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(on) the first metal materials and processing technology of the first chapter of metal material mechanical properties of metallic materials because it has many good properties, in mechanical manufacturing industry, widely used in the manufacture of products for production and life. In order to reasonably use metal material, design, produce competitive products, we must understand and grasp the properties of metallic materials. The performance of metal material is divided into the use of performance and process performance. Performance refers to the performance of metal material has displayed in the conditions of use, including mechanical properties, physical properties, chemical properties; process performance refers to the performance of metal material is reflected in the process of manufacturing and processing, such as casting, forging performance etc.. Mechanical properties of metal section metal refers to the property and the elastic and non elastic response or relates to the relation of stress and strain of metal on the force. Elastic refers to an object to change its shape and size under the action of external force, when the external force is removed the object back to its original shape and size characteristics. Stress refers to the interaction between internal force caused by object object by the external force (called internal force) and cross sectional area ratio. The relative change in the original strain refers to the object size or shape caused by external force, usually as a percentage (%Express. The mechanical properties of metal is the main basis for the design and manufacture of mechanical parts or tools, but also an important criterion for the quality evaluation of metallic materials. All kinds of metal materials except for the provisions of its composition, but also necessary to rule on its mechanical properties. The metal manufacturing various members must meet the specified performance index. Is very important so familiar with and master the mechanical properties of metals.......
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(on) the first metal materials and processing technology, the first chapter mechanical properties of metallic materials section metal mechanical properties, strength, hardness, plasticity of two three four, five, the impact toughness of metal fatigue concept second metal processing properties, casting properties, forging a two performance of three, four, cutting and welding performance the second chapter processing performance of the iron carbon alloy section iron carbon alloy basic phase, ferrite, austenite cementite, two three second quarter iron carbon diagram a, iron carbon phase diagram analysis of two, iron carbon alloy classification three, Tie Tanhe gold tissue varies with temperature change four, iron carbon alloy at room temperature equilibrium microstructure, properties with the changes of five, iron carbon diagram used in Chapter third, the heat treatment of steel section steel in the heating of the organizational transformation, Austenite Formation two, austenite grain size and influence factors of second section steel during cooling organizational transformation, and transformation of supercooled austenite in two, eutectoid carbon steel overcooling Austenite Isothermal Transformation three, martensite transformation in section third annealing and normalizing, annealing, normalizing a two fourth day quenching, quenching process, a two steel Hardenability and hardenability three, section fifth tempering, quenching defects in a quenched steel tempering microstructures and properties of two, tempering method and its application in section sixth, surface quenching and chemical heat treatment, surface chemical heat treatment quenching two, seventh section of new technology of heat treatment profile, heat treatment, vacuum two heat treatment of the controlled atmosphere heat treatment three, four, five, laser heat treatment of electron beam surface hardening heat treatment process of the eighth section a, parts and tool failure form and material principle...... The fourth chapter of carbon steel and alloy steel and non-ferrous metal sixth chapter fifth chapter based metal cutting process of second non metal material processing technology of polymer materials first chapter second chapter third chapter leather rubber, fiber and wood third hydraulic introduction chapter second hydraulic transmission based on the third chapter of fourth chapter of hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor hydraulic cylinder (2) fourth mechanical common sense the first chapter of second chapter of mechanical drawing mechanical transmission base fifth electrical engineering chapter second chapter DC circuit of single-phase sinusoidal alternating circuit third Zhang Sanxiang AC circuit fourth chapter the basic knowledge @##@ Electrotechnical measuring instrument China is a country with a large population, the disabled are relatively more. As of April 1, 2006, all kinds of disabled people for a total of 82960000 people, including disabled person was 24120000, the amputation for the number 2260000, the urgent need to install artificial limb for 630000 people. Install artificial limb, takes some training, has a good quality of the artificial limb maker for its service. Unfortunately, more than fifty years since the founding of new Chinese, Chinese culture and has a normal production qualification has only 418, cannot meet the needs of social reality. Compared with GDP, three countries ranked in front of our country like Japan, 120000000 of the population, making the Division has more than 3000; the German population of 82000000, more than 3000 American production division; a population of over 3 hundred million, more than 3500 production division. The number of China's own production division in the field of industry, there are gaps and considerable. Therefore, to speed up the cultivation of talents, is an important mission of this industry is imminent. However, training and production division is not a accomplish at one stroke. To lay a solid basic knowledge, grasp the skills training, improve the comprehensive quality education. If so, you need to have professional teachers, good training materials, fixed training venues, training mechanism and the perfect system, etc.. All of these, the association to lay the foundations, and strive in 2008, the training work of all into standardized. This is the goal we strive for. By China Rehabilitation Association prepared "rehabilitation appliance summary" is an important one of the training materials. Not only for the production of teachers learning to use, also can become colleagues daily business learning professional book. The book was called "summary", is outlined in some important books, is different from the integrity of the system, expounds fully discussed. As for the manuscript quality, cannot do without conditions and requirements of the reality, if certain criteria to measure, there was some "bad" or "not so good". But never mind, we have this book, it can be used as the basis, and constantly revised and supplemented in future practice. We firmly believe that, through our efforts, work and pull together, in our industry will make a good book, make a series of their industry has historical value!
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