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Date of publication:2010-7   Press: Science and Technology Literature   Author:Zhang Jinxi Jiang Ying   Pages:320   Words:322000  

This book is "one of the ultrasonic palm" series, focusing on the description of the abdomen and superficial organs, ultrasonography, ultrasound diagnosis and differential method. The book has 22 chapters, 30 more than word, about 300 pictures. The first chapter briefly introduces the basic knowledge of ultrasound. The second to twenty-second chapter is the focus of this book, including abdominal and superficial organs of two parts. The abdomen include: liver, biliary system, pancreas, spleen, gastrointestinal, urinary and male genital system; superficial organs include: eyes, salivary gland, thyroid, parathyroid, mammary gland, lymph node, skeletal muscle and peripheral blood vessels. The book with the normal value, for readers reference and consulting. This book highlights, clarity, pick the classic, guidance and strong, suitable for clinicians, ultrasound imaging specialists and trainees access.
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The first chapter second chapter third chapter fourth chapter liver biliary pancreatic fifth chapter sixth chapter seventh chapter spleen gastrointestinal adrenal eighth chapter ninth chapter tenth chapter kidney ureter bladder prostate eleventh chapter twelfth chapter scrotal and testicular thirteenth chapter abdominal vessels and retroperitoneal diseases fourteenth chapter fifteenth chapter sixteenth chapter thyroid gland eye seventeenth chapter eighteenth chapter nineteenth chapter parathyroid breast the twentieth chapter skeletal muscle lymph nodes, twenty-first chapter, twenty-second chapter of limbs vascular neck vascular appendix abdomen and superficial organs, normal reference
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2) the brightness and contrast ultrasound image after the adjustment should be fixed, generally should not be frequent adjustment. 3) check the indoor lighting should be moderate, gentle, not too bright or too dark. 4) ultrasound doctors should be provided with a backrest seat soft seat, and can be up and down, can adapt to different medical needs. 5) startup and shutdown to switch to ultrasound, then open the ultrasound, computer and workstation also operate in accordance with the provisions of. Shutdown, should also be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the order, to cut off the power supply. 6) ultrasound quality control from three aspects: first is the ultrasonic instrument should be in the best condition; second is the understanding of the disease, according to the standard operation, to obtain the best image; the comprehensive analysis of images obtained by the ultrasound tip. Ultrasound doctors according to the image combined with clinical presents qualitative diagnosis and localization of ultrasound. Do not prompt clinical diagnosis and pathological diagnosis. Because, ultrasonography is the imaging diagnosis, completely different from the clinical and pathological features, only provide clues from images, clinical reference tips for ultrasound. The third section ultrasonography of 1 new technologies of three-dimensional ultrasound 3D ultrasound is three degrees space, also is the stereo image. Three dimensional ultrasound can better reflect the structure of the human body, is the future development direction of ultrasound. Three dimensional ultrasound images more easily and clinical common language, can communicate with the research and clinic. Three dimensional ultrasound imaging technology can be divided into static 3D, which is also called real-time 3D, also known as the 4D ultrasound. Three dimensional ultrasound, mainly used in the heart position, morphology, valve, tumor and heart function; can also be used in the abdomen, but not heart wide application range; for intraperitoneal tumor, congenital malformation by examination is better than two-dimensional ultrasound. Three dimensional ultrasound also has its limitations, because it is based on the two-dimensional ultrasound, if two dimensional ultrasound image is not clear, it will directly affect the quality of 3D ultrasound; three-dimensional ultrasound in bone and lung scanning, interference by more than two dimensional ultrasound, therefore, will affect its definition. Three dimensional ultrasound is expensive, operation for a long time, this is also the reason why the slow development of 3D ultrasound.
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