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The copyright page: illustration: Postscript poor department, Department, Department of poor rich rich Department of articles (a) high quality medical personnel should have a decent and respectable life from the quality of staff training, the history of growth, from the quality of the medical staff.Ren, risk and complexity, from the point of view of scarcity, high quality medical personnel in the market, like the Peking University Affiliated Hospital of medical personnel should have higher income and honorable life, from my years of business management to collect hospital cross section data, although the medical staff's income has the absolute number of a certain degree growth, but the growth is behind the increased workload and the overall national economic inflation performance, buy from the actual monetary ability, some years of economic income may also be relatively lower than the social average level. (two) the poor sections, Fu Department phenomenon has been the existence of relatively poor departments and relatively wealthy department in general hospital. Because of the difference of subject development difference, level, price toll treatment of diseases, must be poor and rich Department department. In quite a long period of time, social and medical personnel should face up to and tolerate the existence of such a situation. From the point of view of economics, there are rich and poor. In order to stimulate the staff work hard, play to their initiative and creativity, to seek and seize the opportunity to develop and create wealth. Therefore, we investigate the sections of the "poor" and "rich" is not equally poor, but pay more attention to the medical staff on the economic level of the weak and the poor, the economic management and the means of regulation, give medical personnel and market scarcity to match the economic income, realize the common prosperity includes rich department, and the economic income of "cake", so that the medical staff's income is enough to support the honorable and decent life. (three) the responsibility and the perspective of the hospital from the economic point of view, in the current national policy and the overall level of economic development under the condition of unchanged, in hospitals and specialized technical level unchanged, in the number of personnel and equipment unchanged, there are three of the most important people, most of them may greatly enhance the economic income of medical staff, the quality of life greatly improved, Dean, department director, medical staff themselves are the three key people. In the following pages, we only from the perspective of responsibility and director of the hospital, with the economic mode of thinking, from increasing economic income of doctors and nurses, hospital dean may play a role in. Methods 1 internal system construction to mobilize people's enthusiasm and effective system, the system can maximize the mobilization of people, so as to make the best use of economic resources. Without a good system, no life. The hospital internal management is a series of institutional arrangements, is the hospital internal rules of the game, personal act staff in the pursuit of their own welfare and utility maximization, governing the internal economic order and define the behavior standard, is the hospital medical staff in the process of long-term development of the sum of a series of rules of a game and repeated. In the national policy, regional and economic environment in the same hospital medical staff, and the economic situation of long-term poverty and prosperity can only be attributed to the role of the system. From the micro environment of hospital institutional change, our government and social policy (mandatory), key hospital is the hospital internal institutional change and adjustment, then Dean from the medical professional knowledge to build the hospital internal economic order, in a good system, staff enthusiasm and advanced science technology can only play, service efficiency, economic prosperity, the realization of common prosperity.
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The first chapter is an overview of performance management: the case of hospital performance confusion section an overview of performance management, performance management thought origin two, hospital performance management of definition three, performance of the connotation and influence factors of four, performance management function second day performance management is important one, performance management determines the rational allocation of human resources in two medical and performance management directly determines the work efficiency of medical care personnel three, performance management is directly related to the stability of the society third quarter performance management development history, the ancient Chinese salary system two, the people's Republic of China established in the early three, the beginning of reform and opening up performance management four, under the market economy, performance management, performance management law section fourth and the "people's Republic of China Constitution" regulation two, performance income is the main economy origin of medical staff fifth day Chinese style performance management, the performance management of several commonly used method two, Chinese style performance management chapter second performance management of the external dispute case: competitive medical talent market in Beijing city the first section of performance management of external competitiveness and performance level of external competitiveness Two, the definition of the performance level of external competitive effects of second day performance management external competitive strategy factors, health manpower demand factors two, three medical labor supply and labor market theory supplement four, the medical service market five factors, industry factors section third bonus amount determined, historical performance, model two the current performance appraisal model of section fourth performance levels of external competitive strategy, leading performance two, follow the performance of the three, lagging performance four, mixed performance fifth medical market performance level survey, performance level to investigate the role of the two, the level of performance investigation of the elements and characteristics of three, the performance level of investigation procedure the third chapter personnel training, employment and wage case: first-class hospital how to select talent section of health institutions, post setting and post job category two, post grade three, post structural proportion four, post employment conditions five, professional and technical job title and post grade six, post seven basic conditions, post setting and the appointment of the specific operation eight, post appointment of management and examination Section second technical staff employment advantages, professional technology and pay two, post assessment appointment policy section third skill salary, skill salary pricing two, skills three, skill salary defects of the fourth basic salary management, salary management two, basic wage system three, basic wage definition of modern salary management theory fifth section one, the basic wage proportion two, grade wage structure three, broadband compensation theory in Chapter fourth, the performance management system design case: design, performance evaluation method for design of hospital performance. The first section of the performance management system, performance appraisal method choice points two factors to consider, choose three cultural principle second day hospital performance evaluation index and performance appraisal system, hospital culture essence two, knowledge type staff three, hospital culture and performance management in section third, the index system of performance evaluation process, organization index layers of decomposition, refinement, into the post two, a clear medical personnel responsibilities three, to determine the content and requirements four, determine the performance objectives and assessment five, establish the evaluation index six, Working set minimum standard of seven, performance evaluation index weight distribution, established eight factors that affect the calculation method of section fourth performance appraisal system and the level of team performance, team two, team three, team performance and characteristics of science factors four, team performance appraisal five, team building fifth quarter performance appraisal common misunderstanding misunderstanding 1: performance appraisal needs transparent zone two: everything can be solved three errors by means of performance appraisal: the balanced scorecard is the error evaluation method best performance four: performance appraisal must follow rival myth five: performance appraisal indicators must let everyone misunderstanding six: with the same performance appraisal index errors all clinical departments seven: the expected income and expenditure budget and performance goals associated error eight: performance appraisal can not replace Management Chapter fifth performance evaluation example case: change a hospital performance management mode and the index of the first month bonus performance assessment of hospital performance management two, monthly bonus specific performance management measures second quarterly bonus performance appraisal, general two, with Period than the hospital performance appraisal program bonus of three, third year-end bonus plan than contribution award and other awards, bonus, year-end bonus at the end of the year with two evaluation index and evaluation standard of three, evaluation index weights four, other performance assessment of hospital performance evaluation model of fourth section, Tianjin municipal hospital physician group examination mode two, Peking University three, a hospital in Jiangxi province the existing economic evaluation method four, account setup and processing five, bonus calculation...... The implementation of performance management, the sixth chapter seventh chapter establishes monitoring and feedback information in human resource and performance management of high performance work systems in Chapter eighth, poor, rich @##@ Department Department "The hospital performance management" content is divided into three parts. The first part is based on the book, basic knowledge of performance management are introduced, including the process of the development of performance evaluation and some thought. The second part introduces the unavoidable problems in performance evaluation, including performance appraisal, appraisal index, the national related policy etc.. The third part is the "key" of hospital performance management, performance appraisal methods and models we highlight some key hospital the hospital affiliated to Peking University and our understanding of, and comments on various method among them, hope for your reference. In the last part, is also an important part of performance appraisal, the electronic scheme and the present development situation.
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"The hospital performance management" in accordance with the teaching requirements for the preparation, each chapter is a learning objective, the summary, the classic case and review questions, with two case large. There are for example and analysis of simple introduction to many method of performance management, so that readers and hospital administrators to easily grasp and application in hospital management.
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