Medical genetics and eugenics

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ThisTextbooks follow the "employment oriented, ability based, to develop the skills as the core" concept of writing, according to the actual teaching content, topic setting genetic disease common in medical genetics and eugenics, genetic and molecular basis and cytology basis, Dan Jiyin inherited and single gene diseases, multiple genes and multiple gene disease, chromosome aberration and chromosomal disease, eugenics, genetic counseling, clinical and birth defects eight. In the introduction to the theoretical knowledge, introduces a number of typical cases; at the same time, in the study, with the knowledge of the link "and" experience "and" simulated counseling clinic "," problems "and other columns, so that teachers and students of the situation simulated teaching. The prominent characteristics of the combination of theory and practice combination, teaching and post training. Book for the national vocational midwifery, nursing, family planning medical students to use, can be engaged in maternal and child health care and family planning work of reference.
Catalogue of books

Special entered the medical genetics and eugenics.
a medical genetics.
A, medical genetics and its research scope.
two, medical genetics research status of
three, genetic disease and type
A, eugenics eugenics overview of the concept of
two, eugenics's formation and development and the scope of the study
three, our genetic diseases and birth defects of the present situation and harmfulness of
four, China's current eugenic measures
knowledge link
knowledge link

experience of
project two genetic molecular basis and the cellular basis of
a genetic structure and function
A, DNA structure and function of
two, RNA structure and function of
the contents of two human chromosome
A, human chromosome morphology structure and types of
three human chromosome identification, chromatin
three gene
A, the concept of gene and species
two, eukaryotic gene structure of
three, gene function, gene mutation of
the contents of four cell proliferation.
A, cell proliferation is the main way -- with silk Split
two, germ cells proliferation, meiosis
three, gametophyte sex determining
the contents of five cell differentiation.
A, cell differentiation and developmental potential changes in
two, cloning and nuclear transplantation of
knowledge link
knowledge link
activity experience
project three single gene and a single gene disease.
a basic law of heredity.
A, separation of law and its application
two, free combination law and its application
three, chain exchange law and its application
the contents of two single gene genetic form
A, autosomal dominant disease
two, autosomal recessive disease.
three, X - linked recessive disease
four, X linkage dominant genetic disease
five, Y linked genetic disease
three effect of single gene disease analysis of several factors of < br / > A, genetic heterogeneity of
three pleiotropic effects of genes and genetic anticipation
five, the genetic imprint from genetic and sex
phenocopy knowledge link
knowledge link
simulation of single gene disease counseling clinic
four topics of multiple genes and polygenic disease.
a polygenic
A, qualitative traits and quantitative traits
three gene hypothesis and genetic characteristics of
the contents of two multi gene disease.
A, susceptibility, the onset threshold and heritability of
two, multi gene genetic characteristics of
three, multi gene disease recurrence risk assessment
knowledge link
knowledge link
activity experience

five topics on chromosome aberration and chromosomal diseases.
A, chromosome aberration of chromosome number aberration of chromosome two,
structural distortion of
two chromosomal diseases.
A, autosomal disease
two, sex chromosomal disease
hermaphroditism knowledge link
knowledge link
simulation chromosome disease counseling clinic
six topics eugenics based
content influence eugenic non genetic factors.
A, environment the influence factors on prenatal
two, maternal nutrition and eugenics.
three, maternal illness to fetal influence
four, the psychological factors of pregnant women of fetal effects of
five, drug use in pregnancy on the fetus. Ring
six, pregnant women, bad habits to fetal influence
two prenatal care and prenatal prenatal diagnosis of
A, prenatal diagnosis object
two, prenatal diagnosis of specimen collection technology of
three, prenatal diagnostic checking method for the
knowledge link
knowledge link
Project seven genetic consulting
the contents of a genetic consulting overview of
A, genetic counseling object and content of
two, eugenics counseling object and content of
three, genetic counseling of
four, genetic consulting process
two Bayes theorem in genetic disease in the application of risk assessment,
a couple of genotype cannot accurately off timing of recurrence risk assessment
two, the couple's genotype can not accurately off timing of recurrence risk assessment
content three genetic consulting paradigm
simulation genetic counseling in clinical
eight common genetic disorders and birth defects.
a hereditary disease, cardiovascular system.
two, the nerve and muscle system of hereditary diseases of respiratory system.
four genetic diseases, Genetic diseases of blood system
five, endocrine system of hereditary diseases of urinary system.
seven genetic diseases, eyes, ears, oral hereditary diseases of skeletal system.
nine genetic diseases, skin and connective tissue.
ten genetic disorders and birth defect.
Chapter excerpt

The copyright page: illustration: (2) increased risk of inbreeding children in daily life, because of inbreeding cause children the incidence of many examples. The world famous biologist Darwin founded the theory of natural selection, the evolution of species, and he and his cousin Emma mating. Their marriage is the birth of the 6 male 4 female 10 children, the eldest daughter, four daughters smart lovely, but died of illness; two daughter and two sons lifelong infertility; three daughter also because of poor health life unmarried; other 4 sons have also long illness. Children's misfortune makes Darwin couple life anxiety. American geneticist Morgan and cousin Marie had known. Morgan for research on the mating habits of Indians get too close blood affect child health, always dare not and cousin marriage, until 33 years old can not escape love attraction and consanguineous marriage. After marriage gave birth to 3 children, two daughters son died because of genetic diseases, mental retardation. Morgan for this very sad, deep regret their own "". Medical genetics is usually 3 ~ 4 generations have a common ancestor of individual called Kin Kin between individual mating called incest. Harm of incest is mainly children suffering from genetic disease risk than non consanguineous marriage, which is due to close between individuals because of inheritance, may get the same gene from a common ancestor, so when one of them are carriers of a disease gene, another may well also for carriers, their marriage family when the same two recessive gene meet produces children opportunities than the inevitable random mating high. So the consanguineous marriage is not "family", but "disease and illness".
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"Results of teaching material construction project of the national key vocational colleges: Medical Genetics and eugenics" for the national vocational midwifery, nursing, family planning medical students to use, can be engaged in maternal and child health care and family planning work of reference.
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