Shennong Bencao Jing Shu

Date of publication:2002-2-1   Press: Chinese Ancient Books Publishing House   Author:Miu Xiyong   Pages:777  

"Shennong Bencao Jing Shu", Ming Miu Xiyong (Zhong Chun) at the beginning of writing, engraved on a Tianqi four years (AD 1642), the Ming Dynasty is the academic value of Compendium of Materia Medica "after" a clinical medication monographs. The book in 30 volumes. The first two volumes is equivalent to the general, the pharmacy monograph 33, the principle of clinical drug use, the famous cure vomiting blood three (Yi Jiangqi not fire, should not be blood hemostasis, tonifying the liver and not on the liver) is the. The 28 volume, drug loaded 490. Each medicine in the "Shu", explains the resistance power theory of rule; "attending canhu", are practical and compatibilities; "Jane error", suggesting that medication to mix the wrong place. The book expounds clinical medication management, multi author experience rich, content Jingbo utility, for the later clinical pharmacy development exerted great impact
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Volume one "Jingshu" cited continued read sequence were originally resistance odor generation under resistance attending canhu aim error indication of resistance Jane seven original appendix seven party on the ten agent original appendix ten agent ten agent addendum viscera tonification and purgation on Appendix: five tonification and purgation and continued for five treatment of yin and Yang, outline cold and heat, Qi and blood, organs, main and collateral channels, interior and exterior, was slow, and resistance difference of dirty gas method and measure the medicine with the sense of theory system and agent therapy on treating obstruction by, for the general, cold with heat, heat because of cold, heat, cold not cold far heat on the earth atmosphere gradually thin, also because of a drug, news also because of variable, not stubborn ancient method, light with Jun Litong rating and theory on the treatment of yin and yang deficiency diseases are to protect the stomach when steep on the
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