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The first basic nursing in first chapter chapter second nurses behavior specification chapter third nursing related theory. The fourth chapter of nurse patient relationship and communication fifth chapter nursing procedure chapter sixth patient psychosocial reaction chapter seventh hospitals and hospital environment chapter eighth admission and discharge nursing the ninth chapter supine and nursing safety Chapter tenth patient comfort needs eleventh chapter twelfth chapter patient care and cleaning of vital signs observation and nursing of thirteenth chapter patients nutrition and diet nursing of fourteenth chapter and fifteenth chapter sixteenth chapter excretion therapy nursing hospital infection prevention and control of the seventeenth chapter of drug therapy and allergy testing in Chapter eighteenth and chapter nineteenth venous transfusion blood specimen collection chapter twentieth observation and critical the patient's Rescuing and nursing care of twenty-first chapter twenty-second chapter dying patient care medical document writing Chapter twenty-third wards nursing management Second Department of internal medicine nursing the first chapter second chapter nursing of respiratory system diseases in Chapter third, circulatory system disease patient care fourth chapter nursing of digestive system diseases fifth chapter of urinary system diseases nursing The sixth chapter blood hematopoietic system disease and nursing care of patients with endocrine and metabolic diseases seventh chapter eighth chapter of nursing care of patients with rheumatic diseases nursing of ninth chapter of physicochemical factors induced disease patient care tenth chapter nursing of nervous system diseases third surgical nursing aseptic technique first chapter second chapter surgical patient metabolic disorder nursing the third chapter surgical nutrition imbalance in patients with nursing of fourth surgical shock nursing care of patients with multiple system organ failure fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh chapter eighth chapter anesthesia recovery operation in the perioperative period nursing of ninth chapter, tenth chapter of surgical infection in surgical intensive care eleventh chapter twelfth chapter thirteenth chapter tumor damage was fourteenth chapter transplantation and nursing care of fifteenth chapter craniocerebral trauma nursing the sixteenth chapter neck disease nursing care of patients with breast diseases nursing seventeenth chapter eighteenth chapter nineteenth chapter chest diseases nursing care of patients with abdominal external hernia nursing care of patients with acute peritonitis and abdominal injury in twentieth chapter of twenty-first chapter gastric duodenal diseases nursing, nursing of twenty-second chapter bowel disease patient care twenty-third chapter anorectal disease patient care article The twenty-four chapter of portal hypertension of liver disease and nursing care of twenty-fifth chapter, twenty-sixth chapter of biliary tract disease nursing of twenty-seventh chapter of pancreatic diseases nursing of twenty-eighth surgical abdomen patients nursing twenty-ninth patients with peripheral vascular disease nursing thirtieth chapter thirty-first chapter diseases in Department of Urology nursing care of patients with bone and joint disease patient care fourth Obstetrics and gynecology nursing women first chapter anatomy of the reproductive system. The second chapter of female reproductive system physiology chapter third pregnancy physiology chapter fourth pregnant women of the nursing of fifth chapter intrapartum maternal care chapter sixth postpartum nursing care of seventh chapter, eighth chapter of perinatal neonatal care medical concept in the ninth chapter of abnormal pregnancy care tenth chapter pregnancy complications of maternal care eleventh chapter anomaly of pregnant women and nursing of twelfth chapter childbirth complications of maternal care in Chapter thirteenth, fetal distress, neonatal asphyxia maternity care fourteenth chapter birth injury of neonatal nursing the fifteenth chapter obstetric operation of nursing sixteenth chapter gynecologic history and examination of the nursing of seventeenth chapter of the female reproductive system inflammation care of the women in the eighteenth chapter Female genital tumor nursing women nineteenth chapter trophoblastic disease nursing women chapter twentieth menstrual disorder nursing care of patients with prolapse of uterus in twenty-first chapter twenty-second chapter common nursing care of patients with Gynecological Nursing Operation and chemotherapy in patients with gynecological operation nursing of twenty-third chapter of family planning of nursing fifth pediatric nursing in first chapter chapter second growth third chapter newborn and neonatal diseases information of nursing care of fourth chapter nutritional diseases rest nursing chapter fifth digestive system diseases nursing care of children with respiratory diseases in children with sixth chapter seventh nursing chapter circulatory system diseases and nursing care of patients with hematopoietic system disease in the eighth chapter the ninth chapter diseases of urinary system nursing nursing care of patients with nervous system disease with tenth chapter nursing of the eleventh chapter of connective tissue disease nursing care of children in the twelfth chapter the common infectious diseases nursing care of patients with TB in children thirteenth chapter fourteenth nursing pediatric emergency nursing practice test basic knowledge of relevant professional knowledge, professional knowledge, professional practice ability @##@ volume volume In order to adapt to the examination of the national health professional and technical qualification, the convenience for nursing professional candidates learning, familiar with the assessment content, we based on the advantages of inherit and develop previous and similar examinations authority, the system and so on, in order to further highlight the characteristics of scientific, practical, efficient, compiled the "primary national health professional and technical qualification examination of nursing professional exam review guide" (division). "Nursing (Division) examination lectures" is to be concise and to the point of each form are involved in test sites to the calendar year examination, to help candidates more convenient to score points. "Nursing (Division) examination lectures" each chapter is completely based on the test program of this chapter the content of the basic framework, this chapter point lecturing, writing concise, practical, easy to remember. To help candidates spend less time, less effort to grasp the main points of review, raise the review efficiency, pass the examination. Each chapter with the focus and difficult questions, answer with strengthening, to facilitate student self testing based on mastering the content of each chapter of the self rating. "Nursing (Division) examination lectures" at last with a practice test.
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