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"Psychological nursing Xu Chuangeng, bin Ying first editor of Science (Second Edition)" is the national pharmaceutical higher vocational teaching planning, in accordance with the Ministry of education development plan and other related documents, combined with the Ministry of health related qualification test, according to the "writing requirements of teaching outline and psychological nursing" course characteristics and.
the book is divided into three modules, respectively is the basic knowledge of psychology, mental health and maintenance and mental care skills. "Psychological nursing (Second Edition)" in the "theory of proper enough. Technical application ability to highlight" principle, pay attention to the cultivation of comprehensive vocational ability of medical vocational students, suitable for medical and health vocational education and training, correspondence, self-study exam, the same level of different forms of school teaching, but also can be used as pharmaceutical industry training and self-study book.
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Module a basic knowledge of psychology
the first chapter
second chapter psychological process
third chapter personality
fourth chapter the basic theory of psychology
module two mental health and maintenance of
fifth chapter psychological development.
sixth chapters of frustration and psychological defense mechanism of
seventh chapter abnormal psychology and bad behavior of
eighth chapter stress and psychosomatic diseases.
ninth chapter mental health
module three psychological nursing basic skills of
tenth chapter psychological assessment
twelfth chapter chapter psychological counseling psychological treatment
thirteenth chapter psychological nursing
Appendix 1 psychology experiment
Appendix 2 common clinical scale
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: 3 the service principle of psychological nursing tenet is to service for patients. Nursing staff in the influence of "highly responsible and caring" this professional spirit, to provide comprehensive services for patients, their enthusiastic attitude, rigorous style and exquisite technology, for patients to psychological comfort and support role. 4 the active principle of psychological nursing was done in the communication process of the implementation of psychological nursing and patients in. The nursing staff and patients to establish a good interpersonal relationship is conducive to the nursing work smoothly, has a very important significance for the maintenance of the nursing staff and patients with mental health. In the communication of nursing staff and patients, in order to win the goodwill, establish good relationship with the patient, it must be in the initiative, do contact starter. The 5 enlightenment principle in the process give patients psychological nursing, nursing staff as the dominant party, must take the initiative to use the scientific theory and popular language and flexible method to carry out publicity and education of patients, to the patient to enlighten, eliminate the patient of disease of wrong ideas, wrong understanding and negative emotions, so that patients to treat the disease and treatment attitude from passive into active. 6 the principle of psychological nursing has no unified model. Nursing staff should understand and analyze each patient's psychological needs, grasp their psychological state may appear different patterns in the different stages of the disease, according to the specific circumstances of patients to take targeted measures. In order to make the psychological nursing targeted nursing staff and patients in the communication process, method to the conscious use of psychological assessment, continuous observation, conversation, can use psychological test means when necessary, timely grasp of the patient's condition and mental state. 7 the principle of equality in the process of psychological nursing, nursing staff to patients should be equally, equal treatment of both sides to maintain equal relationship. Whether the patient in the hospital before the social role, from which the industry, only the difference in social division of labor, no distinction or distinction. Nursing staff should respect each and every patient's personality, so amiable and approachable, never scolded patients, patients with sarcasm, but not to claim benefits patients. Self nursing of 8 self nursing principle is a nursing theory proposed American nursing experts in 1971, is a for their own survival, health and comfort of self practice, including the maintenance of health, self diagnosis, self medication, self treatment, prevention of diseases and actively participate in health care. It requires nurses should help patients to reduce pain and recovery should also mobilize the initiative of patients, inspiration, guidance and help patients as far as possible to self care. Good self-care is the performance of mental health. Patients in the help guide the nursing personnel, to participate in the activities of their own care and treatment with equal status, helps to maintain the patient's self-esteem, self-confidence, but also can satisfy the psychological needs of patients, and create favorable conditions to overcome the disease. Clinical studies have shown that patients who can adhere to the self nursing, nursing staff than passive and dependent patients recover faster.
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"The national pharmaceutical higher vocational teaching planning: Psychological Nursing (for nursing and medical professional) (Second Edition)" in the higher vocational nursing teaching plan and syllabus of "psychological nursing" as the basis, the revised version in 2009 first edition, for the whole country in higher vocational nursing and related professional students, but also as a psychological consultant clinical nursing staff, training and reference materials. The book is divided into three modules, respectively is the basic knowledge of psychology, mental health and maintenance and mental care skills.
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