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Date of publication:2006-6   Press: Golden Shield   Author:Wang Guozhong   Pages´╝Ü278  

Wang Guozhong, associate professor, associate chief physician, graduated from Beijing Medical University (Peking University Health Science Center) and Western China Academy of traditional Chinese medicine. Engaged in clinical surgery, male professional medical and clinical research work for more than 30 years. Adept at the use of "Xing Yang Decoction" in treatment of male sexual dysfunction, "Qingre Huazhuo Decoction" in treating prostatic diseases, and achieved satisfactory efficacy.
editor works include "male sexual function
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One, basic knowledge of 1 male reproductive system includes what organs? What is the physiological function of penis? 2 is composed of what organization? 3 what is the male sexual dysfunction? Physiological 4 penis erection learning process? What is the reason of 5 male sexual function decline? 6 TCM on male sexual function recession is how to know the pathogenesis of traditional Chinese medicine? 7 of male sexual dysfunction is how to know? How to 8 sexual dysfunction classification? 9 male common sexual dysfunction performance? 10 diagnosis of sexual dysfunction has what? 11 how to male sexual dysfunction patients physical examination? 12 hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can affect the male sexual function? 13 chronic adrenocortical hypofunction can affect male sexual function? 14 hypercortisolemia can affect male sexual function? 15 aldosteronism can affect male sexual function? 16 acromegaly can cause male sexual dysfunction? 17 pituitary tumor can cause male sexual dysfunction will influence? Function of 18 male pelvic fracture? 19 why Bo power caused by diabetes Disability? 20 chronic renal failure can affect male sexual function? 21 liver disease can affect the male sexual function? 22 why verumontanitis can cause sexual dysfunction? 23 bladder sphincter incision can influence the male sexual function? 24 transurethral resection of the prostate can cause sexual dysfunction? 25 what drugs have effects on sexual function? 26 alcohol is the impact on sexual function? 27 marijuana can affect sexual function? 28 masturbation can cause sexual dysfunction? 29 why sexual dysfunction cannot be abused testosterone? 30 what is the feeling of concentrated training method? How to carry out the training? 31 elderly male sexual function recession, what changes in the estrous cycle in 32 elderly patients? The male sexual function can be maintained until the age of 33 old people? How to treat life? What is the adverse consequences of the 34 old people stop sexual life? What is the mechanism of two, 35 penile erectile impotence? 36 what is the impotence (erectile dysfunction)? 37 impotence (erectile dysfunction) to the morbidity of 38 western medicine thinks? Erectile dysfunction is how? 39 Chinese medicine that erectile dysfunction is what happened? 40 what disease. Disease can cause erectile dysfunction? 41 what drugs can cause erectile dysfunction?...... Three, premature ejaculation, seminal emission of five, four, seven, six do not ejaculate ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation eight Yang nine, @##@ parasexuality The book of changes and additions in the "foundation of male sexual dysfunction 240 questions on prevention", according to the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine method, expounds the causes of male sexual dysfunction, the pathophysiology, clinical features, mainly introduces the common male impotence, premature ejaculation, left (sliding) fine, not ejaculation, retrograde ejaculation, ejaculation, Yang Qiang, sexual abnormality diagnosis, treatment and prevention methods. Rich in content, practical, easy to understand, for the majority of patients and medical staff to read reference.
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