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According to the characteristics of the development characteristics of growth and development of children's growth the first chapter first day children's children, children from birth to 12 years of age can be divided into the neonatal period, infancy, early childhood, childhood 4 stages. The baby was born after first years is changing a year, children's physical development in this years very fast. With the development of the body, from a baby in the baby into a standing or walking baby. The activity amount and the scope of activities they have also expanded. 1 years old baby has evolved from infancy, entered the early childhood. A, childhood (1 - 6) of 1 ~ 3 years of age is the key period of their development, the fast growth of baby, strong desire for knowledge, curiosity, love to imitate. Compared with the baby, the baby had the very big change. Young parents should understand the characteristics of some of the baby's growth and development, in order to ensure the healthy growth of children. Increase the baby body relative weight fast growth, so be careful for the baby to add enough calcium and vitamin D. The baby brain development compared with other areas, in a leading position. Under normal circumstances, 1 and a half years old baby fontanel skull has been closed. Excitement and inhibition of baby of the nervous system in a state of imbalance, so should establish the normal life and learning plan for the baby, to ensure the normal development of the nervous system. The 1 year old baby has grown from 6 to 8 teeth, 20 teeth of 2 year old baby has been basically out of qi. Your baby's digestive system is not mature, if improper diet can cause digestive function disorder.......

Last year, Xi'an WordPress editors find me, want me to write a "health" of the book to write in the face, the topic of novelty. It suits me very well, and so he ordered. 1 years have passed, if the general writing, as early as the submission. Not just more than 10 words? Science fiction is a "new". Write the words should be no problem. The key is to write what content, how to write. I and several of my students to reach a consensus: one is the content to be practical and feasible; two is to streamline structure; three is the expression to be novel and clear, focus on knowledge of disease. The book cites some of the medical point of view. We have the most time to learn traditional Chinese medicine. Doctor diagnosis of TCM, how to understand how to express. I can't comment, but also in-depth study. This book is about the diagnosis of facial diseases from their own experience. Just write down. Some diseases not 1 minutes can diagnosis. Medical knowledge is also not a few days can be self-taught. So I clearly opposed to "1 minute self diagnosis", "3 days to learn Chinese" this kind of view. The medical popular science books is intended to help the reader (non medical workers) early prevention, early detection, early treatment of a medical disease.
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Growth and development characteristics, childhood first chapter first day children (children 1 ~ 6 years old), two children (7 ~ 12 years old) second children's physical examination, routine examination of two children, third children living in the reproductive system of the problems should be paid attention to a diet, living habits, two three children with health, mental health, four children's reproductive organ disease prevention second chapter first festival young adolescent physiological characteristics, growth of two, the development of the reproductive system in section second adolescent physical examination, physical development, physical examination of two teenagers, three of secondary sexual characteristics appear in section third teenagers should pay attention to problem a, diet habits and health two, three, four, adolescent mental health of adolescence, developmental problems and diseases in third chapter first day adult male physiological characteristics, adult male body characteristics, two adult male reproductive system, male fertility three basic conditions of second adult male the physical examination, the male body Check project two, semen examination three, common diseases of testis section third should pay attention to the problem of an adult male, living habits and health two, exercise three, male sexual health four, how to use contraceptive five, male infertility in fourth chapter first section middle-aged middle-aged men, male physiological characteristics of a senescence marker two, reproductive system in section second middle-aged men in physical examination, physical examination, routine two prostate examination in three, urinary system inspection section third middle-aged men should pay attention to the problem, living habits and health two, middle-aged male sexual health care three, male climacteric aged fifth chapter first day of elderly men, aged male physiological characteristics of a bone and the joint two, senile male prostate, three elderly male urinary system _ second elderly men with physical examination, routine examination of two, cardiovascular examination in three, third day old male skeletal examination should pay attention to the problem of a life and health, two, three, such a movement to healthy elderly male sexual health care @## @ Intense competition in today's society, the modern man's physical and mental challenge. From the perspective of professional physiology angle, men in immunity, stamina, vitality are worse than women. Many diseases are constantly invasion of men's health. Some men to ignore health, feel your body will not be a problem, some men are busy, don't have the energy to pay attention to health, and men often know little about the self health care knowledge, do not pay enough attention to their disease, illness than first time visits. These are misunderstandings in health. Attention to men's health, the most important is to arouse men's participation, strengthen the self health care consciousness, early prevention of diseases. Is an important way to protect the health of the body self checking regularly! This book from the children, juvenile to adult, older men, were introduced in this paper, an age male physiological characteristics, physical examination and the problems to be noticed. To help the majority of male friends know more about body self knowledge, enhance the consciousness of health care, early prevention of diseases.
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Harmonious life started from the male health care! Many men work pressure big, fast pace of life, often to attend to their own body, in addition to the diet and irregular work and rest, and self protection consciousness, usually smoking, excessive drinking, lack of exercise and adjust ability, all these lead to men's health problems constantly upgrade. "The male body self manual" is for the male body self health consultant, physiological characteristics, details of men of all ages a physical examination and should pay attention to the problem. To help men to understand more about their health, enhance the health consciousness. Is an important way to protect the healthy physical examination regularly!
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