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Date of publication:2009-11   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Dai Shumei   Pages´╝Ü137  

Multiple small knowledge topic health books, self-help books, audio and video, the latest medical knowledge database, providing strong reading, listening, viewing, search functions, the latest reading function diagnosis, new experience doubt check questions, doubts, doubts drug prevention...... The medicine for medical problems all solved Chinese medicine health management branch, Chinese health promotion foundation, experts Chinese chief health education professor Hong Zhaoguang recommendation. Books, audio books, video, mobile phone book, book, book, book reviews, Digest database, a Book Club...... In a variety of forms to meet readers on the medicine for medical knowledge of the full range of demand books 2 a new generation of reading reading card with a series of selected self-service book reading card the other optional 200 yuan medical bestseller or 10 video 400000000 5 ten million words "Chinese medical database" for you when answering questions with the book gift DVD-ROM CD
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One, "theme reading card" bibliography "1 little knowledge of health" 2 "health liquor" 3 "formula 1000 first hangover hangover recipe for" 4 "and" 5 alcohol hangover. "Wine doctors" 6 "" 7 "tea doctor Runchang Detox food tea" 8 "recognize" garlic with garlic 9 "10" magical "Ginger said salt and salt: salt knowledge and life experience with salt" 11 "" 12 "smoke-free is blessing cereals is medicine" two, "self reading card" optional bibliography and video (a) optional library catalog 1 diabetes prevention Anthology Series 2 hypertension collection 3 high blood lipid control selected series of 4 coronary heart disease prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease prevention and treatment selection of series 5 Series 6 gastrointestinal diseases selected collection of fatty liver in 7 control selected series 8 hepatitis B prevention Anthology Series 9 hepatobiliary disease control selected series of skin disease and venereal disease prevention and control 10 collection 11 infectious disease prevention Anthology Series 12 miscellaneous collection of 13 joint disease prevention and cure. Series 14 gout prevention Anthology Series 15 male division disease prevention for series 16 female common disease prevention for series 17 sexual health Kang Bai Things pass series 18 insomnia prevention anthology series 19 life Prozac series 20 school when the family doctor series 21 all external collection 22 accident prevention and treatment of family nursing for 24 series 23 series safe medication guide series 25 life's Golden Ideas Series 26 elderly care for series 27 health coup series 28 small knowledge of health series 29 the health and longevity of the series 30 series of Qigong practice...... Table appendix @##@ national comprehensive medical institutions. No matter how the world changes, how the times change, the people to the health the pursuit the eternal. Can really get healthy everyone is always dearest wish. Nowadays, along with the physical condition of continuous improvement, the pursuit of health is also more and more high. People not only want to have a good body, but also pay more attention to the good state of mind; not only the efforts of health practice, has also been revised the concept of health. To make a long story short, there was an urgent need to obtain a large amount of health information conveniently and fast way. The traditional publishing industry in the "lead and fire" to "" light and electricity revolution, ushered in the wave of digital technology, which will bring more profound changes to people's life. People's medical publishing house health science books at most, and lead the healthy popular science book digital publishing before, on the 60 anniversary of national day, dedicated to the public a set of (42) fine, beautiful, full digital books. Each kind of digital books are respectively include the agency selected this around 10 books (many of these books is the best-selling book), will be about 200 words into a disc, and provide four databases for readers deep reading, content involves the common disease prevention and health care, maternal health, infant care, health care and so on, opened the door to door for readers to health.
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