Stroke rehabilitation training manual

Date of publication:2009-10   Press: World Book Inc   Author:Cai Guangwen   Pages´╝Ü157  

This book is a physical therapist like-minded experience and knowledge sharing, book in addition to the introduction of exercise treatment commonly, also introduces some other stimulation of muscle strength, walking posture improved manipulation method, hope to stroke patients or their family members can learn some useful basic treatment method.
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Cai Guangwen, of Hong Kong Polytech University in 2001, Bachelor of Science in physical therapy (Hons) graduate, currently registered physical therapists in Hongkong and recognized acupuncture therapist. Served in the public, private homes, day care centre for the elderly and improve Home Furnishing and community care service agencies, on stroke rehabilitation experience. The employees retraining board and board a number of training institutions to teach the elderly care, lifting techniques and
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The first chapter of Western medicine stroke order brain function of the blood supply to the brain after a stroke by stroke complications cause of stroke diagnosis and check the Chinese interpretation of threatened apoplexy in main and collateral channels in viscera team common medical vocabulary chapter second different degree of rehabilitation training of patients after stroke rehabilitation stroke treatment bed rehabilitation training passive motion shoulder elbow wrist and finger hip knee ankle active training of scapula shoulder elbow waist and hips pelvis and lower limbs strength training seated rehabilitation training correct sitting posture training sitting stability sitting balance training -- the abdominal muscles sitting balance training -- the back muscles sitting balance training -- left, right lumbar lateral muscle sitting balance training -- training and advanced training dynamic balance based training activities -- putting advanced bend over bend training advanced standing balance training of upper limb muscle strength and control training Basic training on muscle -- pressure hand training on muscle training -- Basic backhand training on muscle basic training -- for training upper extremity strength and ability to control his hands on training (a) upper limb muscle strength and control training (two) lower extremity strength training thigh muscle strength outside leg muscle strength and control ability and control ability training down the upward movement of flexion of the upward kick stand basic training stages of stroke patients rehabilitation training program standing standing standing sit to stand up action training sit to stand up sit to stand up the advanced training of standing balance training basic standing balance training (a) basic standing balance training (two) advanced standing balance training (a)...... The third chapter other commonly used treatment and training method in Chapter fourth, chapter fifth stroke Nursing Knowledge Q & a chapter sixth case sharing reference biography
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