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Date of publication:2011-1   Press: Military Medical   Author:Tao Hongliang   Pages:246  

The market of male health books are not many, and men's health is often the men they ignored, therefore, Tao Hongliang editor of the "caring husband wife health book" through the woman concerned about the health of men.
"love of husband wife health book" starting from the male life details, including work, living habits, sex, common male disease, exercise and other relevant content, tell a woman, when a problem when you beloved man in health, how she should treat, help men achieve health.
Catalogue of books

Chapter 1 Comprehensive Evaluation -- self testing health self-examination husband
for her husband's health "pulse"
husband lifestyle disease.
detection of cardiac and respiratory function of
husband health standards implementation monitoring
husband skin health
detecting whether husbands are in the sub healthy state of
from lip judge
husband husband healthy shape Lumbar health
from the husband's nail judge
morning urination if disease disease.
husband feet can also judge the disease
see tongue that health
Chapter 2 to create healthy nutrition and health -- good husband
husband eat what
healthy husband diet prescription
diet to lose her husband beer belly
"strong" food delay aging
strong husband husband indispensable nine nutrients
not "disorder" eat "," Fu around
zinc husband more healthy male
the most appropriate drinking honey
soybean to her husband and the benefits of
stay up late to watch the ball skillfully arranged diet
husband eat well sleep well.
husband bad stomach less chewing gum
Qiao eat food with computer damage
husband how to detox more healthy
to smoking husband pulmonary decompression and
Chapter 3 health habits -- don't let the bad habits ruin her husband's health
husband have what bad habit
rest, let the husband health tips
and cigarette say goodbye husband more healthy
alcohol harm husband health
"scratch" off his beard more healthy
let "beer disease" to stay away from her husband
husband's snoring can not be a
don't let the husband sleeps
overeating toss husband stomach
husband eat lunch is very important.
the husband should not drink tea.
change her husband to eat breakfast habits.
the husband should not eat instant noodles
eat fruit after a meal is not conducive to the healthy
husband husband to develop the right to health drinking habits.
form the good habit of healthy eating fruit
to eat frozen food is about
let the husband get rid of bad habits on the way to work.
night bad habits are susceptible to urinary calculus
Chapter 4 recipes for health -- good husband gastric
sesame with kelp, to better promote the The new supersedes the old.
spinach with liver, in order to shape up.
turtle with rock sugar, aging prevention effect is good.
pork with turnip, moisturizing effect The
chicken with chestnuts, blood Yangshen
potato roast beef, tonifying spleen
stewed carp with hot bean sauce, replenishing water
MA young chicken, Yang Qi
fried walnut ducks, kidney tonic
aweto braised duck kidney essence,
black fungus steamed meat, how to eat anti fatigue
yellow croaker Braised Tofu, improve male memory
red bean soup, a reasonable diet prostate disease.
daily dietary Qiao minus
Chapter 5 to disease prevention and treatment of common diseases and health care -- her husband
let husband away from more "difficult", beware of diabetic
prevent impotence, premature ejaculation,
the correct posture, not "prominent lumbar intervertebral disc"
more men than women need to detox
don't let the urinary tract infection "patronize" husband
, often care "away" cold
find out the pathogeny cure insomnia
prevention bald, bid farewell to an embarrassing
constipation is not in, a relaxed
dizziness, cannot ignore the reason
bad breath, prevention is not difficult.
men are more susceptible to cervical spondylosis
a reasonable diet, prevention and treatment of
men let gout is no longer "pain"
male urethritis can not be a dental
male uric line bifurcate, small heart Prostatitis
overtime owners more prone to hemorrhoids
Chapter 6 "man" -- motion makes husband strong physique.
a week fitness program, build a strong husband
choose husband own fitness way
let the husband acquired a "lump of meat"
acupoint massage to enhance sexual function in male
motion with the character of
movement to help her husband go to anti-aging
men after exercise to eat what reduce fatigue
male evening exercise effect is obvious.
the white-collar male how fitness healthy male

jogging back exercise benefits to males.
how fat and increase muscle movement can shoot two hawks with one arrow
male kidney strong method for moving
men trained thigh muscle four methods
Chapter 7 white-collar husband -- workers health
alert notebook computer erosion healthy male
keyboard is a new landfill
white-collar husband 8 short-lived life
male long-term use of mobile phone
male fatigue damage
office is intolerable men with rectal cancer
summer white-collar men beware of scrotal eczema
don't do the work.
white Lead a common male occupation disease prevention and
occupation male accidentally "white-collar syndrome"
rapid elimination of 6 kinds of environmental
male fatigue simple seven recruit
Chapter 8 mental health -- careful cultivation husband good mentality.
male emotional relationship with disease
is harmful to the health of how easily through the "period"
men should not be narrow-minded
don't go together.
depression and loneliness,The male is invisible killer
men too conceited or
men how to relieve pressure
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: morning voiding urine had the disease in their different physical conditions, its color or smell is different, the man from his daily predictor of body condition in urine, is very important. Especially the first urine in the morning, take a closer look, observe the urine color. So, how to judge the disease from the urine? The urine is yellow like tea if the urine long yellow like tea, suggestive of liver problems. If the biliary liver inside and outside is inflammation such as cancer, stone block, liver damage, hepatitis, will cause the urine color yellow. If the husband urine came a long yellow problem, must see his body and no other symptoms, such as jaundice, fatigue, abdominal discomfort and pain, should cause the family attention and do related liver biopsy. Normal condition: if only one or two of the urine is yellow, short time and no other discomfort, it can be assured. The urine color change and human sweat and water consumption, diet. Such as sweating, water intake, urine color will deepen. Discoloration due to above reasons urine can be restored in a short time. In addition, just wake up, the kidneys stored overnight urine, so, urine darker color, odor. When you drink the water, the next time the urine color and smell will turn for the better. Urinary floating bubble may be prostatitis or nephritis, if the husband feel urine floating on the surface with a layer of tiny bubbles, and leave for a long time, it may be suffering from prostatitis early symptoms of nephritis or tips for men. This "bubble" is because the urine protein induced protein nephritis, most early change is in the urine, often at this time there is no any other symptoms, if not active treatment, further development will be nephritis renal function not congruent problem. In addition, if the husband suffers from prostatitis, prostatic fluid in the urine may carry, which can sleeve pearl formation in the urine of surface, also will show a "bubble" of "bubble urine" state. Normal condition: if the bubble or larger size different, and the duration is short, this is because the urine contains ingredients that urine tension is strong, belongs to the normal thrust foam, without tension. Urine yellow red may be urinary tract infection. In urine with red it is likely that the symptoms of urinary tract infections, such as urethritis, urinary calculi. Generally in hematuria and urinary frequency, urgency, dysuria problem. In such a situation, suggests that men to urology examination, so as not to miss the best timing of treatment. Normal condition: eat carrots with natural pigment of vegetables, fruits, can make the husband urine red. But this phenomenon is only temporary, drink a few cups of water will gradually restore. Hematuria if male blood in urine, so that the body of certain anomalies. Hematuria is complex, there are hundreds of diseases can cause hematuria, therefore, to identify symptoms must do further examination. If hematuria accompanied by abdominal pain, urgency, frequent urination, dysuria for urinary system infection or tuberculosis; if hematuria accompanied by waist pain or side abdominal cramps, to maximize the possibility of kidney, ureteral calculi; if hematuria accompanied by nasal bleeding, bleeding gums, bleeding in the skin, which may be systemic hemorrhagic diseases at work, such as thrombocytopenia, allergic purpura, hemophilia and leukemia, etc.. The husband feet can determine the disease wife know? Apart from her husband, nail skin can see her husband's health status, see the feet can quickly know the state of his health. The following several feet, your husband ever seen? Feet numb feet not perception, which is induced by peripheral nerve lesion. Many causes of peripheral neuropathy, but two is the primary reason for diabetes and alcohol abuse. Chemical therapy is another reason. More serious is the numbness will extend to hands, let your husband seems to wear gloves like. Solution: to see a doctor, find out the reason. Although the peripheral nerve lesions without treatment, but the analgesic and antidepressant to relieve pain. The feet and toes glabrous appear this kind of phenomenon is usually caused by cerebrovascular diseases of the circulation is not smooth. Due to hardening of the arteries, heart can't get enough blood supply to the foot, will appear this kind of phenomenon. Blood deficiency will lead the people can not feel the pulse of the foot. Standing, feet may be red or blackish. Toe nails thick, yellow appear this kind of phenomenon is caused by a fungal infection under the fingernails of. Onychomycosis patients generally unconscious, will continue for several more years will not be found. But such infections can spread to all patients toenails or fingernails, which leads to nail it smells, darker in color. Diabetes, circulatory problems and immune system problems were susceptible to the disease.
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Health is not naturally occurring, it needs to cultivate, the need for care, Tao Hongliang editor of the "caring husband wife health book" covers all aspects of male health care, let men live healthy, living happily! Health is the greatest wealth, as a wife, concerned about her husband's health, but also pay attention to the more than created his work wealth! As 人妻, love my husband is self-evident, gave the book to husband, also equivalent to send a bill of health and practicality to the husband, reminds him to focus on his body. Compared with those who must do, good health habits is the most easily overlooked; and career responsibility can be compared, uplift, nutrition, disease, moving easily neglected. More than usual to see a section, next time pay more attention to some, health care in hand side.
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