Nurse nurse exam required PDA - national health professional and technical qualification examination

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"The examination of the national health professional and technical qualification: nurse, nurse in charge test necessary palm treasure" is divided into five chapters, the main contents include: the basic concepts of nursing science, nursing theory, intravenous infusion and blood transfusion and Department of internal medicine nursing, surgical nursing, nursing of patients with injury, intracranial hypertension patient's nursing, Gynecological Nursing Science, pediatric nursing.
Catalogue of books

The first basic nursing
the first chapter
second chapter nursing basic concepts of
third chapter nursing theory
fourth chapter nursing theory
fifth chapter medical service system
sixth chapter communication
Chapter seventh nurses working with legal
eighth chapter nursing program
ninth chapter comfort, pain, rest and sleep and activity of
tenth chapter nutrition and diet

twelfth chapter eleventh chapter excretion of hospital infection prevention and control of
thirteenth chapter administration of
fourteenth chapter intravenous infusion and blood transfusion of
fifteenth and
sixteenth chapter chapter therapy observation
Chapter seventeenth critical patients nursing care of
eighteenth chapter hospice care
Second Department of internal medicine nursing
the first chapter
second chapter nursing of respiratory system diseases
third chapter circulatory system disease patient care
fourth chapter nursing of digestive system diseases
fifth chapter nursing of urinary system diseases.
sixth chapter blood and hematopoietic system disease patient care
seventh chapter endocrine metabolic disease patient care
eighth chapter nursing of rheumatic diseases
ninth chapter physicochemical factors induced disease patient care
tenth chapter nursing of nervous system diseases
third surgical nursing
the first chapter of water, electrolyte and acid-base metabolism disorder patient care
second chapter surgical nutrition support nursing care of patients with
third surgical shock patient care
fourth chapter of multiple organ dysfunction syndrome
fifth chapter anesthesia nursing care of patients with
sixth chapter heart resuscitation
seventh surgical intensive care
eighth chapter surgical care of patients before and after
ninth chapter operation room nursing work
tenth chapter surgical infection care
eleventh chapter trauma nursing
twelfth chapter organ transplantation
thirteenth chapter tumor patient care
fourteenth chapter of increased intracranial pressure.
fifteenth chapter of nursing care of patients with craniocerebral trauma nursing
sixteenth chapter neck disease patient care
seventeenth chapter breast disease patient care
eighteenth chapter nursing care of patients with chest injury.
nineteenth chapter nursing care of patients with empyema.
Chapter twentieth of lung cancer patients nursing of surgical treatment of esophageal cancer disease.
twenty-first chapter The nursing of
twenty-second chapter abdominal external hernia patient care
twenty-third chapter acute peritonitis nursing
twenty-fourth chapter abdominal trauma nursing
Chapter twenty-fifth gastric and duodenal disease patient care
twenty-sixth chapter bowel disease patient care
twenty-seventh chapter anorectal disease patient care
twenty-eighth chapter portal hypertension patient care
twenty-ninth chapter liver disease patient care
thirtieth chapter biliary disease patient care
thirty-first chapter pancreatic disease patient care
thirty-second surgical nursing of patients with acute abdomen.
thirty-third chapter peripheral vascular disease patient care
thirty-fourth urinary and male reproductive system the main symptoms of the disease and check the
thirty-fifth chapter of urinary injury patient care
thirty-sixth chapter urinary calculus patient care
thirty-seventh chapter of renal tuberculosis patient care
thirty-eighth chapter of urinary obstruction patient care
thirty-ninth chapter urinary tumor patient care
fortieth chapter of patients in the Department of orthopedics of general nursing
forty-first chapter of bone and joint
trauma nursing
forty-second chapter patient common bone and joint infection nursing
forty-third chapter bone tumor patient care
forty-fourth chapter of low back pain and neck pain nursing care of patients with
Fourth Gynecological Nursing first chapter of female reproductive system anatomy and physiology
fifth pediatric nursing
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: 22 tuberculin test result of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection after 4 ~ 8 weeks before the establishment of allergy, before this, tuberculin test was negative; positive represent subjects had been infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis or have been vaccinated with BCG, but cannot determine whether suffering from tuberculosis, due to positive can also be found in malnutrition, HIV infection. Tuberculin reaction of severe pulmonary tuberculosis is positive, but not necessarily positive. Test 23 pulmonary tuberculosis prevention and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis is the main source of infection in patients with secondary pulmonary tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis with sputum excretion and spread, it was found in the sputum Mycobacterium tuberculosis patients to be infectious, so cut the pulmonary tuberculosis transmission is early diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis patients thoroughly. Examination of 24 primary lung cancer and nursing measures of primary bronchial lung cancer fiberoptic bronchoscopy after fasting for 2 hours, to prevent aspiration. After anesthesia disappear, coughing and vomiting reflex recovery after can be in the cool liquid or semi liquid diet, eating before the test to sip water, no cough before eating. Test 25 chemotherapy nursing of patients with chemotherapy ward regular disinfection, the room temperature of 18 ~ 20 ℃; chemotherapy in patients after no routine visits, due to falling during chemotherapy patients white blood cells, visiting patients will increase the chance of infection; weight in chemotherapy before and after each test, in order to correctly calculate and adjust dose; normal temperature under thePreparation and use of not more than 1 hours, especially nitrogen mustard drugs; intravenous if the drug leakage, should be cold local. Test 26 lung cancer clinical treatment of multiple lung cancer will be divided into non small cell cancer (including squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and large cell carcinoma) and small cell carcinoma, two different treatment principles, the former early surgery, unresectable advanced use of chemotherapy combined with radiotherapy; the latter growth speed, high grade malignant, sensitive to chemotherapy, so the chemotherapy. Examination of 27 primary lung cancer clinical manifestations irritating cough commonly found in acute or chronic laryngitis, laryngeal cancer, acute bronchitis, and bronchial foreign body early tracheal compression, bronchial tumor, pleural disease; the sound of metal cough in primary bronchogenic carcinoma of lung, mediastinum tumor, aortic aneurysm, direct compression of the trachea caused by cancer. Drug treatment center of pulmonary tuberculosis in 28 side effects of ethambutol side effect of retrobulbar neuritis; streptomycin and side effect of deafness, kidney damage and vertigo; para aminosalicylic acid side effects are gastrointestinal discomfort, liver damage, allergic reaction; isoniazid side effects of peripheral neuritis, occasionally liver function damage; rifampin side effect is the damage of liver function and allergic reactions.
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"The examination of the national health professional and technical qualification: nurse, nurse in charge test necessary palm treasure" by the Shanxi science and Technology Publishing house.
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