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Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Zhejiang science and Technology Press   Author:Lu Zheng editor   Pages:1094  
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Su Wen Shi Yi volume is an ancient naive theory first gas adjustment of God is great second angry can day on third "mantra on the fourth Yin and yang to be as big of yin and Yang, yin and Yang fifth clutch on sixth different seventh Ling LAN secret code section eight six viscera theory article nine five article fifteenth Tibetan people hide different volume eleventh, two different methods should be on the side of twelfth changing gas on thirteenth Decoction mash Li on the fourteenth jade version of article fifteenth by the end of sixteenth referral to pulse to microscopic theory of seventeenth people on eighteenth jade is really hide weather on nineteenth three nine twentieth wait on volume three meridian doctrine twenty-first reservoir method on twenty-second vision five article twenty-third blood gas forms twenty-fourth treasure life on the whole 二十五八 is God on the twenty-sixth clutch really evil twenty-seventh pass on and on twenty-eighth Tai Yin and Yang Ming on the twenty-ninth Yang Mingmai solution third which the article thirtieth article thirty-second a hot fever assessment thirty-third inverse tone thirty-fourth...... In the research process of Lingshu. On the way of group by recorded in collating Lingshu collation remember grass continued school books in the Su Wen Jing Su Wen school in righteousness by prime ministerial debate between speech assumptions in the pathogenesis of ancient classic interpretation of article nineteen note correction @##@ Nanjing justice 1 generation system research, literature research, compilation series, mostly from the vertical of dynasties, across, choose some better manuscript collection, and this set is then heavy horizontal study, the modern Chinese academic works, to conduct a comprehensive investigation, system arrangement, and then compiled into a book, even in modern Chinese academic a a clear picture, and highlights the academic characteristics and achievements of the period. 2 selected manuscript quality, owing to the comprehensive information, system, select the manuscript range, so the selected manuscripts are the modern medical works, high academic value, features strong, strong practicability, such as Shen Zumian's "read", Ye Lin's "plain questions assume his synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber", is the famous representative works, with high academic value. The 3 version is good, all the selected manuscripts dibon, are the best version, is the original version, manuscript, unique, fine manuscripts, such as Zhang Qi's "Su Wen Shi Yi", the ten light years Wan adjacent House series of dibon, and manuscripts to school; at the same time in the selection of the school and the he also paid attention to school-based, version of the time, the quality, the relative time early, excellent quality version of school-based and he is the. The manuscript 4 subjects for the characteristics of strong, attaches great importance to various characteristics, especially pay attention to the small and specialized and excavation, consolidation and improvement. Such as Tang Zonghai's "blood", Zhang Shanlei's "theory of interpretation of Zhao Shuping's", "stroke", Chen Genru's "theory of liver disease syndrome", Liang Xiceng's throat of "Li", a Book of "Jiang Jiang 考卿 injury", academic insight and unique experiences have distinct characteristics, a rather strong. 5 notes on collation of all selected are reasonable, are seriously collation, annotation of ancient books of traditional Chinese medicine in brief, "school note" is the general rule, the integrated use of "four school, supplementary hiatus, correction of errors. A total of annotation, the school record of nearly 10000, more than 1000 correction of errors, thus improving the quality of the original manuscript.
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