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Date of publication:2012-9   Press: Chinese medical science and Technology Press   Author:Xin Xiangui, Li Yijie.   Pages:254   Words:338000  

Xin Xiangui, Li Yijie editor of clinical nutrition "(Second Edition)" is the national pharmaceutical higher vocational teaching planning, in accordance with the Ministry of education development plan and other related documents, combined with the Ministry of health related qualification test, according to the basic requirements of clinical nutrition "" writing syllabus and course characteristics and.
divided into three chapters, the sixteen chapter, respectively introduces basic nutrition, introduction of clinical nutrition and clinical nutrition treatment and other related knowledge.
"clinical nutrition (Second Edition)" in the "theory of proper enough, technical application ability to highlight" principle, pay attention to the cultivation of comprehensive vocational ability of medical vocational students, suitable for medical and health vocational education and training, correspondence and self-study exam, the same level of different use school form of teaching, but also can be used as pharmaceutical industry training and white school.
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The first basic nutrition
the first chapter of nutrients and energy
second chapter of dietary and nutritional
third chapter, nutrition and health
Second Clinical Nutrition
fourth chapter nutritional assessment and nutritional therapy in
fifth chapter hospital dietary type
sixth chapter clinical nutrition support
seventh chapter drug and diet
eighth chapter diet taboo and medicated
Third Clinical Nutrition in the treatment of
ninth chapter cardiovascular nutrition in the treatment of
Chapter tenth digestive system diseases nutrition in the treatment of BR / > eleventh < urinary system disease nutrition in the treatment of
twelfth chapter endocrine disease nutrition in the treatment of
thirteenth chapter blood and hematopoietic diseases the nutrition in the treatment of
fourteenth chapter nutrition and metabolic diseases.
fifteenth chapter infectious diseases of nutrition in the treatment of
sixteenth chapter of surgical diseases of nutrition in the treatment of
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: (3) preserved fruit cake class this kind of medicated with grain or fruit as main material, proper selection of Chinese medicine, to develop into a fine powder or fried get medicine juice, add sugar, honey and mix well, according to the method of making cake, preserved fruit, processed. As table use, or dessert snacks can also be. This kind of medicine to save, is convenient for taking. Such as in white cream, Trichosanthes Anemarrhena cake etc.. (4) drinks this kind of medicated with medicine and food consistency, made into a liquid or semi liquid beverage, drinking more wine. Food raw material, available fresh juice, can also be used dry goods, soaking, decocting, distilled juice, then combined with traditional Chinese medicine produced. There is wine, tea and medicine syrup, fruit and vegetable juice and concentrated liquid type, which is the most widely used in wine. Liquor such as wine health, herbal tea such as chrysanthemum Zhebei tea, medicine such as Yinqiao licorice dew dew, fruit and vegetable juice such as fresh lotus leaf juice, concentrated liquid such as hawthorn malt extract etc.. (5) other than the commonly used medicinal species, there are a number of other species, such as rice flour food, made of Poria buns, yam, rice pudding and so on; canned food, canned longan porridge Cordyceps ducks; dry powder sesame walnut paste etc.. (three) application of the principle of medicated Chinese medicated diet with performance and efficacy of the drug, the general must have a clear indication to the application, which is consistent with the drug treatment. Therefore, different from the general application of medicated diet, must follow certain principles. To sum up, the following principles. 1 the balance of yin and Yang in the normal state is in equilibrium, the so-called "Yin Pingyang secret". Once the change in excess or partial failure, imbalance, become pathological conditions, showed different degrees of disease and syndrome. Such as the Yin Yang Sheng, Sheng Zeyang ring, yin deficiency, deficiency of Yang, Yang deficiency, Yin Sheng, respectively for the performance of cold and heat syndromes. From the characteristics of various diseases, and reflect the basic characteristics of yin and Yang, can correctly judge don't cold and heat, also be able to distinguish between yin and Yang in the corresponding degree. Therefore, the coordination of yin and Yang is the important principle of the catering facilities. 2 adjusting viscera syndrome clinical, the viscera function disorder is the main mechanism for the various dirty or virtual or real, or the virtual and real, or the actual situation and see. The relationship between the five viscera allelopathy of physiological, pathological changes and influence each other, the viscera function adjustment, is the elimination of pathological state, restore the physiological function of human body. This treatment may be a dirty or complement or diarrhea, may also be conditioned on several related viscera. Medicinal diet according to TCM theory, adjusting the internal organs to restore its normal physiological function. 3 rousing in medicine, "the righteous memory, do not be evil", "put together by the evil, the gas will be empty", so the occurrence of the disease, because the disease evil invasion, damage upright, disrupting the viscera Yin and Yang Qi of the human body, the fundamental goal of treatment is to eliminate the evil, upright support, to to evil is overcome, recovery. The diseases associated with false and evil crime, catering facilities must know is empty, or evil Sheng, is sick or evil, evil invading. The basic principle is that evil Sheng Quxie, evil to is complex, is the centralizer is complex, but is evil.
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"The national pharmaceutical higher vocational teaching planning: clinical nutrition (for nursing and medical professional) (Second Edition)" edited by Xin Xiangui and Li Yijie, is divided into three parts and sixteen chapters, including introduction to basic nutrition, nutrition in the treatment of clinical nutrition and clinical disease. This textbook has long been engaged in the higher vocational nursing specialty "clinical nutrition" teaching teachers to write, has a strong targeted. For vocational nursing education and nursing staff and clinical nutrition workers continue to education. At the same time, the patients and their family members or community is still a valuable reference.
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