting its relevance. ,

  • Preventive medicine

    Preventive medicine, "prevention of medical" details of the environment and health, including the natural environment and social environment, commonly used statistical methods of population health research, epidemiological methods of population health, health care strategy. "Preventive medicine" is rich in content, pay attention to scientific sex, advanced sex, focused, concise text, suitable for,

  • Questions and solutions of pathophysiology

    Questions and solutions -- teaching reference books, pathophysiology, Yin Lianhua editor, press of Shanghai medical university,

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