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Date of publication:2012-3   Press: Harbin Publishing House   Author:Cao Kaiyong   Pages:202  

Chinese traditional keeping in good health on delaying human aging, improve people's quality of life, extend the life has played a positive role in promoting. Health and health, self-cultivation, Bao Yuan, health etc.. Support is to maintain, nourishing, nursed back to health, care, life is life, survival, growth and life. Health preserving term was first seen in "Chuang-tzu · Chapter inside", is the maintenance of life, so that long. Chinese traditional health and traditional Chinese medicine has a close blood relationship. Traditional Chinese medicine Yin Yang and five elements theory, dirty 竆 - theory, 綷 - network theory, pharmacology, pharmacy, Qi and blood and syndrome differentiation theory, has greatly promoted the development of traditional Chinese medicine. Ancient physicians have attached great importance to health, in their medical practice, summary and the accumulation of a large number of health 綷 - experience and method, forming the TCM theories with Chinese characteristics theory and method. Read these ancient books, I am always in awe. In the broad and profound Chinese medicine heritage before, we will always be students, to constantly mining, exploration and learning. Chinese male science is an important part of the traditional Chinese medicine, is a clinical discipline in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. Comprehensive practical science and health science is not only the Chinese medicine of many disciplines, is an important part of TCM in andrology. China's thousands of years of history attached great importance to men's health, because the man was dominant in society, and so there are a lot of health and health secret, prescription. The fine tradition of the series may inherit the Chinese traditional male health care, and draw lessons from the newest achievement of modern medical anti-aging research, trying to sound every man, happiness of each family, make a contribution to our. In the preparation of this series is the Chinese medicine society male branch of a group of male division expert, and many countries of the world experts and professors, most of them have a clinical 綷 - decades of rich experience in the treatment of disease, learn how to cure is not ill, in this series, leaving them for man. Reminder of goodwill and sincerity. This is a great feature of the series, is not only about the treatment and prevention, compared to the point. In recent years, there have been Chinese fans to join the ranks of traditional Chinese medicine. In this regard, we should hold the attitude of welcome -. At the same time, the Chinese experts should also stand out in the diagnosis of residual root, let everybody understand the essence of Chinese medicine true place, in order to avoid misleading the reader astray. Because we compile time constraints, the level is limited, there are deficiencies in the book, please experts, scholars and readers valuable advice, thank you!

Cao Kaiyong talk about male health books is the book health care Harbin Publishing House dedicated to male readers.
this series was written by a famous TCM andrology expert, Tianjin Cao Kaiyong Cao Kaiyong Dean TCM andrology hospital professor organization.
Catalogue of books

My generation and normal form
A, Ninth embryonic period I initiation
two, fetal ultrasound has 綷 - see my prototype
three, baby I will urinate
four, my body by which tissue.
five, the normal form and the function of
I the < br >, I is the ancient worship of holy
three completed by my family, humoral metabolic waste
four, physiological needs "sex" to enjoy the
my good partner of testicular
A, testis and me grow up
two, I ejaculated spermatozoa is it manufacture of
three, testicular Gan unsung hero
four, I and partners sharing weal and woe.
my life sweet, sour, bitter, spicy
A, sweet, sexual beauty
two, acid - premature ejaculation sour
three, bitter: impotence suffering
four, spicy, eunuch and "Simon" spicy
my typical symptoms of
A, spine is not hard, impotence and
two, back stiff -- Yang Qiang
four, funk, premature ejaculation, Zhang 筡 - arrow - do not ejaculate
five, back Cramps - shrink
six, waist pole long Things -- penile induration
seven, short, small penis
eight, back breaking, penile fracture
nine, veiled, wrapping is too long.
Chinese save so I won vitality
A, impotence treatment of typical cases of
two, premature ejaculation disease of traditional Chinese medicine typical cases of
three, do not ejaculate disease treatment of typical cases of
four, Yang Qiang in TCM treatment of typical cases of
five, cold alum - in Chinese medicine treatment of typical cases of
six, shrink in TCM treatment of typical cases of
seven, penile induration of the TCM treatment of typical cases
My regimen
A, adapt to the season when
two, pay attention to health protection of clean
three, sexual life also moderate
four, spicy food can not be over
five, happy young
six, Qin Lian "iron crotch" Chang Bao masculine
seven, diet care nourishing kidney yin
eight, comfortable clothes and
Chapter excerpt

Generation and normal form my penis also like other organs, gradually formed in the growth process of pregnancy in October. So, I grow from when to start? The sex of the fetus when can accurately identified? Baby I need any special care? Adult I structure is what kind of, what needs attention? You will get the answer these questions in this chapter. A ninth phase I, embryo initiation I in fetal growth is when to begin to appear and form? First of all, we want to know is, male sex is determined by the XY Y chromosome carrying the genes to male differentiation, it in the embryo to the male differentiation process plays a key role, which determines the genetic sex of an individual is male. After the egg fertilized, contains some genetic informationInformation, determines my existence or my sister was born, this period has been 綷 - decide my destiny, to decide whether there will be bred and produced I. I'm really initiation, growth and the formation of the embryonic form, is from my parents to produce sperm and egg binding, fertilization, when comes from parents paired called sex determining XY chromosome, my fate was determined 綷 -. Although at this time do not see me in the body, I do not see the body is the standard, but implicitly contains the information of those potential, therefore this period has 綷 - basically decide my destiny, although growth in subsequent process is affected by a number of factors (environment) influence, may some changes will occur, but basically has 綷 - determined. Below, let us start from fetal start in the mother body growth. According to the rate of fetal growth can be maternal pregnancy can be divided into three stages, the first stage is gravid 0 ~ 3 months, we can be called early pregnancy; the second stage is gravid 4 ~ 6 months, known as the mid trimester of pregnancy; the third stage is after 7 months of pregnancy, can be called the pregnancy late. … …
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