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Date of publication:2006-9   Press: Guangxi science and technology   Author:Chen Zhiyong   Pages:205  

Chen Zhiyong, associate professor, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, associate professor, hosted and participated in many national key projects and provincial research, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine. At the same time in the traditional Chinese medicine science popularization research area also has a deep attainments, editor of "beauty" with "diet taboo taboo" "taboo" taboo "parenting" taking ten popular books, have gained a high reputation.
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Closely related to many diseases review occurs is not healthy behavior and living habits. -- younger Deputy Health Minister Wang Longde tumor incidence is more and more obvious, although many factors causing tumors, including air pollution, radiation and so on, but the young people of the unhealthy living habits, is one of the important must cause cause. Professor Department of chemotherapy for cancer -- Beijing Xiehe Hospital Chen Shuchang at home or in the successful man is the mainstream of the times, but this is the successful man is no good understanding to maintain good habits, good taste of life, good health is how important. -- "Men's Health" fashion health magazine editor in chief Lin Mingqian
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Tea Coffee fragrant essential you don't fall victim to wine Soybean Milk scientific life first drink diet food health making life water nutrition master milk exhort cola, not light test vegetable juice drinks a little also not salt, dun be careful sugar cooked into the use of monosodium glutamate nine unfavorable garlic magic egg, not invincible aspects of healthy eating fish also have to be careful of calcium rich dried small shrimps eat crab meat, very complex aroma, taboo on civilians -- Security menu choose chicken processing tonic food to eat dumplings pay attention to "cook" bean curd eat spinach can not become vigorously seaman raw and cooked food of a kind the virus with the sweet potato ginseng is not life-saving dianthera fruit more, a lot of the kitchen table, knowledge trap street snacks nine killer eat healthy diet of inequality...... Second know rows by health third proof, anti resistance health fourth aspects of health @##@ words Habits are like a double-edged sword, can let a woman live more and more beautiful, the spirit, the old man, more and more young children more happy, can also lead to decline in the human immune system, self resistance weakened, even organ "rebellion", disease ridden. Therefore, this paper from clothing, food, shelter, medical, aspects of most people, to be accustomed to the habit of comparative analysis, let everybody can stick out a mile, from that moment until the day wake up to sleep, how many habits to protect our health, what habits are hurting our. Body is like a big summer, with little habits as the foundation stone, brick tiles. The vicissitudes although inevitable also nowhere to escape, but there are many habits of support, it will not be ruined disrepair and even collapsed. But the bad habit to build body frame, will only let the human also some "dregs" bean curd, harm oneself, might bring trouble to others. A good habit to enjoy health, bad health habits. Let us choose a good living habits, healthy life.
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