• The Qing Dynasty famous medical cases compilation

    "The Qing Dynasty famous medical cases compilation" from the Qing Dynasty famous doctor 23 cases more than 1490 cases, all with compilation form layout. According to the category of disease and syndrome, and before each class on record, few words, that this syndrome. To follow the original prescription drugs, some drugs such as tiger, rhinoceros horn of rare Chinese traditional medicine, remain as it did not move,

  • Shen Nong's herbal classic

    "Shen Nong's herbal classic" referred to as the "compendium of Materia Medica" or "the classics", is the earliest monograph of Materia medica. "Shen Nong's herbal classic" written in the Eastern Han Dynasty, not by a hand, but during the Qin and Han Dynasties many medical experts summarize, collect, finishing time pharmacology empirical results on Chinese herbal medicine, is the first,

  • The daughter wing party

    "Qian Jin Yi Fang" for the Tang Dynasty written by Sun Simiao. "Qian Jin Yi Fang" is the author to supplement its suozhuan "valuable prescriptions for emergency" and the compilation of. A book on the Tang Yongchun the first year (AD six eight two years), a total of thirty volumes. Contents include herbal, woman, typhoid, pediatric, self-cultivation, tonic, stroke, disease, sore carbuncle, color veins, acupuncture,

  • Inner Canon of Huangdi

    "Huang Di" is one of the Chinese traditional medicine four classic works, is the first Chinese ancestors as "Huang Di" in the name of the book, is the traditional Chinese medicine into the book one of the earliest extant medical books, is a physiological study of human science, pathology, diagnosis, medical masterpiece principles and drug treatment study. In theory, established in,

  • Chen Shengzheng difficult to treat severe experience album

    Medical record, "Chen Shengzheng in the treatment of severe problems experience album 1: medical record" written by Chen Shengzheng, from a 40 year civil medicine clinical 300000 cases manuscript, selection and system arrangement of 186 cases. "Chen Shengzheng in the treatment of severe problems with the record" 1: experience album by counting the number of diagnosis were recorded, even well,,

  • Overseas Chinese rare books return series (eighth volumes)

    "Overseas return Chinese rare books series (Continued) (eighth volumes)" contains China medicine theory is broad and profound and rich clinical experience. Over the past two thousand years, China's cultural exchanges with neighboring countries and countries around the world, medical books also among these countries, the introduction of medical development,

  • Inner Canon of Huangdi

    Huang Di Nei Jing, "inspirational China: Huangdi Neijing" content brief introduction: no end for learning, "inspirational Chinese" series will help you to add fuel to the flames, explore endless treasures of knowledge, wisdom and philosophy prior Xian philosopher's wisdom essence. Therefore, we compiled the "inspirational Chinese" Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic series carefully for you, in order to promote the national,

  • "In the" Essentials compilation

    "The important content of" plain questions "and select" compilation "Lingshu", according to the viscera, Qi and blood, yin and yang meridians, form four, disease, etiology and pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment principle 8 aspects classification order. "Assembly" of 8 chapter 27, verse 917 sets, which is convenient for readers to learn "Neijing",

  • Yue Peifen clinical experience

    "Yue Peifen set" content brief introduction: clinical experience of famous Chinese scientist Mr. Yue Meizhong, is a master of traditional Chinese medicine industry. With his profound knowledge as the foundation, self-study becomes famous, renowned Chinese and foreign. He is dedicated to the cause of Chinese medicine for decades, academic research, TCM clinical exploration, discipline construction, in traditional Chinese medicine,

  • Chinese medical history

    "China medical history (set of 2 volumes)" the main contents include: the concept of origin of medicine and related factors, local philosophy, religion and politics to medicine layup, ecological environment, technology and culture, traditional Chinese medical text and the process and crystallization. ,

  • The continued increase in Xiyuan Lu dialectical reference

    "The continued increase in Xiyuan Lu dialectical reference" for the record "the Qing Dynasty forensic series" of the ten articles on examination of bone injury and injury identification and treatment of death, is not only an important reference for forensic science, is an important document in China in 18 ~ nineteenth Century anatomy. The book also records a lot about the differential diagnosis of acute trauma and,

  • Synopsis of the golden chamber near the card on the

    "Synopsis of prescriptions of the golden chamber near the card" is one of the classics of Chinese medicine in clinical Fawei series, is a famous TCM Professor clinical experience of any application of TCM classic "synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber" summary. "Synopsis of prescriptions of the golden chamber near the card on the" font "in Yuan Dynasty block printed edition of synopsis of prescriptions of the Golden Chamber" the one one lead, the spirit, the core content is clinical,

  • Medical nutrition

    "Nutrition" consists of 20 chapters, including the special stages of nutrients and energy, the nutritional value of food, life cycle nutrition, rational nutrition, nutrition assessment, nutrition related diseases, operation and burns, kidney disease, disease of digestive system, immune and nutrition, enteral and parenteral nutrition, nutrition and medicine,

  • Peng Ziyi's book collection

    "Mr. Peng Ziyi author Peng Ziyi books collection" is an expert in successful Chinese medicine during the period of the Republic, he was not only good at reading the classics of ancient books of traditional Chinese medicine, is deep the ancient Chinese pronunciation, can understand the ancient Chinese secret truth, and willing to accept new knowledge at the time of modern science and many other disciplines,

  • Yingzhou Chronicle

    This book is a former Vice Minister of Ministry of health Mrs. Gu Yingqi and Xu Fengsheng co authored with memoirs books. The two old man has long engaged in the party and state leaders of the medical and health work, live in Zhongnanhai for many years, familiar with every tree and Bush on Zhongnanhai, Republic of the _ generation leaders with deep, earthy feelings and,

  • Overseas Chinese rare books series regression

    "Overseas return Chinese rare books series (Continued) (seventh volumes)" contains China medicine theory is broad and profound and rich clinical experience. Over the past two thousand years, China's cultural exchanges with neighboring countries and countries around the world, medical books also among these countries, the introduction of medical development,

  • Longhua medical clinic.

    "Longhua medical clinical records: Xu Rongjuan academic experience of Professor Xu Rongjuan is the granddaughter of content:" sea famous doctor Xu Xiaopu, daughter of Xu Zhongcai. She was in a deep generation, be erudite through paternal teaching and influence, his childhood by medical edification. Although graduated from colleges and universities of Western medicine, but under the influence of family, love of traditional Chinese medicine has been ingrained. By,

  • Huangdi Neijing (set of 2 volumes)

    Health wise, "Huang Di Nei Jing: Health wisdom (set of 2 volumes)" book explains in detail the body the viscera function, disease and related to traditional Chinese medicine to cure, introduced the basic knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, small signs to help people brief cognitive human lesions occurred, guiding people to discover the body disease and timely treatment. This not only,

  • Lushi medicine combined with the Vulcan - Lu Fu Yang medical literature essence integration - Volume One

    Lushi medicine combined explained, "Lu Fu Hua Yang Vulcan medical literature integration (volume one) - Lushi drugs with the paper", the main content of the book include: licorice, ginger and aconite, monkshood, cassia twig tips, white atractylodes rhizome, epimedium, Amomum villosum, Fructus alpiniae oxyphyllae, Ann GUI, fenugreek, Psoralea fruit. ,

  • The Cambridge illustrated history of Medicine

    The Cambridge Illustrated History of Medicine, translated as "Cambridge medical history". "The Cambridge illustrated history of medicine" in the eyes of the public and professional perspectives for more than 2000 years history of disease, health and medicine in human society and their mutual relations, traces the history of medicine has made brilliant achievements and major events, at the same time pay attention to the medical,

  • Xie Yinglu heart set records

    "Xie Yinglu hearts set records" not only have a lot of classical prescription application case, we also have a lot of experience of treating the application case, is the model of inheritance and innovation." Medical sacrificial rites "via", advocating Zhongjing, with Jin Li, Liu, furnace Yu, Xue, a few in the book all I, without the non now." The Qing Dynasty famous medical scientist Xie Yinglu, for,

  • Waitai miyao Fang school note

    "Waitai miyao Fang school note (volume one)" forty volumes, written by Wang Tao in Tang dynasty. This book is the "Qian Jin Fang" after another large-scale comprehensive medical books before the Tang Dynasty, is a Book of experience, is also an important reference for doctors in clinical prescription, is China medical technology history and explore Chinese medicine treasure house,

  • Wang Bin a man's disease

    "Wang Bin book" Wang Bin a man disease "from the angle of experts on various aspects of male physiological and psychological health gives methods and suggestions of scientific and practical, the system tells the therapy and psychological therapy of various common male disease. "Wang Bin a man disease" according to the special needs of nutrition, to teach a man how to the most simple,

  • The doctor medical skill.

    The motherland medicine has a long history, many famous doctors in successive dynasties. Doctors have long, so that the ancient Chinese development, keep pace with the times ahead. This book selects the Jin Tang, song, Jin and Yuan Dynasty monograph, from the medical 一百七十余, focus on the history, the famous excellent medical skill, only to academic opinion,

  • Scientific thinking about traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Random Thoughts - home

    "Chinese essay: introduction to scientific thinking" clinical home contents: Chinese medicine is the first medicine, medicine is the essence of traditional Chinese medicine. Medicine is a science, is real in the disease prevention and control technology. Chinese medicine does not need the quintessence theory to raise their own, do not need to decorate their cultural theory, more don't need mysticism to confuse the public. In the,

  • The essence of ancient and modern medical diagnosis and treatment of exogenous febrile disease

    "Introduction" ancient and modern medical diagnosis and treatment of exogenous febrile disease essence content: in differentiating exogenous disease treatment has academic content rich traditional Chinese medicine. Since the "plain questions. The" start, summed up the rules, general transfer exogenous fever of three yin and three Yang main symptom, treatment and taboos, the theory that "this husband fever, all typhoid,

  • Compendium of Materia Medica - all three volumes

    "Compendium of Materia Medica (set of 3 volumes)" is the works of Materia Medica, natural history. Ming Li Shizhen, published in 1578, first published in the Ming Wanli twenty-one years (1593), Ming "," the earliest history of suishu description. "Compendium of Materia Medica (set of 3 volumes)" the earliest version, is the 1590 Wang Shizhen post,

  • "Treatise on the" seeking truth

    "Treatise on Febrile Diseases' 'truth" author Chen Yiren,' "Treatise on Febrile Diseases' is" Chinese medical classics, previous known as "the law cases, the progenitor of all dynasties paid much attention", "seeking truth" Treatise on Febrile Diseases' 'learning, research, designed to make a note of the hundreds of home, the lack of high perspicacity, understanding ",

  • Classic

    "Classic" is the traditional Chinese medicine theory. Formerly known as "Huang Di eighty-one classic", volume 3. The original title Yue Qin people wrote, "hard" is "difficult", or "difficult" solution. "After" refers to the "Neijing", namely "via" ask. Author think the difficulty and doubt, and then interpret, do some of the problems,

  • Inner Canon of Huangdi

    "Huang Di '' in the face of" Huang Di and decryption decryption of face diagnosis surgery. In the "Huangdi Neijing" interview with theoretical basis, combined with the study of modern diagnosis technique, from the clinical practical angle system introduced the treatment method, the amount of eye, ear, face, nose, mouth, lips, tongue and facial acupoints. Facial treatment is through,

  • The Cambridge world history of human disease

    This book explores the world of disease patterns and different medical traditions and disease for various methods of struggle. From all over the world more than 160 medical scientists and social scientists to contribute to this book, the book became a truly interdisciplinary medical history and human disease history. The four part of the book in front of,

  • Guo Xudong Chinese Cultural Essays

    "Guo Xudong" Chinese cultural essays from the perspective of culture of Chinese medicine were explained, so as to avoid Chinese as obscure professional medical purpose, but not from the major of medicine, the principle of the suit and the common people. "Guo Xudong Chinese culture essays" besides the traditional Chinese culture and explain the general, also intends to increase a certain,

  • Magic medical books

    "Huang Di Nei Jing", Jin Kaicheng, Wei Xiaoguang compiled the "magic medicine ancient book -- Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine" in simple language the China traditional medical classic "Yellow Emperor's Canon of internal medicine". "Magic medical classics -- Huangdi Neijing" tells the story of the "wisdom" in Huang Di Nei: Yin Yang and five elements theory, theory of main and collateral channels, medical psychology, raise,

  • Huangdi Neijing. Pivot

    "Huang Di Nei Jing · Lingshu" of China's existing basic theories of traditional Chinese medicine works most early, is the overall concept, concept of perpetual motion for the programme, magnum opus to elucidate the physiological, pathological, deep main and collateral channels, Yu Xue, acupuncture and other medical content, is the base of TCM theory, it is the highest state of medical science of acupuncture and moxibustion the. ,

  • Inner Canon of Huangdi

    "Ancient Chinese Literature Search Siku, Huangdi Neijing (full version)" is a combination of the mastery of traditional Chinese philosophy, and medical books. It has a way of keeping good health, longevity of pre Qin all classes of authors medical techniques, the Jue; fully reflects the unique understanding Chinese ancient to the human body and the four season relationship, and the human body each,

  • The Royal medical disease secret code

    "The Royal medical disease secret code" mainly introduces the accumulation history in the treatment of patients, a kinsman of the emperor of the inside and outside, women, children and other diseases in detail every prescription, prescription prescription name, composition, function, usage, indications, particularly etc.. As for the governance of Emperor Guangxu, Fan Changchun all the "cough", doctor zhang,

  • Classics decryption

    "Classics declassified (3): Graphic Compendium of Materia Medica" collected nearly 100 folk stories from Chinese herbal medicine herbs, experience the legendary origin, let more novel, more vivid; into the 600 plurality of modern medical research, characters, from a scientific point of view, interpretation of herbal chemical composition, make content more rich,,

  • The story of the plague

    Howard professor Makel this "plague story" is simple medical history a blend of anthropology, history, medicine, medical conditions, medical figures, folk tales and the human disaster history as a whole. It is about the history and human plague plague against the spirit of history. Its total recall ancient greek,

  • Longhua medical clinic.

    "Longhua medical clinical records: Wang Dazeng academic experience of" content: Professor Wang Dazeng is a graduate from the Western medical doctor, it was the new Chinese founded. The founding Chairman Mao Zedong, Premier Zhou Enlai, called on Western learning Chinese medicine, take the road of combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine, a number of outstanding physician,

  • Huangdi Neijing (set of 4 volumes) (vertical layout) (Ancient Chinese Literature Search series integrated)

    "Huang Di Nei Jing (set of 4 volumes) (vertical layout)" the main contents include: Lingshu, nine twelve original first, the second, third small needle, evil visceral disease fourth, root knot fifth, Shouyao sixth rigid flexible, officer, the God eighth, pin seventh through ninth, the vein tenth, fourteenth, seventeenth pulse of bone,

  • Huang Di eighty-one classic graphical

    "Huang Di eighty-one classic" referred to as "classic", and "Huang Di", in the "Treatise on Febrile Diseases", "Shen Nong's herbal classic" and said Chinese ancient TCM four classic, is the health house, Taoism, qigong, martial arts, alchemy home medicine especially acupuncture home preferred books to read. Although the "classic" full text is less than 12000,

  • The basic norms of medical record writing legal analysis

    "Legal analysis has been practicing Law Handbook:" physician judgment is the diagnosis and treatment behavior physician compliance with the specifications, but also judge basis whether it has licensed fault. Strictly speaking, this book is not only a technical specification, but also a legal norms. So, for the doctors, write medical records depends on,

  • Compendium of Materia Medica

    "Compendium of Materia Medica (Illustrated Edition)" in the reader and responsible attitude, in the original version of the most authoritative version, used to check, in order to avoid corruption. Moreover, in order to close to the public and real life, reduce the reader's pressure, we have streamlined the work a lot of the original book. The original book "to the classics, to,

  • The history of Western Medicine

    Ding Fubao translated "Western medical history", aim at midnight 'history: "cover our important existing knowledge, experience is not as their own, spring most ancient of the past thousands of years...... The medical history of knowledge, knowledge is necessary." Review of the principle is "from the subjective narration", at the same time",

  • Fan Zhonglin syndrome differentiation of the six meridians cases selected

    "Fan Zhonglin selected six cases (Expanded Edition)" in more than 60 cases of books selected Mr. Fan Zhonglin used six dialectical treatment, 7 new cases: also included the 1978 to finish his daughter Fan Zhonglin in 1979 during the old norm by invitation to Beijing medical clinical practice record -- 35,

  • Graphic read Huangdi Neijing

    "Graphic read Huangdi Neijing" to carry forward the national culture and a way of keeping good health for the purpose of health, seek ancient origin, will has always been popular Chinese community's attention "graphic read Huangdi Neijing" is presented to the reader in a graphic form and the corresponding, from the macro and micro perspective of a large amount of rich and not outdated health concept. At the same time,

  • Treatise on shallow and annotation

    "Treatise on Febrile Diseases (shallow and annotation)" content brief introduction: Tang Zonghai "good old not superstition of the ancients, erudite and can take long to short". Speak highly of Chen Nianzu "Treatise on shallow note", but there are still some shortages of Chen's comments deeply regret, said to Chen Shuyu to fill with combination of TCM and Western medicine point of view is wrong, and interpretation. ,

  • Ding Huamin near the card memorandum

    "Ding Huamin near the card memorandum" is divided into four chapters. First, the second chapter is the understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis of Department of Ophthalmology Sir through clinical practice, common gynecological diseases, Difficult miscellaneous diseases. Mr. engaged in medical, teaching, scientific research work for more than forty years, has never interrupted, based on inheriting the predecessors of Mr. Xiao Longyou's academic thoughts, the traditional Chinese medicine,

  • The new king (eight volumes)

    Sun Simiao Maozhou department medical genetics works, "Yao Wang new: Sun Simiao Maozhou Department of medical genetics set (set of 8 volumes)" includes: "volume first", "second volumes of hepatobiliary article heart", the article "third volumes," Discourse "and Kun blood volume fourth pulmonary and intestinal dry gas passage," "volume fifth days", "sub procedure article sixth volume of kidney bladder article", "seventh volumes of Maozhou medicine,

  • The cultural history of the disease

    "Cultural history" of disease: personally, the disease is not only a biological process, but also a period of experience, it's likely to be a imprint is engraved on my heart. experience, have an effect on your entire life. The disease sometimes not only attack of the individual, but also attack the whole group; or pandemic,

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