American medical light and darkness

Date of publication:2012-1   Press: People's Publishing House   Author:Li Qichong   Pages:204  

A long history of medical errors. From the side effects of the drug to the wrong, wrong operation in site, the true, the typical case, focusing on the bright side America medical one one to prevent medical errors.
and when medical become high consumption, the market mechanism of medical insurance and perfunctory out how a shimmering treacherous: struggling doctor, hospital, in "medicine, or eat" dilemma of the elderly patients, prescription drug advertising hot...... Where the protection of the rights and interests of patients the truth?
book published in Japan, has been reprinted from year to year. Is the so-called Outside the Box, jade, wish everyone good health and a long life, save @##@! Li Qichong, in 1980 graduated from the Kyoto University School of medicine. Worked in Tenri hospital, after the Kyoto University Graduate School of medicine in cancer research. After 1990, engaged in research on bone metabolism in America Massachusetts General Hospital, and associate professor at the Harvard University School of medicine. It is a freelance writer, is famous for its medical, baseball commentary. Now living in American boston. Books include "market mechanism", "stormy, USA medical market mechanism" and "the destruction of medical translation when the doctor to open up the" (Medical College).
Author brief introduction

Excessive expansion of stuffed bitter Harvard Pilgrim Health Insurance Company failures can be said is the failure of the market mechanism example. The company is a non-profit, varieties, aiming to provide quality medical for the low income. However, in the market dominated American medical insurance sector, in order to survive, its business strategy and profitable enterprises are also not much difference between. Specifically, it is the company to increase market share and take expansion strategy failure led to the collapse. Especially in 1992, B. Wilder (BillWeld) governor (Republican) attempt through the market mechanism to inhibit the medical cost greatly relaxed state government restrictions, between the hospital and the insurance company can be freely negotiated between medical service price, insurance company market share competition. The Harvard community Health Insurance Company will expand to Rhode Island and New Hampshire, adjacent. In 1994, the company and the large medical management of insurance companies -- the Health Insurance Company (PilgrimHealthCare, practitioner cooperation mode) after the merger, and has become the largest Health Insurance Company in massachusetts. The company the business strategy is to increase market share, enhance the hospital doctor, negotiation price advantage. Provide a substantial discount prices by forcing doctors, hospitals, Health Insurance Company can big client low premiums to attract enterprises etc.. In the fierce competition, the company underestimated the cost consequences -- finally highlights the huge debt of $180000000. The company originally to the employee management of medical started, but constantly merger, also absorb other forms of medical insurance, business is becoming more and more complicated, financial management and ultimately paralyzed. In January 4, 2000, the company suddenly announced that the direct cause of the failure, is suddenly "found" by 50000000 to $70000000 of debt.......
Catalogue of books

The first chapter system to prevent medical errors.
01 drugs once into the vein
02 to prevent medical errors.
a history of medical errors,
the healer dogmatism.
preventing medical errors to
03 case 1 mistaken chemical event
the accidental death of
sincere response.
a thorough investigation of
the dying the pain?
do the right thing.
04 case 2 an overdose events.
a prescription to prevent medication errors.

drug side effect incidence of high
05 case 3 from "quack" to "public enemy"
唐帕 cutting off the wrong leg event
encounters were mistake
truncate the toes, then the media
mistaken patients, three
the wrong part of media operation
warning system to deal with medical don't trust
Review object
from the fundamental causes analysis and Countermeasures
07 national strategy of
medical errors of incidence of
American Medical Association
USA Academy of medical science will herald the proposal
active report, public information
08 preventing medical errors of one one 科得曼
invention curves make a new start Anesthesia records of
set up the final result hospital
the end result idea fruits
and authority doctrine to fight
09 repeal Tougu heart pain.
Life Medical anecdote President Monroe and architect
second chapter of Medicare to control healthcare costs
01 disease categories quota payment system
inhibition of medical expenses the expansion
cut medical service
the autonomy of doctors
02 peer watchdog
medical monitoring
outpatient operation in
supervisory standards and open information
Medical prosecutor
payment doubts deep-rooted
third chapter management of medical failure
fourth chapter drug market a few anxious
fifth chapter of protection of the rights and interests of patients with
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