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Date of publication:2012-3   Press: Harbin Publishing House   Author:Cao Kaiyong   Pages:213  

Along with our country 綷 - rapid economic development and social transformation, and the arrival of aging society, physiological and psychological disorders in man is become 綷 - economic and social development. In today's world of spectrum of disease and medical pattern are undergoing profound changes. The spectrum of disease from malnutrition and infectious diseases, changes to the social and psychological disease. The medical mode is &mdash from biomedical to biological psychological social medicine; — change in the diagnosis and treatment of disease by simple, model transformation to prevention, care, health care, rehabilitation. The change of the medical mode, will promote human health concept. Return to nature and green living will become the new trend of the times. In recent years, with the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people's life, and all of the health care of more interest, deeply aware of health care to promote physical and mental health, to speed up the body, realizing the importance of happiness in life. Traditional Chinese medicine has been public concern is the logical thing. Traditional Chinese medicine in addition to have a direct relationship with the development of Chinese medicine, but also by the influence of ancient philosophy, religion, ethics and customs. The Chinese people in the practice of health care in the long-term accumulated rich experience and method 綷, form a complete set of thought and theory, it is the precious cultural heritage has profound inner 篭 -. Now facing the health of human society needs strong, play traditional Chinese medicine characteristics and advantages, unique health care methods to popularize science of traditional Chinese medicine, it is the right time to. Professor Cao Kaiyong editor of "before Cao Kaiyong on man health series" was sent to me at. I feel very this series has three characteristics: one is the scientific. Represented by Professor Cao Kaiyong, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine experts at home and abroad, have clinical 綷 - rich experience, they take the traditional Chinese medicine as the basis, and the integration of advanced achievement of modern medicine and health care, the best set in one, with strict and scientific. Two is a universal. This series in plain language, a comprehensive introduction to the male health aspects, such as kidney, brain, living, eating, sex, psychology, sports, the environment, the massage, the four seasons, diet and so on, is a popular health knowledge, guidance of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine “ prevention of disease, has the disease development of ” and promote the concept of health, promoting male self health care, the longevity of the book. The three is practical. This series of many health methods and skills, has the practical operability, it on the men's health practice will give specific guidance. Professor Cao Kaiyong is the chairman of the international society for Chinese men, the World Federation of Chinese medicine societies by professional committeePresident, international society of TCM andrology and chairman of Tianjin Chinese medicine hospital dean Cao Kaiyong. He is one of the Chinese men and cause of the pioneers and founders, in clinical medical, pharmaceutical health products research and development of traditional Chinese medicine, foreign exchange, cultivation of talents of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine research and popularization of fields with fruitful achievements. I am happy to teach chief editor by Cao health series.

Cao Kaiyong talk about male health books is the book health care Harbin Publishing House dedicated to male readers.
this series was written by a famous TCM andrology expert, Tianjin Cao Kaiyong Cao Kaiyong Dean TCM andrology hospital professor organization. This series of seven prostate: happiness and suffering man is by the prostate gland's own words the way, to learn more about prostate physiology knowledge and health care of the road, the personification of the prostate development shape, location, structure, function and physiological characteristics, process made vivid description, a detailed analysis of prostate health and treatment errors and there are all kinds of prostatic diseases and popular, lively style novel, the content easy to understand, the book is practical, and can be used as a male doctor clinical reference books, can also be used as a male health guide books.
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notes forty-four: Korean patients to study medicine
Chapter excerpt

Notes: with the old scientists talk about one of the health care in our patients, there is a gentleman who has a characteristic very much, let me remember him from a meeting. Because of the well known clinical - because, cases involved patients names use the name, we call him Zhou Kai. Zhou Kai gave me the first impression is suave. He is tall, wearing a white brand shirts, pants suspenders beige, brown leather shoes is the net how to fry beef shoes. Such an outfit, if for the forty year old man, was well timed, quite handsome demeanor. I am in the eyes of Zhou Kai, there are at least sixty years old, although he has gray hair is a vivid, ruddy face, but the eyes of the crow's feet or to the us with his age information. At the age of sixty, wearing a set of fashionable clothing, of course, give a person with he and clear impression. The moment I saw him, I guess he is a bookman, a senior long-term intellectuals. Because of his gestures are revealing a elegant and noble, he always hang in the mouth smile, it makes people feel warm, kind and wise. He just random nature sitting on my examination table. “ what disease? ” “ please give me the pulse? ” I for his side's pulse, side his complexion, hair, eyes, skin, teeth, action, pronunciation, and olfactory he conversation exhaled odors and the body exudes a smell, this is my professional habit, Chinese medicine called “ pulse ”, as to make an evaluation of his health. “ your veins are weak, have the symptoms of kidney deficiency, but also relatively flat and pulse. ” “ you are right, I see impotence. ” “ old age? ” “ do you think I have? ” “ not more than seventy years old, 六十七八 years old? ” “ no, I'm eighty-two years old. ” “ Oh, not unlike. ” I was somewhat surprised. At this moment, I found sitting next to me for two young doctor I 砛 - prescription, with a contemptuous glances at the old man, the eyes seem to be saying: “ such a big old man also to impotence, not really shy. ” he flew slightest upset me, the young doctor ah, how can you use this to look at the old man! Life is born and death to human instinct, is one of the health and happiness, is an important indicator of the quality of human life, your age, how so pedantic and conservative? I am busy diagnose duty, to teach two children, only to be down to “ &rdquo repair; they. I asked Mr. Zhou Lao: “ your sexual function is not good, how long? ” “ the last half year is not good. I used to sexual function has been good. ” “ the last half year how bad? ” “ because of a disease. I am a few months before the cold, have a fever after physical decline, weak. Cold is cured, found that sexual function. Do not use when the same room, tried several times are not. I went to the hospital Xunyiwenyao, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine of Tonifying the kidney and strengthening yang gave me some, a kidney I get angry, pee is not fun, a urine on the burning pain, I dare not eat Chinese traditional medicine. Then I find western medicine, western medicine thinks I'm urethritis, prostatitis, give me to eat anti-inflammatory drugs, after taking medicine, pee is good, but the function is out of the question. Does my sexual function is finished, then like a monk so simple, live ascetic lives? I am not willing to. My body is good, feel or not to the old worn degree. But more importantly, I always sexual desire, sexual impulse, if I really stop sexual life, I feel alive boring, life is not the taste, even my home is not a house. Besides, my sexual function of a no, my wife doesn't care. What about her sex life? ” … …
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