The nurse exam required PDA - the nurse practicing qualification examination

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The first chapter the basic nursing knowledge and skills.
second chapter circulatory system disease patient care
third chapter nursing of digestive system diseases
fourth chapter nursing of respiratory system diseases
fifth chapter infectious disease patient care
sixth chapter skin and subcutaneous tissue disease patient care
seventh chapter pregnancy, delivery and puerperal disease patient care
eighth chapter newborn and neonatal care
ninth chapter genitourinary system disease patient care
Chapter tenth patients with mental disorder nursing
eleventh chapter of injury and poisoning patient care
twelfth chapter of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue disease patient care
the thirteenth chapter tumor patient care
fourteenth chapter blood, hematopoietic and immune disease patient care
fifteenth chapter endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disease patient care
sixteenth chapter nursing of nervous system diseases
seventeenth chapter development of life care
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The copyright page: 25 early examination of right heart failure clinical manifestations of right heart failure, because of sodium and water retention in the body, so in the edema appeared before the first increase in body weight, fluid retention as edema appeared above 5kg. Heart failure edema in lower extremities first, bedridden patients often have the waist, back and di ministry, drooping parts of the obvious, is pitting edema. Severe can affect the body, more than in the evening or exacerbation of lower extremity edema, night's rest can be reduced or disappear, often accompanied by increased nocturnal urine volume, the amount of effort to the rest of the night because of the more active during the day as much heart Shang Nengbeng venous blood, ventricular end systolic residual volume decreased, increased venous and capillary pressure were mitigated, and edema or regression. Rhythm in patients with atrial fibrillation and 26 measurement sites in patients with atrial fibrillation pulse and heart rate is irregular, rapid heart rate, heart beat too weak because many fail to open the aortic valve, or because of arterial blood pressure wave is too small, failed to transfer to the peripheral artery, resulting in pulse deficit. At this time by two nurses were measured by pulse rate and heart rate, for two people at the same time characteristic ECG in the diagnosis of myocardial infarction model test 27 myocardial infarction is the change of the appearance of high peaked T wave in onset hours. A few hours later, ST was arched shape up, forming a single curve and T wave. 1 ~ 2 days pathological Q wave, 80%Q wave is 70% ~. 2 weeks of ST segment gradually return to potential, flat or inverted T wave. 3 weeks of inverted the deepest, sometimes a coronary T wave, months or years gradually restored, can also be permanent. According to the change of ECG can be judged infarction. Because of myocardial infarction have characteristic electrocardiogram changes, this can make a definite diagnosis. Test 28 rheumatic heart disease complications of heart failure (HF), the most common. The most common arrhythmia, atrial fibrillation. The respiratory tract infection. ④ embolism, is one of the reasons why the death of common rheumatic heart disease, emboli are from three sources: A. left atrial dilatation and congestion, the formation of mural thrombosis caused by embolism. B. emboli from the right atrium or peripheral vein. C. emboli from calcification of the valve, the most common site of occlusion with cerebral embolism, other such as limbs, mesenteric, renal, spleen, lung and other organs of the artery. Acute pulmonary edema. ⑥ dysphagia. The typical clinical manifestations of angina pectoris of angina attack point 29 is located in the body of the sternum upper or middle press, fullness or suffocating pain occurs suddenly, may also spread to most of the area before the heart, can radiate to the left shoulder and left arm of anterior medial, ring finger and little finger, I may be associated with the dying a feeling of horror, often forcing patients to immediately stop activities, or sweating. The pain lasted for 1 ~ 5min, rarely exceeding 15min.
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