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Date of publication:2005-1   Press: China press of traditional Chinese Medicine   Author:Yan Zhaojun   Pages´╝Ü243  

Xiaoyao Powder is one of the most famous prescription, clinical application of a wide range of. "Xiaoyao Powder" brings together research theory, experimental and clinical syndromes treatment at home and abroad, especially the clinical application, involved inside and outside, women, children, clinical features and other subjects, according to the classification of disease and syndrome, and found a new home and abroad explore Xiaoyaosan mechanism experimental study, rich content, informative, more fully reflect the latest achievements of contemporary research, is engaged in the study of traditional Chinese medicine and the rare references, can be used for traditional Chinese medicine, combined Chinese and Western medicine and other professional medical treatment, teaching, scientific research personnel and technical secondary school students and other interested parties with reference to traditional Chinese medicine.
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The study in theory the first chapter Xiaoyaosan side section of Xiaoyao Powder consists of second section of Xiaoyao Powder addition and subtraction Xiaoyaosan efficacy and application of section third of chapter second powder syndrome third chapter modern theoretical research progress first Xiaoyao Xiaoyao Powder prescription origin section second and five elements theory in section third of chapter fourth of Xiaoyao Powder prescription of Xiaoyaosan related party the first section four inverse scattered second day makeup to Shaoyao San's clinical study of the first chapter of obstetrical and gynecological disease section of climacteric syndrome in second section, third section of irregular menstruation dysmenorrhea fourth leukorrhagia fifth day pregnant hypochondrium pain sixth day postpartum abdominal pain seventh Yin Yang eighth Yin pain ninth breast disease tenth day milk less than eleventh day in twelfth sterility section thirteenth day menstrual headaches breast hyperplasia fourteenth day menstrual orbital pain fifteenth amenorrhea in sixteenth day of ovarian cyst seventeenth uterine fibroids eighteenth day pregnancy vomiting hey nineteenth adolescent women with lower extremity pain twentieth day menstrual idiopathic edema in twenty-first day of premenstrual tension syndrome in twenty-second day postpartum depression twenty-third hyperprolactinemia twenty-fourth day pregnant abdominal pain twenty-fifth the second chapter section uterine diseases in Department of internal medicine the first section hidrosis article Two day third day fourth day cough cholecystitis Raynaud disease fifth tremor of sixth day fever seventh day eighth day ninth day hiccup bentun thyroid cyst with intracystic hemorrhage tenth liver heat knife...... The third chapter the andrology disease fourth chapter fifth chapter skin disease department of ophthalmology disease in sixth chapter, seventh chapter of oral diseases of ENT diseases eighth chapters the first chapter of pediatric disease experimental study on composition of the second chapter of pharmacological research
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