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Date of publication:2003-10   Press: Chinese Ancient Books Publishing House   Author:Chen Guoyin   Pages:526  

Miraculous Pivot is a classic of acupuncture and moxibustion. The application of modern medical language, with integrated Chinese traditional and Western medicine thought understanding. And the main and collateral channels, such as Wei Qi, the liver and spleen, and so on the basis of theory analysis, the essence of the original insights. Book source regardless of the flow, and not from the water, new and innovative. Clear ideas, focus on practical. Both experts in Chinese medicine, acupuncture combined with traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine doctor, the doctor also, medical students, read the Miraculous Pivot and not read the Miraculous Pivot, can get the new harvest from this book.
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1, twelve of the original 2, the first nine small needle solutions for the third 3, the second 4, fifty-first 5, the back Shu point sixty-second 6, tenth 7, the eleventh meridians, the 8 don't water twelfth 9, fortieth 10, regulating yin and Yang fifty battalion fifteenth, battalion 11 sixteenth 12, forty-eighth gas cut services, by 13 ribs thirteenth, seventy-sixth 15 14 Wei Qi, Wei Qi fifty-ninth 16, eighteenth 17, camp health will always ninth 18, fifth 19 root knot, Wei Qi, five out of thirty-fourth fifty-second 20 21, seventy-first 22, evil guest will air thirtieth 23, thirty-sixth 24, five long fluid not sea on thirty-third, five and 25 evil thirtieth 26, fourth 27 viscera disease evil, all born sixty-sixth 28, fifty-eighth 29, the dirty forty-seventh draft 30, division twenty-ninth, 31 - day is divided into four forty-fourth 32, forty-fifth 33, five foreign hides read five to thirty-seventh 34, forty-ninth 35, five backward along 36, fat thirty-eighth inverse CIS fifty-fifth 37, sixth 38, the life span rigid God eighth 39, five forty-sixth 40, fiftieth 41, on pain of Yong fifty-third 42, fifty-fourth 43, the seventy-second 44 days, twenty-five people of the Yin and Yang Sixty-four 45, five 46, five sixty-fifth fifth taste taste fifty-sixth 47, five sixty-third, thirty-one 48 on Chang Weidi......
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