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The copyright page illustration: (a): establishment of doctor-patient communication mechanism to strengthen the communication between doctors and patients is a good way to construct harmonious doctor-patient relationship, communication is the respect and trust of the bridge. When the patient for the hospital, hospital sign namely the doctor-patient agreement with the patients, to patients and their family members shall abide by the propaganda of both doctors and patients, the medical process is not satisfied or medical personnel in violation of the provisions of the complaint report way. To fulfill the obligation of informing, in the treatment process, requires medical workers respect patients, listen carefully to the patients complained, place oneself in others'position to understand the feelings of patients, with pain, with the difficulties of patients, eliminate the concerns of patients, application of professional knowledge and technology to relieve pain. With full respect for the right to know and to choose the right, the disease diagnosis, treatment, operation treatment of risk, treatment costs to tell patients or their family members, and implement of informed consent system; implementation of outpatient service, daily hospitalization charge system, improve the transparency of medical service. (two) establish patient dispute prevention mechanism according to the "Regulations on handling medical accidents", according to the proper disposal of medical disputes, the disputes disposal into the legal, standardized track, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of both doctors and patients. Adhering to the principle of prevention first, found in the earliest, disposal in small principles, through the establishment of complaint center, Dean, Dean, receive mail department director, head nurse reception time, work, family members of patients experience held seminars and other forms, smooth channels for complaints, understanding the patient's demands, solve and reasonable requirement of patients have doubts, patients on medical understanding and cooperation.
Catalogue of books

The first part of health policy and hospital management.
1 management staff and hospital management -- to Chang Gung Memorial Hospital for patients with
2 corporate governance structure mode of public hospital governance review and Chinese
3 cost accounting on the basis of the public hospital compensation reform research -- taking a county people's Hospital as an example
4 our hospital performance appraisal research focus and core authors double clustering analysis of
5 public hospitals under the new medical reform of the performance evaluation system -- Based on the theoretical framework of public hospital dean duty
6 our country basic traditional Chinese medicine development SWOT analysis and strategic study of
7 new medical reform should also rewrite what
8 America veterans health service system reform experience and Enlightenment of
9 on our integrated medical service market on the development of the
10 USA medical reform said of an aged person -- from its internal dilemma cut
11 based on the learning community to Chinese drug supply chain analysis based on
12 execution hospital organizational structure change on the
13 of hospital management innovation under the new situation.
14 hospital cost control System construction of
15 public hospital reform and thinking of
16 in the public hospital reform hospital culture construction guidelines
second part medical information system construction and application of
1 contemporary China health communication process of reform a electronic medical report cases of
2.edd queuing theory in patients the degree of application analysis
3 medical information sharing system of the cloud computing model of
4 Activity Based Costing in hospital cost management model of
5 public hospital reform path of government public hospital -- Dimensions and dimensions of
6 based on the information of the community health service medical function evaluation system
7 Insurance index control before and after LC hospitalization cost comparison analysis
8 real-time remote medical monitoring system based on Android
9 alarm and health management system
10 hospital informationization construction problems of
third part of public health and medical security system.
1 Hubei residents health literacy survey analysis
2 a minor medical insurance cost analysis and forecast of
3 sex ratio imbalance and The AIDS epidemic: theoretical and empirical
4 China medical security system security ability calculation analysis
5 Hong Kong Public Health Management Model -- a comparative study of market regulation and government intervention in the balance of
6 in a hospital from 2008 to 2010, the number of inpatients and cost analysis of
7 Chinese public health inequality the structure of
8 of urban residents in China's medical consumption -- Based on two stage model and quantile regression
9 old-age home environment before the emergency rescue service system thoughts
10 disease prevention into the commercial health insurance analysis
Fourth community health and primary health service
1.ncms influencing factors analysis: from a dynamic study of
data from 2005 to 2007 in Beijing City, 2 new rural cooperative medical care nine years bibliometric study "
3 farmers income structure transformation and medical demand elasticity -- Based on the the Yellow River River Basin seven provinces (area) the intervention effect of large sample analysis
4 clinical pharmacists in community diabetes medication compliance in patients of
status of 5 rural doctors in rural health system in the Yellow River basin: investigation and analysis based on
6 elderly hypertensive patients with interpersonal continuity status and influence factors of
7 5 eastern city community health service function of
8 on China's new rural cooperative medical management system several thoughts -- Taking Shandong of Juancheng as an example
fifth part medical safety and quality management, management of clinical pathway.
1 physicians regular examination for medical work promoting effect of
2 Wenzhou community pharmaceutical service upgrade path design of
3 continuous improvement of medical quality in hospital management in the use of
4 based on the government supervision effectiveness of related theory of medical quality supervision mode of
5 to strengthen the management of medical quality to promote the hospital science development of
sixth part of the medical institutions of human resource management, financial management of
1 new medical reform improve the medical service system in 28 provinces and cities some clinicians occupation opinion poll
2 health system of senior management personnel competency research
3 hospital accountant general competency research
seventh other
1 China medical scenario patients patient perceived value indicators and classification -- Based on an empirical exploration of Zhejiang Taizhou Hospital Research on
2 "medical informed consent" legal regulation of the China research -- on "tort liability law" after the enactment of
3 how hospital library play Tai Chi interpretation and management of hospital knowledge management @##@ leading role
4 good medical behavior For the exchange of medical practice experience in the operation and management, sharing the fruits of reform and development, Economic Management Institute of Tsinghua University and Tsinghua University School of medicine, School of economics and management, Tsinghua University jointly sponsored medical management research center and the Tsinghua University public health research. The heart undertakes the International Conference of 2011 "Tsinghua academic medical management". The conference invited the relevant leaders and experts from home and abroad scholars, medical institutions management personnel, around the stateGeneral goal implementation pilot reform of hospital, theoretical and practical problems of management communication and discussion of medical institutions and the mode of operation, mainly covering operating mechanism of medical institutions and the policy theory, operation, operation and management mode of medical institutions, medical information. The book is in the international conference proceedings, books collection in the field of domestic and foreign experts and scholars on top of hospital management and research findings, the collector of the volume, fully embodies the spirit of academic research on both theory and practice, and has very high reference value on the operation strategy of hospital management.
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"2011 Tsinghua medical management of international academic conference" published by the Tsinghua University press.
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