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Date of publication:2010-12   Press: Li Linsun, Teng Gaojun, people's Medical Publishing (2010-12)   Author:Li Linsun, ed.   Pages´╝Ü840  

Interventional radiology and clinical complications "--" is Li Linsun, Professor Teng Gaojun, led by a wide range of data in recent ten years were collected, CO authored by many domestic interventional radiology experts and colleagues, has important clinical significance of an academic work. This book focuses on definition, classification, causes of complications of interventional therapy, and the clinical manifestations, typical case analysis and control methods are discussed and the. The book is rich in content, close to the clinic, which has higher clinical interventional diagnosis and treatment of reference value and guiding significance.
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The first chapter of preoperative work first day clinical routine outpatient, emergency three a, two, ward second interventional radiology common clinical symptoms and signs, fever in two, Huang Dansan, four, five, edema, hemorrhage, pain of cyanosis six third seven, urinary retention, disturbance of consciousness Festival eight commonly used laboratory test results interpretation two, general examination of blood, erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) three, coagulation function test, blood biochemical examination, four of five hepatitis B virus markers, six tumor markers were measured in seven, serous cavity effusion examination eight, blood gas analysis in section fourth preoperative medical work, diagnosis and differential diagnosis, clinical diagnosis two format three, preoperative medical records fifth preoperative preparation, operative for two, a nursing work, to prepare for the second chapter of three patients with intraoperative treatment section intraoperative medication, anesthetic and calm agent two, contrast adjuvant anti allergy medicine three, four, five, six, antibiotic antiemetics anticoagulant and antithrombotic drugs seven, bleeding and clotting drugs eight, vasodilators, nine first-aid medicines second sedation and anesthesia, sedation, a two choice of anesthesia, anesthesia three risk third day surgery Regulation of blood pressure monitoring of heparin, during two, three in the treatment, environment regulation four, anesthesia management five, from DSA to ICU on fourth day emergency measures, the general first aid measures two, cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation, emergency measures three convulsion four, acute severe breathing difficulties of first aid five measures, the brain and spinal cord artery embolism, six first-aid measures of cardiovascular emergency measures with a method of artificial respiration through the hemorrhage of two chest compressions method...... The third chapter after chapter fourth fifth chapter of treatment complications of interventional complications in sixth chapter, seventh chapter non vascular interventional complications of interventional nursing and complications of anesthesia afterword
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The copyright page: illustration: [] local edema is the result of local venous, lymphatic circumfluence suffocate suffocate or capillary permeability increase induced, such as partial obstruction of venous reflux induced edema is common in limb vein thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, inferior vena cava obstruction syndrome. Common side limb edema in iliac vein following thrombosis and thrombophlebitis; bilateral limb edema is common in iliac vein thrombosis or above, for inferior vena cava obstruction syndrome. For example, the disease (a) of inferior vena cava obstruction syndrome of inferior vena cava obstruction, blood flow is blocked, the pressure increased in the inferior vena cava. Venous blood circulation disorder symptoms and signs in the legs, with bilateral symmetry, at the same time as the characteristic. 1 pairs of edema of lower extremity edema of lower extremity in the lower legs for, or can be spread to the thigh and perineum. Acute onset can appear severe lower extremity swelling, accompanied by tension blisters and skin ulceration. With the establishment of collateral circulation, lower extremity edema can be reduced, and recurrent spontaneous remission, edema can be concave. The course is longer, lower extremity edema associated with pigmentation. 2 pair of varicose veins of lower extremity varicose vein of lower limb tips of inferior vena cava obstruction longer, lower extremity superficial varicose veins in wide range, visible varicose veins from both sides of dorsal foot, shank extends upward to the thigh, groin, scrotal, abdomen, chest wall. Serious when visible varicose vein twisted into group. In the double varicose vein of lower limb at the same time, both sides of thigh skin capillary telangiectasia. 3 limb pigmentation limb pigmentation may occur alone, but the majority and lower extremity edema, ulceration and varicose veins.
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The clinical and radiological intervention "complications" published by people's Medical Publishing house.
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