Medical physics and electronic technology experiment

Date of publication:2008-8   Press: Sichuan University press   Author:Xiao Jun Dai Peng Chen Lin   Pages´╝Ü215  

"Medical physics and electronic technology experiment" described in more detail, the questions to help students understand the theoretical knowledge, consolidate, improve experimental skills.
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Introduction the first part experimental physics basic knowledge of the second part Medical Physics Experiment 1 Length Measurement Experiment 2 shift measuring microscope is used in Experiment 3, the surface tension coefficient of liquid is measured in Experiment 4 measuring liquid viscosity coefficient in Experiment 5, falling ball method to measure the liquid viscosity coefficient experiment 6 ear hearing threshold curve was determined in Experiment 7 was the use of experiments 8 compensation method is used to measure the electromotive force experiment 9 electronic oscillograph experiment 10 used a Holzer effect and its application in experiment 11 using Millikan oil drop instrument measuring the electron charge in experiment 12, experiment 13 simulated ECG ECG machine use and its main performance index detection experiment 14 study on pressure sensor temperature sensor experiment 15 experiment 16 grating diffraction of light wavelength experiment 17 simulation and correction of abnormal eyes experiment 18 polarimeter experiments using 19 optical fiber imaging spectrometer to observe the 20 line spectrum of hydrogen atom spectrum experiment 22 and experiment 21 NMR third part experiment on basis of electronic technology experiment 23 basic electronic components identification experiment with 240000 tables used in experiment 25 Wheatstone bridge resistance measurement experiment 26 crystal transistor characteristic curve mapping experiment 27 crystal The triode transistor amplifier experiment 28 class AB complementary symmetry power firearm (OTL) basic arithmetic circuit experiment 29 differential amplifier experiment 30 operational amplifier 31 Wien bridge oscillator experiment 32 transistor DC regulated power supply in experiment 33 practising welding experiment 34 pointer type universal assembly references @##@ table "Basic medical physics and electronic technology experiment" is in accordance with the requirements of five year system medical professional about teaching, according to Guiyang Medical University medical, pharmaceutical and other professional "medical physics", "electronic technology" curriculum teaching requirements, combined with the experimental equipment, based on the practice of teaching experiment, after a careful summary writing the. "Medical physics and electronic technology experiment" in 22 physics experiments and 12 experiment on basis of electronic technology, can be used for medical, pharmaceutical and other professional students choose to do. In order to facilitate the students to preview and self-study.
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