The syllabus of physician qualification in 2011

Date of publication:2010-12   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:The Ministry of health medical qualification examination committee, the national medical examination center.   Pages´╝Ü54  

"Licensed physician law" provisions of the people's Republic of China, the State shall implement the system of examination for the qualifications of doctors. Results the physician qualification examination qualified, practitioners or physician assistant. Qualify as a doctor, may apply for registration and in Institutions of medical treatment, prevention, health care according to the registered place, category, scope of practice engaged in services of medical treatment, prevention, health care. Physicians should have good occupation morals and professional medical knowledge, carry forward the humanitarian spirit, to heal the wounded and rescue the dying, to prevent and cure diseases, protect a sacred duty for the people's health.
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Practical skills examination outline a, history and case analysis of two basic skills, oral examination three, basic skills, basic first aid techniques five, four basic diagnostic techniques and auxiliary examination results of six examples of interpretation, medical ethics, medical comprehensive written outline of the first part of oral histopathology of oral anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, medicine psychology of medical ethics preventive medicine health regulations second part comprehensive professional oral Department of internal medicine endodontics periodontics children oral medicine oral mucosal diseases of oral and maxillofacial surgery prosthodontics preventive dentistry third part of the practice of comprehensive oral clinical community (oral)
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