The elderly digestive disease prevention and control 300

Date of publication:1970-1   Press: Tongji University press   Author:Geriatrics department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University, Chen Yue   Pages´╝Ü240  

Microscopic examination of the stool as found in the following content, may suggest that some problems: the increase of white blood cell. Enteritis white blood cell count is usually less than 15 / HPF; bacillary dysentery amoeba like or white blood cell numbers increased significantly, allergic enteritis, intestinal parasites, the number of white blood cells will also increase, and can get more eosinophilic leucocyte. The red blood cells to increase. Common in the lower gastrointestinal bleeding, intestinal inflammation, ulcerative colitis, colon cancer, rectal cancer, rectal polyp, bleeding hemorrhoids. Amiba when the number of red blood cells in the feces of diarrhea were significantly more than the number of white blood cells, red blood cells of bacillary dysentery is often less than white blood cells. Parasite eggs, larvae, or protozoan found in feces, can determine the corresponding parasite or parasitic protozoa infection, this is most definitely evidence of the infection of parasites. The more fecal starch granules or fat droplets appear, may be associated with diarrhea, enteritis or chronic pancreatitis; if a large number of epithelial cells, intestinal wall inflammation, such as necrotizing enteritis, ulcerative colon cancer; burst ulcer colitis or bacterial dysentery can be found a large number of phagocytic cells. In addition, in the stool examination also can be found in the tumor cells, fat droplets.
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Order the first gastrointestinal diseases / 1 section of gastrointestinal anatomy and physiology / 2 section second elderly digestive disease knowledge / 31 why there is abnormality of gastric acid secretion / 32 why does the stomach warm chills / 43 Chinese know how stomach / 44 why five of the food flavor on the human body also has the effect of / 55 why TCM Treatment Gastritis have advantage / 56 what is the functional gastrointestinal disease / 67 why older people are more susceptible to disease of the digestive system / 68 why say "eat it while it's hot" not conducive to longevity / 79 why must eat breakfast / 810 why some people drink milk or milk products will have loose bowels / 811 why to eat slowly comparison good / 912 how to judge the stool is normal / 1013 why bad mental state can cause digestive system diseases / 1014 why prevention of digestive system tumor from the mouth of / 1115 why smoking on liver damage there / 12 section third digestive system inspection / 1216 how do gastrointestinal disease inspection / 1217 why some before the start of inspection can not eat what / why 1318 B ultrasound examination in the diagnosis of digestive system diseases are of great value / 1419 how to prepare and mix Ultrasonic inspection / 1420 why do gastroscope / 1521 why not afraid of doing gastroscopy / 1622 gastroscopy ago should do what preparation work / 1623 gastroscopy done do / 1724 why gastroscopy on esophageal and gastrointestinal disease diagnosis is very reliable / 1725 why Helicobacter pylori and gastric disease closely related / 1826 H. pylori positive do / 1927 why to do a colonoscopy / 1928 why don't be afraid to have a colonoscopy / 2029 how to prepare and have a colonoscopy / 2130 colonoscopy done what should notice / 2131 why do stool examination / 2232 why do fecal occult blood test / 2233 why do rectal examination / 2334 why do angiography / 2435 why do x-ray / 2436 why do abdominal CT examination / 25 section fourth symptoms and self judgment / 2637 elderly people why not eating / 2638 why not swallow anything / 2739 why nausea, vomiting / 2740 why hunger / 2741 why satiety / 2842 indigestion do / 2943. Yao will hematemesis / 3044 why can cause constipation / 3145 how to prevent constipation / 3146 how to treat constipation / 3247 has the hiccups do / 3348 sudden abdominal pain when I do / 3349 why abdominal tenderness / 3450 why can cause diarrhea / 3551 diarrhea why the body of old people in particular harm / 3552 diarrhea do / 3653 how to arrange diarrhea diet / 3654 why stool color will darken / 3755 why shit will take blood / 38 section fifth esophageal reflux disease / 3856 retrosternal burning sensation is how one and the same / 3857 how to treat reflux esophagitis / 3958 reflux esophagitis should be how to prevent / 3959 what is Barrett's esophagus / 4060 how to treat esophageal Barrett / 41 section sixth gastritis / 4161 why can cause acute gastritis / 4162 got acute gastritis do / 4263 why the elderly vulnerable to chronic gastritis / 4364 why chronic gastritis and nervous about / 4365 to chronic gastritis classification / 4466 why gastritis often relapse / 4467 how to prevent superficial gastritis continue to develop / 4568 atrophic gastritis meeting canceration / 4669 how to understand the stomach Microscopic examination report. / 4770 why we must guard against the emergence of intestinal metaplasia and 4771 with chronic superficial gastritis do / 4872 chronic atrophic gastritis do / 4873 chronic hypertrophic gastritis do / 4974 how traditional Chinese medicine treatment of gastritis / 5075 how to choose the treatment of gastritis medicine / 5076 acute stomach how emergency treatment / 5177 gastritis patients how to science and medicine / 5178 gastritis patients how to develop good eating habits / 5279 gastritis patients should not eat what / 5380 why not eat jujube and persimmon / 5481 why atrophic gastritis patients are advised to drink yogurt / 5482 gastritis patients how to select tea / why 5483 gastritis patients should not be a large number of beer / 5584 why chronic gastritis patients should not drink tea, concentrated Coffee / 5585 gastritis patients should eat what fruit / 5686 gastritis patients how to diet / 56...... The seventh section of peptic ulcer in eighth day chronic colitis ninth colorectal cancer second hepatobiliary system diseases of hepatobiliary system first day feel chronic health management program @##@ appendix feel chronic gastrointestinal hemorrhage health management section of health management overview section second digestive anatomy and physiology second day third day fourth day of fatty liver hepatitis cirrhosis, fifth cholecystitis the sixth section seventh gallstone pancreatitis Festival The elderly digestive disease prevention 300 asked "is the medical care for a devoted in the elderly digestive disease and common chronic health management, the paper combined with questions and answers written, to discuss" the elderly digestive system disease "and" health management "common chronic disease of the two themes. The book collection into the relevant aspects of the disease diagnosis and prevention and treatment of some of the latest progress, starting from the epidemiology, digestive system disease etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of science and health management and other aspects, explain profound theories in simple language to answer a question about a common interest, readable better. The structure is rigorous, innovative content, text is also popular, and can be used as a public health education materials, and can also be used forIn the elderly patients with common chronic diseases of digestive diseases and sub-health population reading in the treatment and rehabilitation and health care.
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