Red Cliff records (2 volumes)

Date of publication:2011-7   Press: Chinese Ancient Books Publishing House   Author:Wang Tingyuan   Pages:58  

"Chinese ancient Chinese Book: Red Cliff records (set of 2 volumes)" does not pass, the Qing Wang Tingyuan. Wang about life in the Qing emperor Kangxi Dynasty to early Jiaqing (say was born in one seven three and died in one eight hundred), according to the "Shexian Chi" records: "Wang Tingyuan, word Zan, also known as bluegrass, Yi City, the Chinese famous biography III, the" Guangling case "" Xin'an case ". "" Anhui Tongzhi "set:" Qing Wang Tingyuan, word Zan bluegrass, red cliff, Shexian. And Xu Yu and laws, Emperor Qianlong also in medical book. Their life experience for the treatment, including hundreds of, is divided into two parts, called "Xin'an case" "Guangling case". "" Chinese ancient Chinese Book: Red Cliff records (set of 2 volumes) "will" Xin'an "and" Guangling medical records excerpts from "in one book, where the two book, now in the possession of the Zhejiang Academy of traditional Chinese medicine library. According to "Chinese ancient books catalogue", the only domestic one treasure, but forty-seven years of Qianlong (one seven eight two) edition of renyin. Book imprint what industry, paper quality, clear writing, is a rare books. Wang Tingyuan was born in a medical family, since that: "my family medicine with skull, living without calculate, from one five days for my father, has III. "Wang's childhood reading, by Confucianism and medicine, Cheng Yaotian in a book preface that:" Sir entrance drum basket, namely and learning Huang Di, Shennong, foreign books, to a middle-aged, beneficial try one's best in the Han and Tang dynasties after the 名贤, if the king 叔和, Huangfu Shian, Wang Qiyuan of the book recorded, one one times and the concept of ang know that both Zhang Zhongjing's master, and more access to Bo its interest in 100 said. "Mr visible for lapping" via "" Materia Medica "" Treatise on the "classic works of past dynasties, and the 名贤, no see, with broad knowledge, rich experience. Wang's practice for decades, hard, assiduously, and accumulated rich clinical experience, Jin Yunhuai evaluation of the Yue: "Wang to the medicine, the strength is very much, the operation should be refined. "Yue:" the rule of the disease should be if the drum raft, Chun Chun Hu Liu Li Zhu Xue room, Wang Junzhi power is not its weizai! "Its superb medical operation, won the praise of medical faculty. "Chinese ancient Chinese Book: Red Cliff records (set of 2 volumes)" is the power from a large number of clinical medical records from the essence of a compilation and become, Cheng Yaotian once said: "Sir cure their experience, is according to the pen the book, time is deep, a voluminous Yi Fu, now pick one hundred, divided into two series, said" Xin'an medicine "medicine" according to "Guangling press, Yao Tian see and reading, day: the world of medicine. "
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