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This "common sense" of medical metrology edited by Wen Kangming, the question and answer form, user-friendly introduction to commonly used medical devices (such as blood pressure meter, X ray, CT and so on) the basic common sense and points for attention in using process, answer how to use these medical devices, to the body to produce reasonable evasion in the process of using the harm and closely related to people living problems, and related legal knowledge.
"common sense" of medical measurement for the majority of the people a correct understanding and use of medical equipment to provide scientific guidance, but also can be used as medical apparatus and instruments relevant enterprises around the "reading and training science measurement Huimin
" and "promoting integrity measurement, the construction of a harmonious urban and rural" promotional activities recommended books.
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Knowledge of
1 what is measured? And the measurement is often said what's the difference between
2 what is the test? What is the compulsory verification
3 what is the measuring instruments
4 what is the medical measurement? Medical metrology which have characteristics of
5 what is the medical instruments? Why 6 commonly used in clinical medical measurement device with which
7 what is the medical device
8 medical instruments and medical devices, what is the relationship between
9 the use of medical equipment common should pay attention to what
10 select medical home what should be paid attention to when
11 what is the blood pressure of
12 what is the hypertension for regular verification and calibration of
on medical instruments? What is the hypotension
13 blood pressure measurement is how to develop the
14 sphygmomanometer what kind
15 medical sphygmomanometer which
16 what is
intelligent electronic sphygmomanometer 17 what is ionizing radiation? What are the characteristics of ionizing radiation in
18 ionizing radiation warning sign is what
19 ionizing radiation and radioactive
20 what is the relationship between ionizing radiation and electromagnetic radiation is a common
21 ionizing radiation what types of
22 how to measure ionizing radiation
23 ionizing radiation measurement which
24 common ionizing radiation measurement of physical meaning is what
25 common ionization radiation conversion relationship is what
26 ionization radiation on the human body is what effect of
27 hospital in the X machine types have much < br > 28 CT machine working principle is what
29 types of CT number
30 what is the ECT? It is how to diagnose and
31 what is the CMC mark and CPA mark
blood pressure meter and blood pressure measurements of
32 why we should pay attention to the hypertension
33 judgment hypertension which method
34 hypertension has what symptom
35 influence factors of blood pressure which
36 hypotension common symptoms and harms
37 doctors to patients with ambulatory blood pressure monitor what role
38 household sphygmomanometer which
39 how to select a home blood pressure monitor
40 choose electronic sphygmomanometer should pay attention to what
41 why some people use electronic sphygmomanometer not measuring blood pressure
42 price high electronic sphygmomanometer some good
43 doctors with mercury sphygmomanometer more accurate
44 patients according to the blood pressure meter self testing results to replace the drug
45 why sometimes in hospitals measured blood pressure and self testing at home blood pressure difference is very big.
46 mercury sphygmomanometer and electronic sphygmomanometer which
47 sometimes more accurate electronic sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure, why every time the measurement results are not the same,
48 day when measuring what Blood pressure is 49
General every time measuring a few blood pressure
50 how to determine the appropriate electronic blood pressure mercury measurement results of
51 mercury sphygmomanometer in the leak point, blood pressure measurement is right
52 know how mercury sphygmomanometer Water Leakage silver
53 mercury column blood pressure gauge their evaporates mercury
54 how to correctly use and maintenance of mercury sphygmomanometer.
55 mercury sphygmomanometer placed in or after a period of time why no
56 mercury sphygmomanometer how to calibrate
57 how to correctly use the electronic sphygmomanometer arm
58 measurements, cuff placement the position is too high or too low on the measurement results have what effect of
59 measurements, cuff binding too loose or too tight on the measurement results have what effect of
60 cuff size has what effect of
on the measurement results of 61 body position on blood pressure measurement has what effect of
62 with blood pressure and left arm measuring what's the difference between
63 the stethoscope placed what about
64 clothing thickness are 65 pressure for pressure what influence
, charging and discharging speed has what effect of
66 How to correctly use wrist electronic sphygmomanometer.
67 electronic sphygmomanometer to maintain
68 how to know electronic sphygmomanometer no
ionizing radiation protection
69 how to protection against ionizing radiation
70 produce ionizing radiation source which of several
71 around us are some of the common radiation source
72 ionizing radiation and our daily work and life have what contact
73 ionizing radiation in medical care is what
74 hospitals using ionizing radiation diagnosis project which
75 X machine is used to diagnose
76 shooting and perspective have why to distinguish
77 X machine and CT diagnostic imaging have why to distinguish
78 hospital use of ionizing radiation for the treatment project which
79 in a hospital or medical center radiology should noteMeaning what
80 ionizing radiation in other aspects of what the application of
81 ionizing radiation protection should pay attention to what
82 how to correctly treat the ionizing radiation using
83 ionizing radiation which requires measurement of
84 why to ionizing radiation measurement accuracy of
85 is now in hospital ionizing radiation metrology device with which
86 What is the measurement management system
87 of our measurement laws and regulations which
88 "of the people's Republic of China Law on Metrology" medical sphygmomanometer, what are the requirements of
89 household sphygmomanometer require periodic calibration.
90 why electronic blood pressure meter to be calibrated regularly? How to calibrate the
91 suspected medical instrument not how to do
92 medical instruments are not allowed to harm
93 what kind of hospital equipment quality supervision departments to supervise the measurement of
appendix of the people's Republic of China measurement list (excerpt)
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: 10 choose medical home should be toward meaning what is now on the market of household medical appliance variety, the most common are thermometers, blood pressure, blood glucose, fat meter, heart rate measuring instrument, ECG monitor, various electromagnetic therapy instrument etc.. In the choice of these instruments especially the medical instruments, the main attention should be paid to the following aspects. Look at whether the National Metrology Department awarded the measuring instruments issued production licenses and administration of medical device registration certificate; if the imported products, but also to see whether there is a quality inspection administration issued the type approval certificate and measurement unit of the first verification certificate. The watch brand. Should choose regular, well-known brand manufacturers of medical equipment products, and have detailed product specifications, including how to use the right method etc.. To look for the crowd. Should first detailed understanding of selected products, medical instruments and equipment of different types, different brands are different in the measuring range and the adaptability of the population is. Only in the range measurement range allows and suitable crowd, the measured value is accurate, beyond its scope, measurement will not or cannot measure.
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"Common sense" of Medical Metrology: the construction of a harmonious urban and rural areas to promote integrity measurement
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