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Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Central Plains farmers   Author:Yang Yinghao   Pages´╝Ü120  

The prostate is the biggest man in gonad body, the secretion of prostate fluid is seminal main component, so it's health can not be ignored. "" m "word hidden: prostate disease" patients with consultation, expert recovery mode introduces related knowledge of prostate disease to readers. The problems are most concerned about, the most common patients, the most representative, a correct understanding of the correct understanding of prostate, prostate disease, don't put the genie of prostate disease, good care of prostate have done a detailed answer. "" m "word hidden: prostate disease" are concise, easy to understand, be lively and vivid form, especially suitable for reading the patients and their family members.
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Yang Yinghao, male, born in 1962, Henan Province native, in 1979 and was admitted to Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Department of traditional Chinese medicine in traditional Chinese medicine for the professional, graduate in 1984, bachelor's degree in medicine, has been working in Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine after graduation from the University, Chinese medicine has long been engaged in publishing and editing and medicine in clinical work, 1999 was appointed Deputy editor. Research and clinical work in recent years, Chinese medicine is committed to the prevention and control of sub health state. The World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies of tendon Kang Professional Committee of Chinese medicine will be permanent, sub health professional committee of permanent, "Chinese Medicine News" reporter, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine health clinic physician. He published academic works of traditional Chinese medicine and the Chinese medicine edited and published over 10 monographs published academic papers, traditional Chinese medicine and TCM edited and published more than 20 papers. In recent years Chinese Medicine Science published 5 books, about 100 words.
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A correct understanding of the prostate, prostate 1 where? Who are all of its neighbors? What 2 prostate long? Build to have how old? 3 prostate fluid is what? What effect is there? 4 the prostate is how to participate in sexual life? What role? 5 prostate how to tangible? 6 residual urine measuring how? What is the use? 7 of prostate was divided into several layers? What is the role? How to supply 8 prostate blood? Lymphatic return prostate? Prostate is dominated by which nerve? Prostate and what is the relationship between sex hormone? Two, the correct understanding of prostate diseases in 1 prostate disease have? 2 prostatitis how many? How to distinguish? What is the reason for 3 prostatitis? 4 prostatitis easily confuse what disease? 5 acute prostatitis what performance? How to diagnose? What should be done to check? 6 acute prostatitis treatment need how long? The symptoms disappear also take medicine? 7 got acute prostatitis how to have sex? What precautions? 8 chronic prostatitis has what performance? 9 prostatitis can be associated with the diseases? 10 how to treat chronic prostatitis chronic prostatitis 11 why so difficult? Why chronic prostatitis so easy to relapse after cure? 12 chronic prostatitis to do check what necessary? 13 what is prostate hyperplasia? What is prostate hyperplasia? 14 benign prostatic hyperplasia can cause what symptom? 15 how to symptoms of prostate hyperplasia your score? How to measure 16 prostate volume? Benign prostatic hyperplasia 17 must be treated immediately? 18 what is trichomonad sex prostatitis and fungal prostatitis? How to treat? 19 what is the prostate stones? 20 what is prostate cancer? Three, do not make prostate disease demonized scored 1 in chronic prostatitis to abstinence? 2 chronic prostatitis cure not to have children? 3 masturbation is easy to cause prostatitis? Masturbation have to human body harm? 4 chronic prostatitis treatment will cause cancer? 5 micturition not free is prostate trouble? 6 prostate cancer is caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia? 7 prostatitis through sexual transmission? 8 chronic prostatitis will directly lead to impotence? 9 nocturnal penile tumescence is prostatitis cause? 10 drink milk can cause prostate cancer? Four, good care of prostate 1 how to do good care of prostate? What should notice at ordinary times? 2 what are the bad way of life can lead to prostate disease? 3 excessive drinking will hurt the prostate, what are the effects of alcohol on prostate? 4 smoking is harmful to health, the effect of smoking on the size of the prostate gland? 5 different types of tea, which tea is beneficial for patients with prostate disease? What are the grains, beans 6 beneficial to prostate? What are the 7 beneficial to prostate vegetables, wild herbs? What are the 8 beneficial to prostate meat, fish? What are the 9 beneficial to prostate fruit? Which side has 10 prostate disease diet? How dialectical use? What are the 11 prostate diet? How dialectical use? 12 prostate self massage and therapy method which to have? How to operate? What are the 13 beneficial to prostate gymnastics? The usual sports which the prostate adverse? 14 sedentary and cycling are not good for the prostate disease, should be how to avoid? 15 prostate diseases and mental factors, it doesn't matter? Should pay attention to what matters? 16 drivers workers should be how to protect the prostate? 17 patients with prostate disease should pay attention to what matters in daily life? The 18 old man how to do the protection work of the prostate in the winter?
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Do you often have urgency, dysuria, frequent micturition, micturition is arduous and other symptoms? The book you are concerned and most want to know the answer. You should eat sorghum, maize, soya bean, mung bean, wax gourd, pumpkin, celery, seaweed, Houttuynia cordata.
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