Plague non disease six meridians differentiation

Date of publication:2011-8   Press: Guangdong Province publishing group, Guangdong science and Technology Press   Author:Huang Zhongxian   Pages´╝Ü145  

"Plague non disease six identified" the main contents include: since the Jin Dynasty Ge Hong on down, are cumulative. Zhi Mingqing, volume increasing, famous men, and gradually formed a south of the Five Ridges medical source in China, and the current PA features different from china. South of the Five Ridges medical literature heritage, it has become an important basis for further study of South of the Five Ridges medicine. According to Guo Aichun Chinese provincial medical exam, Guangdong Province existing (including today's Hainan Province, a medical book one hundred and ninety-one, the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region recorded a medical book sixty-one. Taken together, a total of two hundred and fifty-two, and one thousand four hundred and fifty-four of Jiangsu province and Zhejiang Province, compared to one thousand one hundred and twelve, embodies the characteristics and less dry heavy works doctors in the south of the Five Ridges, ancient medical books are precious. This is a book after 100 years of vicissitudes, save the situation worsening, need to be systematically, compile, print publication, with light hair hidden virtue, and the pathway to philosophy. To bring forth the new through the old, must first make the past serve the present.
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