• Research on Institutional Economics Chinese medicine regulation

    Study of the contents of the book consists of eight chapters. The first chapter is the introduction, put forward to study the issue, relevant literature review, logical thinking and research methods, and puts forward the possible contribution and innovation. The second chapter is the cause of formation of government regulation. From the theory of asymmetric information, externality theory, market power and the public,

  • The standardized training of resident physicians

    By summarizing the experience of our resident standardization training for more than ten years. In 1999, we published the "Beijing Medical University the standardized training of residents" a book. After the book was published on our resident standardization training has a significant role in promoting. Many provinces, city, autonomous region health department (Bureau),

  • Health science of leadership.

    Health leadership science course, "national higher school textbooks: Health Leadership Science Course (for health management professional)" is divided into 13 chapters, the main contents include health leadership with an overview of theory, health leadership principles and functions, health leadership system, health leadership quality, health leadership style, leadership, health health leadership and health,

  • Oral clinic opened regulations

    Each dental clinic and each oral physicians should comply with national business registration and government management laws. Conscientiously study and implement the relevant laws and regulations, to regulate the dental clinic of oral medical work. Dental clinic to take the patient as the center, do the price charged, disease diagnosis and treatment of the public, improve,

  • Insight into the mental patient

    This is a "calm insight into patient psychology, communication with patients". In view of the present situation of all kinds of medical dispute at all levels high, the author from the "patient" connotation and denotation about, the emergency door, the psychological needs of patients, the different age, different stage and different,

  • The hospital management.

    This book is a combination of theory and practice of hospital management combined abstracts. The book consists of hospital management, hospital management practice, hospital management regulations, cultural management of the hospital, hospital management science and appendix six parts. It is a blend of at all times and in all countries about the hospital management and the human culture and ethics,

  • Communication and solve the conflict between doctor and patient

    The doctor-patient relationship is the medical staff as a party, patients and family members for the party, the interpersonal relationship formed in the medical activities in the process of. The interpersonal relationship harmony, harmony is the medical treatment condition of medical personnel to carry out smoothly, to safeguard and promote the rehabilitation of patients premise or basis. Therefore, the doctor-patient relationship is medical ethics etc.,

  • The sustainable development of hospital

    The book according to the actual hospital survival and development of our country, put forward the sustainable development of Hospital of the eight basic principles: the common faith, concentration, velocity, customer oriented, continuous innovation, excellent leadership, improve the performance of knowledge workers, the interests of harmony. The book consists of 10 chapters, the first chapter is an introduction, second, the nine chapter eight,

  • Construction and management of modern hospital operation Department

    "Construction and management" of modern hospital operation Department introduced clean design specification, modern operation Department in hospital layout, air conditioning, equipment installation, automatic control, image acquisition and transmission operation as well as the equipment. ,

  • Policy and mode

    Policies and modes: centralized bidding and purchasing policy review, drug ISBN:9787501710973, author: Li Xianfa,

  • The whole medical management of modern hospital

    "The whole medical management" of modern hospital is discussed on the whole medical management of modern hospital, including the basic theory, the whole medical basic characteristics, organization structure and mode of operation, the whole medical management idea renewal, medical care, preventive health care, psychological, interpersonal communication, culture and community health service. ,

  • Hospital occupation exposure and protection

    "The hospital occupation exposure and protection" systematically introduces the harm and preventive measures of hospital staff in medical operations, medical diagnosis and medical activities in the exposure to infectious diseases, various injury factors and medical rubbish etc.. This paper discusses the hazards of contact or may be exposed to all kinds of hospital staff in person,

  • Clinical medical laws and regulations and Practice

    In order to adapt to the teaching reform of medical colleges, medical laws and regulations continue to improve teaching content, author of the recently promulgated by the State concerning the medical aspects of laws and regulations, procedures, standards, system, such as: the management of medical institutions, medical practitioners, nurses, management of medical accident treatment and prevention, drug,

  • Hospital air conditioning design manual

    "Hospital air conditioning design manual" is American heating, refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers on the latest edition, provides a comprehensive consulting for the heating, the hospital and the diagnosis of ventilation and air conditioning system design and construction, is the first book devoted to infection control in hospital monograph. "Hospital air conditioning design manual" for the high,

  • Accidents and occupation disease harm heavy casualties

    In recent years, China's rapid economic development, all kinds of accident casualties are high, heavy casualties and occupation disease harm accidents occur frequently, has brought the adverse effect on social stability and economic sustainable development. The accident was happened, do not want to see people don't want to, but have to accept the pain,

  • A practical guide to solve difficult problems in medical disputes adults - mass

    This book is a practical problem solving medical disputes legal knowledge Handbook, here are the answers to common questions of law, selected difficult detailed case, relevant documents and templates, practical information, relevant laws and regulations, judicial interpretation...... So you can understand the issues related to medical disputes, correctly handling medical disputes. ,

  • To improve the health service performance

    Policy and action, Meng Qingyue, Hou Zhiyuan, Yuan Shasha, Wang Haipeng, Song Kuimeng et al. "To improve the health service performance: policies and actions," a book, use a large number of domestic and international practice and research results, the most concern is to improve performance on the health service system, from accessibility, the improvement of health service quality and control medical. Health service,

  • The utility of operation room nursing

    "Practical" covers the operation room operation room nursing organization management, technology, system of sterilization, aseptic operation room - central supply room integrated management, the specialized knowledge and the electric surgical operation nursing etc.. The book introduced the nursing cooperation of hundreds of kinds of operation, nearly pictures, embody the new concept, new theory, technology,

  • The modern hospital management strategy

    The hospital one to one marketing is in recent years a new international hospital management philosophy, book to explain profound theories in simple language introduction. The main contents include the determination of hospital customer relationship, medical market survey, hospital and health needs of customer loyalty, hospital stay of one to one marketing financial management and evaluation,,

  • Health services research

    This book discusses the population health need, demand, service utilization and health resources concept. Analysis of the relationship between the health services research, quantitative, qualitative methods, and the application of these principles and methods to provide a scientific basis for the implementation and evaluation of health plans. By learning the health services research, improve health,

  • The hospital quality management manual

    2005 is the year of hospital quality management, improve the hospital quality improvement depends on the management system. The book tells of how hospitals through the establishment of ISO 9000 quality management system makes the management standardized, scientific hospital. The book is divided into three parts, the first part is about the ISO 9,

  • Chinese medical science and technology literature statistics report

    This book is the Chinese science and technology literature thousand medical statistics report,

  • Medical malpractice and medical disputes handling.

    Whether law enforcement officers, or both parties parties, are in dispute at. Is to prosecute or not to prosecute? When Sue? Whether for identification? How to quote? If reconciliation? Support hospital or support the patient's point of view? One careless move may lose the whole game. The book according to the related problems,,

  • Hospital service marketing and service management

    Book in absorbing international advanced hospital management theory, combined with the actual situation of Chinese hospital, analyzes and summarizes the characteristics of China's medical service, puts forward Chinese characteristics of the hospital service marketing and service management theory. Based on extensive research, depth interview, construction of the hospital service marketing unique,

  • The case hospital American national quality award management excellence

    America Malcolm Bauderich national quality award is one of the most influential quality awards in the world. Baude Rich national quality award winners represent the best USA organization, they are in a leading position in the industry. Two cases of this book provides detailed description of Xining City, two of the most outstanding USA medical organization by not,

  • Classified security protection of medical and health industry information

    The book on the level of information security evaluation preparation, evaluation, safety rectification, review work, supervision and inspection of key links such as the work tasks and requirements in detail. ,

  • Modern hospital president leadership

    The special theory book from the dean's point of view to study, understand and grasp his post, systematic theory and research from era background, post challenge, theoretical basis, connotation, extension, special rules etc.. Has certain practicability, system, innovation. This book systematically describes the hospital,

  • Internet medical information retrieval Guide

    Internet medical information retrieval guide, to meet the urgent needs of the readers, we specially invited experts to write or from several well-known foreign press finish to several authoritative books, collect Internet information retrieval and application of book series. First: "Internet universal search engine guidelines", "I,

  • Hospital management theory

    With the deepening reform of the medical and health system and the competition of medical service market is becoming increasingly fierce, the construction and development of hospital is facing severe challenges, the new situation, the new case, new issue, new problems has been placed in front of the hospital and hospital managers, stick will lead to fall, followed the final cause failure,

  • The economic evaluation methods and parameters of construction projects of public health

    "Economic evaluation methods and parameters" public health construction projects by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development standard and norm department, Ministry of health, the Secretary for planning and finance organization of the Ministry of housing and Urban Research Institute of standards and norms and other units and experts to write. "Economic evaluation methods and parameters of construction projects" public health respectively on the project property,

  • Medical staff service skills

    To strengthen the medical personnel service skills training, has become the medical community and hospital managers consensus. However, due to the lag of the service and management of medical institutions, there is not a book about the medical staff services skills books at home. In view of this, the author put many years of research on medical service management experience of finishing,

  • The financial management of the hospital

    This book will be a practical theory and method of management and hospital financial management of enterprise combination, expounds systematically the hospital financial management knowledge and skills. The book is divided into eleven chapters, summarized the basic content of the financial management of the hospital and its concept, theory and methods of hospital investment, financing, current assets, fixed assets and,

  • Hospital management consulting practice

    The book not only has theoretical viewpoints forefront, and fusion with the experience of actual combat experience in hospital management consulting famous combat hospital management experts Zhang Ying and Yu Jianer, is a theory and practice of hospital management consulting practice guidance. Both the hospital management consulting books in the interpretation of the concept and operation process,,

  • The president of township hospital training manual

    "Introduction to the president of township hospital training manual" content: in order to further improve the township hospital dean of professional skills and management ability, according to the rural health personnel of rural health management Si Yinfa health department "training syllabus guidelines" requirements, the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association Institute of public health education, occupation education group,

  • Study on the reform and development of new rural cooperative medical

    Based on the perspective of balancing urban and rural development, "the new reform of rural cooperative medical care and development research -- Based on the perspective of" urban and rural urban and rural perspective, attention to reform and development of the new rural cooperative medical system. Firstly the related theory of urban and rural medical security system has combed. Secondly, the institutional change of the new rural cooperative medical system and the existing policies,

  • Hospital management

    "Hospital management" at the time of writing focus on the following aspects: one is the integrity of the content, that is to maintain the hospital management discipline system is complete, covers the main contents of hospital management application. Two is a science, hospital management was born in management science, is the related disciplines of management in hospital management,

  • Beijing medical guide

    There are millions of patients every year in Beijing City, in the face of various types of hospitals, in the face of the city of Beijing change rapidly changes, the patient how to choose the hospital and expert, how to enter Beijing detours, as soon as possible to find a hospital, become a field, or even a big puzzle diseases in Beijing city people hospital. For the convenience of Beijing,

  • The theory of comprehensive budget management in modern hospital. Practice. Case

    Theory and practice and case, along with the deepening of the new medical reform, the hospital management reform has ushered in a new era of all-round development. This book is based on 2010 the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Health issued the "hospital financial system" (Property Agency [2010] No. 306) and "hospital accounting system" (financial [2010]27) prepared, especially,

  • Diagnosis and prescription

    Pulse: Chinese medical system dilemma -- expensive: the extraordinary growth of medical expenses. Difficulty: medical service There are complaints all around. China revealed: the new health care reform way -- to "market" management to construct a new function of the government and not give up the market, walk along the planned economy,

  • Technical basis of medical waste incineration

    This book introduces a new medical waste incineration technology -- integrated medical waste incineration technology, based on theoretical study and experimental results, the technology is introduced. The book has 7 chapters, the main contents include: the dynamics in the process of medical waste incineration of medical waste incineration, rapid test, medical waste,

  • Management and practice of modern medical laboratory

    This book integrates the international laboratory accreditation system and specification, summarizes the domestic outstanding laboratory management experience, discusses in detail the concept of medical laboratory, human resources, quality, the interior and security and computer network management, director of laboratory department management work of art, the development of dynamic inspection department, and the medical laboratory manual,

  • Dental hospital process management

    This is a book for the use of management personnel dental hospital concise management tool, the flow chart of various forms of (or table) form, intuitively, systematically express control management process. Book design two methods, helping readers to discover the management process of their concern, one is to find from the directory,,

  • A practical guide to the management of hospital infection

    At present, the management of hospital infection has been the administrative department of public health and medical personnel's attention. In hospital appraisal standards, has asked all the nosocomial infection management mechanism according to the policy, strategy and the related technology compiled into guide (manual), standard to carry on the management of hospital infection guidance. ,

  • The hospital quality management files

    2005 is the year of hospital quality management, improve the hospital quality improvement depends on the management system. The book tells of how hospitals through the establishment of ISO 9000 quality management system makes the management standardized, scientific hospital. The content of this book by file partition, not only to write ISO 90,

  • Oral hospital clinic management introduction

    The book is characterized by the large amount of knowledge, involves the management level, has the property of guide to getting started. The oral cavity field operators, managers, researchers, and dental professionals, college students, graduate students have reference value, can widen our scope of knowledge, improve their knowledge structure, in the current oral college,

  • Cultural management of modern hospital

    While some have be like hunger and thirst to hospital strategic vision to explore hospital culture management moment, "cultural management" of modern hospital time out. The author used the book as the carrier, with lively style, good thinking, vivid literary style, the new ideas, new strategies, both at home and abroad, the development of hospital culture management,

  • Dental clinic space design

    Space design of dental clinic good not only represents the latest trend, but also reflect the owner's habits, hobbies, interests and tastes and personality. The book is divided into oral clinic aesthetic principles, construction did not design, functional design, path planning, oral medical unit design, X-ray room design, sterilization room design, space design,

  • Health management

    "The twenty-first Century higher education focus on building materials, health management" according to the latest health management theory and practice of health reform and development in China, not only to draw attention to the theory of foreign advanced health management fit for the situation of our country, and summarize the health management in China generally experience and rules, to our country in socialist china,

  • Modernization of hospital.

    Modernization of hospital introduction, ISBN:9787117053488, author: Tang Weixin, Yi Lihua editor,

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