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Edited by Chen Jie and Jimmy Wang in the "hospital management" is divided into nine chapters. The second chapter and the third chapter focuses on the analysis of the impact of the current hospital management of health policy and hospital management environment, including the classified management of medical institutions, the national system for basic drugs, clinical pathway and the medical quality, cost; analysis of the impact of the hospital management policy and environmental factors: medical market rules and competition, the hospital compensation mechanism medical insurance, and other factors. The sixth chapter introduces the prices of medical service, hospital management, hospital brand management etc.. The seventh chapter expounds the construction of medical cooperation and regional health resources integration reform practice, has the instruction significance to the reform of medical institutions. The last chapter is the outline of modern hospital management abroad, to Hongkong, Taiwan, Chinese China Japan, Singapore, the UK and Germany set up medical institutions and business management model is briefly introduced in this paper, has a certain reference value for public hospital reform in foreign countries to China public hospital reform and management.
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The first chapter is an introduction to hospital management.
the first hospital management concept and characteristics of
second day hospital management guiding ideology, objectives and structure of
third day hospital management system
fourth day hospital operation mechanism of
fifth day hospital management decision
sixth day hospital management concept, types and characteristics
second chapter of hospital management and health policy
the first festival of classified management of medical organizations in
second day national essential drug system
third section of urban basic medical insurance system for
fourth section of new rural cooperative medical system in
fifth day clinical path management
third chapter hospital management environment analysis of
the first section the hospital management environment evaluation of
Second Medical and health system reform.
third medical security system reform.
fourth day hospital reimbursement mechanism of
fifth medical market rules and competition
fourth chapter hospital financial and cost accounting in
the first hospital financial
second cost accounting purpose
third day hospital cost accounting < br > The fourth section of hospital management and benefit analysis of
fifth chapter of hospital performance management
the first day of hospital performance management overview of
second day hospital performance management content
third day hospital performance management implementation
fourth sections of hospital performance management evaluation of
sixth chapter medical service integrated management of
the first hospital service integrated management overview of
second day the price of medical services for
third large medical equipment service management of the project.
fourth day hospital process management in
fifth day hospital brand management of
seventh chapter hospital restructuring and regional health resource integration of
the first section provides an overview of
second foreign health care resources integration
third our hospital group in the establishment and development of
Fourth of China's regional health resource integration of
eighth chapter hospital comprehensive evaluation of
the first hospital comprehensive evaluation of
second day hospital comprehensive evaluation of the content of
third day hospital comprehensive evaluation method
fourth day hospital evaluation of the implementation of the
ninth chapter foreign hospital The management of
the first section of the modern hospital management and reform trend of
second section of the Hongkong public hospital management system evolution of
third section of the Taiwan hospital cost control method of
Fourth Japan national medical institutions to the corporate transformation of
fifth Singapore state-owned medical institutions and recombinant
sixth British government to promote public hospital autonomous and competitive
seventh German public hospital reform group
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: 3 hospital group and "economies of scale" and "Matthew effect" in the planned economy model, medical institutions at all levels for their own interests, not classified division of labor, repeated purchase of medical equipment, hospital to do "social", management team is huge phenomenon, which leads to the inefficient use of resources. But the implementation of hospital resource optimization and reorganization, group operation and management of the new form of "economies of scale", when a reasonable expansion of the scale of operation, the capital, technology, talent and market to achieve the best combination, can appear the unit cost decreasing trend, group internal transactions costs lower than market transaction costs, internal operation efficiency of the group is higher than the external operation efficiency etc.. In addition, to large medical institutions as the core, the reorganization to develop hospital group can also produce the "Matthew effect" (proposed by the famous sociologist Merton's theory), namely, resource advantage is enhanced and the amplification effect, which make the beneficiaries can accumulate advantage, resulting in talent concentrated. This advantage will also participate in the medical institutions of the scale of competition, that is more is the formation of medical institutions scale, is more easily to obtain social recognition, so small and medium-sized hospital is willing to work with the advantages of hospital restructuring, through economies of scale and the Ma Tai effect to the rapid growth of their own. But one must pay attention to the pursuit of economies of scale, based on the benefits of intra group transactions is the establishment and operation mechanism, in other words, is to establish a real group management system as soon as possible in the hospital after the reorganization. The 4 hospital group and "activating shock fish" theory of domestic household electrical appliance enterprises Haier group founded the famous "eat fish shock" theory, it will be some hardwareConditions are good, but there are ideas, management method of enterprise called "shock fish". The recombinant goal does not lie in the merged enterprise existing hard assets, but in power, efficiency and the market potential. This restructuring can make the core enterprise fast to achieve low-cost expansion. Asset is the link stability this reorganization of the contact, in the member units of "blood transfusion" at the same time, cultivate hematopoietic capability is critical for long-term strategic development. In the area of health, some medical institutions can also be called "shock fish", to the original municipal hospital and Luwan District Central Hospital of Shanghai Ruijin Hospital group as the example, the two hospitals in the restructured before they are in to build a new ward or outpatient building, invested by regional government departments in the construction fund of up to 100 million yuan, but due to regional population flow and emigration, internal mismanagement and other reasons, the volume of business the two hospitals decreased significantly, economic benefits glides down year by year, or even a loss. Municipal hospital outpatient amount all day only 70 people, is not a big hospital clinic doctors see more. After the reorganization, the Group Institute sent to streamline the management team, the two hospitals was achieved profitability, and founded the discipline characteristics, once again become the focus of the development projects within the region. Practice shows that, in the health field "shock fish" can use the same resource reorganization means to activate.
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