• Drug and medical device supervision illegal punishment behavior and its correction

    This book is the analysis of the system of administrative penalty problems and put forward rectification opinions on. The author has collected a lot of illegal punishment from the law enforcement practice, and some questions are analyzed, at the same time the use of legal provisions and legal theory and put forward rectification opinions. The book laid out existing problems are sharp,

  • Urinary and reproductive system diseases of diagnostic imaging

    This map has selected nearly 3000 cases of images classified with brief descriptions, outlines the urinary system normal performance and variation, congenital urinary tract malformation, benign renal tumor, renal cancer, renal pelvis and ureter epithelial tumor, renal cysts and cystic disease, kidney, renal tumor in children infection, urinary,

  • Drug packaging technology and equipment

    "Drug packaging technology and equipment" starting from the concept, the function and significance of drug packaging, pharmaceutical packaging technology, the packaging materials, packaging containers and packaging equipment are introduced in the paper, concise, easy to understand, the utility; and as far as possible the use of illustrations and text combined form, the pharmaceutical packaging industry in china,

  • Hearing aid use Q & A

    Hearing aid use Q & A, ISBN:9787508042534, author: China disabled person welfare foundation series,

  • Deafness and hearing aid fitting

    Deafness and hearing aid fitting, edited by Peng Yucheng, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Medical institutions in Henan province common classification of medical consumable code

    "Medical institutions in Henan province common classification of medical consumable code (2007 Edition)" provides a more complete database of Henan Province medical consumable centralized bidding and purchasing work, standardized management helps to further strengthen the use of medical consumables in hospital, convenient for uniform pricing and query statistics in clinical use of medical consumables,,

  • Graphic removable appliance

    "Introduction": Graphic removable appliance content is written by Professor of "bed correction device" one book, is the author of several to engage in orthodontic work experience, the original book was published when he was in Japan orthodontic sensation. The book detailed, comprehensive introduction to the basic theory and clinical application of the removable appliance, illustrations, utility,

  • Medical digital mammary X ray machine principle to construct and repair

    "Medical instrument principle to construct and repair series of medical digital mammary X ray machine principle to construct and repair" as an emphasis on medical digital principle, breast X ray machine construction and repair works. The book illustrations, reasonable structure, novel content, practical principle, discusses the explain profound theories in simple language, theory and practice,

  • Passive medical device testing technology

    "Medical textbook series, passive medical device testing technology" with the testing equipment, testing standards and testing methods of passive medical equipment at home and abroad the latest reference in the preparation process, using GB / T16886 requirements as the main line, discusses systematically the structure principle, typical passive testing standards of medical devices,

  • Digital medical image processing, archiving and transmission technology

    "Digital medical image archiving and transmission technology" is a more comprehensive introduction of digital medical image processing, archiving and transmission method and technical books, including introduction, digital medical images, and obtain the DICOM standard and its application in PACS, high precision of medical image processing technology,

  • SPECT and R camera quality control and reference practice

    "SPECT and R camera quality control and reference rules" content is divided into two parts: reference rules SPECT and R camera quality control and SPECT and R camera. The first part introduces some relevant concepts, related to the quality of staff duties, radiopharmaceuticals in nuclear medicine,

  • Specification of hospital preparations in Hubei Province

    Medical preparation in Hubei province of Hubei science and technology press,

  • The rehabilitation of the disabled and special equipment standard compilation the blind volume

    The blind volume, "the rehabilitation of the disabled and special equipment standards (blind volume)" content brief introduction: the Party Central Committee, the State Council attached great importance to the cause of the disabled, the future development blueprint for people with disabilities. The meeting of the Central Political Bureau and the Standing Committee study the work, to make a major deployment for the development of the cause of the disabled, issued the "cpc,

  • Cardiac ultrasound in the differential diagnosis of atlas

    "Heart ultrasound in the differential diagnosis of atlas" consists of thirteen chapters, namely: and new progress of inspection method of ultrasonic Beckoning diagram, left and right ventricular volume overload, left and right ventricular inflow tract and outflow tract obstruction, cyanotic congenital heart disease, cardiac enlargement and hypertrophy and pericardial disease, thrombosis and neoplasm tumor, heart, aorta, crown,

  • Electrical safety of medical electrical equipment testing technology

    "Electrical safety of medical electrical equipment detection technology" mainly introduces the basic knowledge of electrical medical equipment safety detection technology, the current domestic and foreign medical equipment general standard for electrical safety, electrical safety testing method to carry out several medical equipment electrical safety detection test, testing of electrical safety of medical equipment, a variety of,

  • Gynecological endoscopy

    Gynecological endoscopy, edited by Xia Enlan, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Practical Handbook of medical vector surveillance

    "The medical vectors monitoring manual" main content including rats, fleas, mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other media biological knowledge, monitoring method, sample preparation, related pathogen detection and laboratory follow-up operation regulations. It is informative, practical method, the media monitoring work points in field,

  • Blood purification equipment engineering and clinical

    At present, about the blood purification equipment professional books are scarce, taking into account the blood purification professionals (medicine, nursing, technology) the lack of full understanding of relevant knowledge on hemodialysis equipment and clinical characteristics, clinical and engineering personnel to write this book. The book of blood purification equipment components (including dialysis machine, CRRT machine, water treatment,,

  • Modern medical instrument analysis technology and Application

    "Modern medical instrument analysis technology and application (Second Edition)" from the clinical hematological examination and urine test, clinical chemistry, clinical immunology testing, clinical microbiology laboratory and clinical molecular biology test and so on, the main clinical examination analysis technology and commonly used, representative instrument,

  • Multi parameter monitor quality control testing technology

    "Monitor quality control of multi parameter detection technology" mainly introduces the multi parameter monitor to detect the quality of basic knowledge, the main monitoring parameters and its measuring principle, multi parameter monitor quality inspection standards (including multi parameter patient simulator, non-invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation simulator simulator) working principle and operation,

  • Orthotics summary

    The book is divided into three chapters. The content mainly around the prosthesis and orthosis designer qualification examination outline, includes two parts: basic knowledge of written and practical operation. Is the Ministry of Civil Affairs prosthetics and orthotics maker qualification examination committee designated examination books. This book by the first orthosis basic knowledge of science; article,

  • Hyperbaric oxygen medicine clinical guidelines

    Hyperbaric oxygen medicine is a new subject of medicine, play a very important role in the treatment of many diseases. Especially for the disease of anaerobic infection, carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness, air embolism, have special curative effect. In acute hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, cerebral trauma, cerebrovascular disease, chronic ulcer, broken,

  • Ultrasound diagnosis of fetal malformation

    The book consists of 9 chapters, about 50 words, a lot of data from the selected picture 1000, including more than 70 kinds of fetal malformation. From the analysis of the image, the system of normal pregnancy, fetal central nervous system, heart, face and neck, chest and abdomen, urinary system, skeletal abnormalities, fetal tumors,

  • The application of modern orthotics and prosthetics

    "Application of modern orthotics and prosthetics: disabled rehabilitation guidance" is divided into two parts, separately introduced new products and new technology, new materials, modern orthotics and prosthetics, product quality monitoring, product formulation and the use of attention to matters; details the orthosis therapy and fitting product indications and contraindications. Content rich,

  • Practical Handbook of mechanical ventilation in the treatment of

    Practical Handbook of mechanical ventilation treatment (Second Edition), ISBN:9787509103630, author: Zhang Bo,

  • Electrophysiological examination

    Electrophysiological examination (Fourth Edition), ISBN:9787117088435, author: Wang Jiyun,

  • Functional brain imaging physics

    Functional brain imaging physics is a door to the medical physics knowledge as the main background, combination of brain anatomy, physiology and psychology knowledge and functional brain imaging as the goal of the new, highly interdisciplinary subject. The author tries to use a short piece of text, clarify such complicated problems, as,

  • Ultrasonic difficult case analysis

    "Ultrasound difficult case analytic" jointly compiled by ultrasound department of Peking Union Medical College Hospital doctors. The book featured a difficult cases 100 cases were diagnosed in the last 10 years, each case are the author personally checked and elaborate; among them, 22 cases of abdomen, obstetrics and gynecology in 27 cases, 14 cases of urinary system after, adrenal and retroperitoneal,,

  • Blood purification equipment quality control testing technology

    Shuai Wanjun, Yang Dong editor of "blood purification equipment quality control testing technology" the blood purification principle, development process and the basic structure of the common blood purification equipment and technical indexes, blood purification quality management of equipment, and the blood purification equipment in the quality control inspection specifications, several commonly used,

  • Drug and medical device making legal documents.

    This book is China's first production of drugs and medical devices of legal instruments of large-scale tool. The book according to general rule making provisions of laws, administrative rules and regulations and legal documents, starting from the actual needs of the pharmaceutical supervisory and administrative departments and medical supervision of the relative person, for each specific legal instruments, briefly making,

  • Obstetric ultrasound examination

    Diagnostic procedures book aims to familiarize the reader with the ultrasonic this excellent tools. At present, ultrasound is the main method to rely on women disease obstetric patients exploration. Clinicians if not personally by ultrasound, it is absolutely necessary to know how to interpret the ultrasound and ultrasound image, and must understand the super,

  • Ventilator anesthesia machine quality control testing technology / medical equipment quality control testing technology

    "Breathing machine, anesthesia machine quality control testing technology" describes the working principle of the ventilator and anesthesia machine, the technical requirements, the use of methods and quality control technology, focuses on the quantitative detection of two kinds of equipment, at the same time, ventilator, hemp two series on the application of more drunk machine detection instrument, principle and operation,

  • High frequency electrotome quality control testing technology

    "High frequency electrotome quality control testing technology" starts from the development course of high-frequency electric knife, basic principle and basic operation, according to the related standards and the army "high frequency electrotome quality inspection technical specification", clinical quality detection method of high-frequency electric knife system are described, and according to the different types of clinical common high,

  • Practical Handbook of Dr. ICU

    "Dr. ICU practical manual" the author has long been engaged in ICU work experience, starting from the simple, practical, is divided into 11 chapter briefly introduces the development of disease medical history, critical mode, characteristics, organization and management, self assessment, common disease and its treatment measures, introduces in detail the methods of work, ICU,

  • Fluorescence probe technique

    Fluorescence probe technique, Huang Xiaofeng, Zhang Yuanqiang, Zhang Yingqi, people's Medical Publishing house,

  • Clinical cardiac and renal color Doppler imaging

    This book is the author for many years engaged in the work of ultrasound in the diagnosis of cardiac and renal disease experience, combined with the reference data compiled. Clinical utility of this book seeks to highlight the color Doppler flow imaging in the diagnosis of heart and kidney disease. The book illustrations, informative and reliable, covering materials is more extensive, in the heart,

  • Biomedical ultrasonic experiment

    "Biomedical ultrasound laboratory" consists of 15 specialized experiment, generally can be divided into four aspects of the experiment: 1 transducer design, beamforming and field experiment; 2 ultrasonic wave propagation characteristics, signal processing, imaging and tissue characterization; 3 microbubbles, perfusion imaging and molecular imaging; 4,

  • Abdominal and pelvic disease, color Doppler ultrasound in the diagnosis of atlas

    "Abdominal and pelvic disease, color Doppler ultrasound in the diagnosis of atlas" is divided into 16 chapters, introduces the clinical pathological and sonographic findings of abdominal organs and obstetrics and Gynecology common disease, including two-dimensional ultrasound, color Doppler ultrasound, three-dimensional ultrasound, contrast-enhanced ultrasound and endoscopic ultrasonography, interventional ultrasound, and the ultrasonic image of 1 typical,

  • Imaging diagnosis of Fuwai cardiovascular diseases manual

    Fuwai cardiovascular disease diagnostic manual, ISBN:9787117087254, author: Liu Yuqing et al,

  • Drug and medical device supervision inspection and Case Investigation Handbook

    This book seeks to reflect the following characteristics: one is in the writing of pertinence and practicability. Common problems and difficult to understand and grasp the problem the editors considered subject of law enforcement of drug inspection base and case handling and relative subject, law enforcement, the drug supervision and law enforcement personnel and the general drug administrative relative person as the main,

  • Normal variation and false body imaging

    The book is made up of more than 60 images America, Canada, Switzerland, Japan and other countries of the experts to compile. The book consists of 4 sections and 34 chapters. Chapters 1-31 tells the story of the chest, abdominal, pelvic tissues, organs, and the development process, musculoskeletal anatomy, normal, normal variation are introduced,

  • Radiological health protection standard application guide

    For the correct understanding and application of the standard, the Ministry of health of radiological health protection standard professional committee wrote "radiological health protection standard application guide", including the overview, basic standard and standard application are discussed as well as the appendix. The first overview, comprehensively, objectively describes radiological protection standards,

  • The national medical equipment operators

    (Dr. MRI) qualification examination guide, this book is the Ministry of health, China Medical Association about the national medical equipment operators (Dr. MRI) textbook for examination. The book has 22 chapters, and comes with the syllabus. This book is targeted, guidance, practicality is very strong, illustrated, easy to read. MRI is a physician training,

  • Medical radiological protection

    Medical radiological protection, Tu Yu, Zhou Juying editor of the "national key disciplines of radiation medicine grants for college radiology textbooks (for medical majors use): medical radiological protection" from the basic nuclear physics of ionizing radiation, summarize the basic knowledge of radiation protection and maintenance, including ionizing radiation sources, radiation protection purposes,

  • Clinical and commonly used test instrument

    Clinical and commonly used testing equipment -- principle. Structure. Maintenance, edited by Zhu Gendi, Shanghai science and technology press,

  • Active medical device testing technology

    "Active medical device testing technology" systematically expounded the active medical device testing technology, this paper introduces the basic theory of typical active medical device, introduces the general requirements for safety of medical electrical equipment GB9706.1 content as well as the typical active medical device testing standards, testing methods and testing,

  • CD-R diagnosis of ECG simulation

    CD-R diagnosis of ECG simulation, "diagnosis" for the publication of "Twelfth Five Year Plan" national key electronic publication planning simulated ECG, the Ministry of health medical CAI courseware. ECG is one of the routine methods of important clinical medical work. ECG simulation "diagnosis" selected representative of the 60 cases of clinical medical work,

  • The normal value of Ultrasonic Examination Handbook.

    "Manual" normal concise ultrasound examination arrangement in the practical, comprehensive, standard, convenient principle, to the easily confused, points for attention are associated with clinical tips, in children with normal measurement is introduced, the recent development of new technology, but also as far as possible in the book reflected. Such as: the heart function of T,

  • The development of Chinese medical instrument industry road

    The development of Chinese medical instrument industry road, ISBN:9787506737791, author: Tan popularity,

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