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Date of publication:2009-10   Press: Jiangxi science and technology   Author:Yu Qi / Lutz   Pages´╝Ü214  

Thing in the world is always so wonderful to -- perfect: a high IQ, EQ is not high, but people with high emotional intelligence is rarely gifted people. Experts found, will be relatively high IQ people have "sleep quotient" low phenomenon. That is to say, the more clever people more prone to insomnia, suffer from insomnia more easily than the ordinary people......
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"Sleep" is the enterprise of a lifetime "sleep quotient" decision 1/3 of your life a healthy body cannot do without sleep sleep is the best self repairing agent to the skin is good, sleep less at night detoxification recipe sleeping soundly, pressure natural elimination sleep well, "future", "money" are bright. Medicine, as a good sleep a good sleep, wake up all kinds of self-healing, headache, constipation natural elimination up light light let your nerves are no longer weak get rid of annoying the sub healthy state of sleep against computer syndrome care! Some diseases are out of sleep insomnia is not a disease, causing a damn why smart people do not have good sleep insomnia, insomnia do you know who make you toss and turn restlessly sleep environment causes the enemy psychological factors of mental illness bad habits can not be ignored the sleep obstacle to sleep illness do not seek Xian Fang find sleep food therapy yoga therapy herbal therapy flowers therapy hot water bath therapy foot therapy music therapy and aromatherapy physical therapy recreational therapy before walking method essential oil massage self hypnosis shut eyes keep heart therapy color therapy good dream required sleep outside lessons and create a comfortable bedroom environment good bed Banjun fall asleep to good posture helps "sleep" a helping hand selecting the right pillow sleep think of from the pillow to sleep, choose was brown, with Hello dream comfortable to sleep and lead quality sleep bedroom flowers, incense will sleep at night to sleep a man's Spirit -- said to the man sleeping pillow talk at 8 hours, 8 hours a day of elite male decision "death from overwork" mystery man Lao, rely on sleep posture gradually wide, and sleep related" Fat "is not the" Fu "middle-aged man poor sleep, Yi Fafu returned to natural posture sleep tips" beer belly "is not sleep warning" beer belly "culprit is more than beer spitting out of the" beer belly "sleep, stomach flat those who sleep sleep disorder pour poison barrier loving harassment male snore, invisible killer virility of frequent" night terrors ", a dejected man more afraid of nightmares" sleep "and" sex "is the same sleep well to passion" love "" bed movement "after the sweet dream sleep woman nourishing -- women should know sleep quietly would sleep old woman is not easy if you are afraid of change" green face Po "deep sleep, raise a double" sleep "is the best cosmetics do not have good sleep? Your face acne care to protest hate black rim of the eye to wipe out stains troubles, you let a beautiful save Father Brown dark skin "Sleeping Beauty" never did sleep, body is "reliable" "exceed the standard" Ren sleep after sleep female cattle during sleep the sleep period and help you flat and spend "the days" people need more sleep -- the elderly need more sleep to sleep, to the old ancestor mouth "sleep health" why age is six beat insomnia sleep more difficult "seven Wu Xiao" sleep body save change sleep can direct role in cardiovascular patients "medicine" in coronary heart disease elderly Mo snooze, heart pain shall prevent any sleep blood bladder smooth high "sleep" sleep -- diabetes health of the elderly sleep need special attention must be made before the "homework" nap sleep must guard against the happy old man sudden cardiovascular disease sleep disorders. Alzheimer's disease
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"Sleep" is the enterprise of a lifetime "sleep quotient" decision 1/3 of your life who specialized in several city Beijing, Shanghai conducted a survey about personal sleep. Investigation data shows, at present there are close to 20% people One's mind is wandering. due to a serious lack of sleep, 40% of the people suffer from fatigue caused by lack of sleep, the other 40% are due to the poor quality of sleep every day the mood restless. The data shows, people living in the city is very hard, even the most basic sleep also can not reach the ideal state. But the city people tend to think that this is "normal", not worth "blind anxious". In the survey, only 6% of people are willing to take action to improve the quality of sleep. When the concept of "sleep quotient" first "out", and "IQ", "EQ" put on a par with time, and did not arouse many people's attention, many people also believe that out of this concept is completely curry favour by claptrap or Big deal. In fact, sleep quotient has good reason to be a new concept of "health, although this is a new word, but with the development of society, people will find that the external image, his inner self-cultivation, have a great relationship with the quality of sleep. Sleep quotient as people care about IQ, EQ, HQ, business - like, have become indispensable in the daily life of concern. Sleep quotient, just as its name implies is about the quality of each individual's sleep a degree evaluation, it is a true record of the cognitive level of understanding, a person to sleep knowledge. Which is a process of human psychological self understanding, contains and others, the relationship between environmental, social and the degree of adaptation, is a new concept with high content. Later in life, people will habitual use sleep quotient to evaluate the quality of life, like the evaluation of a person's IQ and EQ so widespread and be accustomed to. Sleep quotient and IQ, EQ, the difference between different people is very big. Sleep quotient high tend to physical health, ease of movement, One's spirits are flourishing., skin smooth, quick thinking, lively; sleep quotient low appears more dispirited, dim and dark skin, dry hair, disease ridden, inability to concentrate. Sleep quotient with a person's IQ and EQ are equally important. A person's sleep time is almost occupied his long life in 1/3, people put so much time to sleep, it sounds is simply a "Crazy". The fact that in many activists view, is purely a "waste", they are more willing to spend more time at work, so that life has meaning. We suppose that a person can live up to 80 years, then he would have thirty thousand days to exist in this world. According to the above mentioned, the 1/3 time to sleep, this calculation down that is 27 years this people are sleeping, more do not rule out some people sleep time will be more.......
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