The nurse occupation etiquette

Date of publication:2010-9   Press: Zhejiang University press   Author:Zhuge Huixiang editor   Pages:121   Words:206000  

Etiquette is an important symbol of national spiritual civilization, is the direct embodiment of personal education, is an important factor of internal culture external performance, is the standard answer the beauty of form, is an important skill for mutual communication between people. With the development of human's material civilization and spiritual civilization, people 's demand level is continuously improving, people from all walks of life are the occupation accomplishment and etiquette of the higher requirements, the nurse is a professional technical service personnel, in addition to have solid theoretical foundation, superb technology, also should have the good occupation morality and culture cultivation. Only to learn nursing etiquette norms of behavior, occupation, and to better the quality of service for different levels, different cultural patients. Modern medical research shows that, the hospital environment and medical staff etiquette training, not only affects the overall image of the hospital, also affect the rehabilitation of patients with the disease. Good occupation quality of etiquette can make the nurses in nursing practice, full of self-confidence, self-esteem, sense of responsibility; beautiful appearance, good attitude, a kind of language, elegant manners, so that patients can balance and stability in the psychology, harmonious nurse patient relationship, effectively eliminate the patients because of anxiety and tension unfamiliar environment brings. Therefore, nurses should be familiar with the occupation etiquette knowledge, pay attention to their own etiquette training, to adapt to the modern medicine and the demand of social progress. At present, the textbook college nursing students occupation etiquette education in higher vocational education is lacking, this textbook is to adapt to the change of medical mode, satisfy people's growing health services needs to compile, specifically for nursing professionals especially in higher vocational nursing students write etiquette teaching material, also can be used as a clinical nursing staff quality education and training of reference books. This book is the "combination" type of good textbooks, the occupation post demand oriented choice of knowledge points, to "learn to use", "ability oriented", "enough" for the principle, reflect the characteristics of higher vocational nursing education, teaching contents reflect the advanced nature, clinical care is universal, practical sex, in order to lay a solid foundation of nursing occupation and education for sustainable development. The book is characterized by: the _, from higher vocational students' actual situation, choose the position of knowledge; second, integration of theory with practice, to highlight the practical, can use, enough; third, focus on the cultivation of students' ability, strong interoperability, reflects the "combination" characteristics. The book consists of nine projects, comprehensively, systematically introduces the nurses should master the etiquette and the humanities accomplishment. The key content of teaching is the nurse etiquette and culture, the nurse grooming etiquette, nurses attitude of nurses etiquette, dress etiquette, communication etiquette of nurses, clinical nursing etiquette, the public expression of etiquette, has the theory is elaborated, and the actual operational requirements.

Etiquette books from two aspects of theory and practice of the nurses should abide by and should pay attention to the etiquette culture. Its content is divided into nine projects, describe the project 1 nurse occupation etiquette course, expounds the necessity of nurses to learn etiquette, introduces the characteristics of the teaching material and how to teach and learn the teaching method. Project 2 and project 5, illustrates the nurse training, grooming, posture, dress etiquette and how to develop. Project 6 introduced the reception guests medical etiquette and reception religious people medical etiquette. Project 7 nurse communication etiquette, focuses on the nurse in clinical nursing to patients and their families and colleagues, to communicate, to handle the nurse patient relationship, medical, nursing. Clinical application of project 8 nurses etiquette, the nurse etiquette to summarizes the clinical nursing work process. Project 9 nurses etiquette public expression, respectively introduces the nurse etiquette etiquette for expression, in the clinical nursing care (including health education, shift, nursing round) and job etiquette, to help nurses to obtain the corresponding occupation jobs and better routine clinical nursing work.
in textbook writing process, in addition to pay attention to the etiquette knowledge into clinical nursing work and proper, also permeated the nurses' knowledge about the ideological and political education, psychological nursing, nurses ethics and aesthetics. Improve the etiquette literacy of nurses, improve the image of angel, enhance nursing level learning is to nurse occupation etiquette.
Catalogue of books

Project 1 nurse occupation etiquette described
project 2 nurses etiquette and culture
project 3 nurses grooming etiquette
Project 4 nurses attitude etiquette
project 5 nurse dress etiquette
project 6 nurses the etiquette concerning foreign affairs
project 7 nurse communication etiquette
Task 1 communication etiquette overview of
Task 2 nurse patient communication etiquette
Task 3 nurses medical interpersonal communication protocol
Project 8 nurses etiquette in clinical application of
project 9 nurses etiquette public expression of
Task 1 competition speech etiquette
Task 2 clinical nursing in the expression of
Task 3 candidates etiquette etiquette
Appendix 1 nurses regulation
Appendix 2 of nurses in Zhejiang province service etiquette
Chapter excerpt

Clothing occupies an important position in the personal image. The great English writer Shakespeare once said: "a man dressed, is his upbringing, grade, the status of the most real portrayal." Clothing is a kind of culture, dress is an art, and the transmission out one culture level and aesthetic taste, reflect a person's attitude to life. If a person can get dress with their own temperament, personality, identity, age, occupation etc. together, exquisite environment and time, will be able to achieve true harmony and beauty. The instrument is to meet with the patient for the first time to the patients with the first impression is very important. The instrument can give patients the intimacy, and provide the patient with the one's face glowing with health, spirit inspiring feelings. People call "angel in white", at the sight, nurse with angel, gentle, good quality. This expectation is a place people still maintained a love of life in suffering from disease, the yearning for, hope and the pursuit of. A good nurse occupation image is not only the physical and mental health of patients have a positive effect, but also to the survival and development of the nursing profession has a vital role. The nurse should be consistent withHe expected social and public image as the criterion, to maintain self occupation image. "A person's clothes is the description of the image of its own culture", therefore, the nurse clothing should be able to express cultural accomplishment nurses intrinsic, fully embodies the nurse "angel" emotion, "angel" and "angel" holy wisdom. The nurse costumes include: nurse cap, nurse, nurse shoes, socks and ornament of nurses. A nurse dress etiquette, nurses should be unified, fit, the principle of echo. The nurse outfit, they should pay attention to the series, clothes, pants, skirts, hats, shoes, socks, interaction, coordination and cooperation. If white nurse cap of holy and elegant, nurse should be white hat, and coordination. White with white, pink pink hat. In general, the nurse clothing choice of white, white can better embody the nurse occupation of pure, holy. The nurse clothing is to reflect the nurse has "angel" emotion, "angel" and "angel" holy wisdom. The nurse clothing including nurse cap, nurse, nurse shoes etc.. (a) to choose the traditional selection and wearing a nurse hat 1 nurse cap nurse cap is a round cap, its main role is to: prevent the dandruff caused or may cause pollution; protection of nursing staff itself from foreign body contamination; the staff dress uniform. With the introduction of the reform and opening up and the new nursing concept and method, pay attention to scientific facts, pay attention to practical and aesthetic effect, many domestic hospital widely believed: operation room, bone marrow transplantation room, intensive care room aseptic environment stringent conditions must wear a cap; and in general therapeutic environment, Yan cap nurse nursing operation disposal can choose beautiful. The nurse Yan cap, other sweet, innocent, cute, like a white halo, holy and elegant. Yan cap square angle and camber angle two kinds of styles, is the symbol of the nurse occupation.
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