Women's diet - happy life healthy diet - with DVD disk 1

Date of publication:2009-6   Press: Southwestern Normal University press   Author:Huang Xuekuan  

"Female diet" introduces the basic knowledge and principles of ten female students diet, and menstrual disease, gynecological disease, diseases of pregnancy, postpartum disease, miscellaneous gynecological diseases and female beauty and other aspects of dietotherapy prescription. The book is rich in content, both the theory analysis, and practical skills, illustrated, with strong guidance operation of the optical disk, scientific and practical, easy to understand, is a kind of a look to understand, learn practical technology, is the study of therapeutic health care good teachers and helpful friends. I hope this series can make friends learn "nutrition" benefit from the diet, help our friends in the experience infinite wonderful "good life" health care, fortify the body against disease, prolong life, happy to enjoy life.
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The first chapter understanding of TCM dietotherapy chapter second menstrual disease diet third chapter fourth chapter disease leukorrhagia diet diet fifth chapter postpartum disease dietotherapy chapter sixth miscellaneous gynecological diseases therapy seventh chapter female beauty diet appendix pregnancy: try to do -- "female diet" reference diet
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Women's diet - happy life healthy diet - with DVD disk 1 download

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