Compendium of Materia Medica

Date of publication:2004-10   Press: Inner Mongolia science and Technology Press   Author:Li Shizhen   Pages´╝Ü552  

"Compendium of Materia Medica" written by famous experts, herbal Ming Dynasty physician, naturalist Li Shizhen, known as the "Oriental pharmaceutical giant code", which set the highest achievements of ancient medical China made, is an inexhaustible source of Chinese medical knowledge, enjoys "medicine" investigation of things, deep sea "," reputation, its content involves is very extensive, such as in biology, chemistry, astronomy, geography, geology, mining, and history has certain achievement, can be said to be a part of a Book worldwide influence natural history, since its inception, has been its have no predecessors, the majestic appearance after no monopoly Ngau Tau Chinese ancient pharmacy, become the most abundant ancient history of pharmacy Chinese upper maximum head, content of the work, was the British biologist Darwin known as the "China encyclopedia", become a required book the healers and study diligently strive after, in order to make the most representative of China culture medical masterpiece is the best show, by using modern people better, we specially invited experts and Chinese Medicine Research Institute China, to learn the essence of giant code, to compile the "Ben Cao Gang. Vernacular translation (color graphic version) "to satisfy the readers. "Compendium of Materia Medica vernacular translation (color graphic version)" by sixteen, fifty-two volume content. A total of selected single medicine 800 kinds, each medicinal material lists the official name as a class, for the purpose of Shiming, with its source; then the sequence annotation, explanation, right and wrong, and five flavours, attending, with square, to elucidate the origin, shape, properties etc..
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"Compendium of Materia Medica" progressive "original" Compendium of Materia Medica sparse first volume order cases, second cases attending an order volume, volume third, part of a disease treats, Tianshui two, water fourth roll Fire Department Fire fifth volume of soil, soil sixth chapter Jinshi ministry, gold, jade class three, class two stone class four, class seventh carnallite grass, grass of class two, class three, Xi grass grass four, class five, class six poisonous weed, weed class seven, class eight, eighth stone grass liverworts volume Valley, Ma two, wheat and rice, beans beans four, Guri Mi made wine class volume ninth dishes of meat and acrid diet, class two, class three, and four different kinds of melons vegetables, vegetables five, Zhi (wood) class of tenth volumes of five fruit, fruit two, mountain fruit three, Yi fruit four, class five, class six taste different kinds of melons, fruits and eleventh volumes of wood twelfth rolls of server of the thirteenth chapter of the fourteenth volume scale insects of fifteenth volumes of the sixteenth volume of avian mediated seventeenth volumes of the eighteenth volume of people had appendix: Ancient weights and measures introduced
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