The 110 most likely to commit errors of health

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In order to give you a healthy body, in order to let everyone have a clear understanding, the author carefully prepared the "110 most prone to error" health. The book according to the eight important factors that influence the health, are listed which may affect the health of small errors. The book gives a lot of examples of health, read the shocking; for each error, the author also specifically listed to solve related problems, provides a unique opinions and suggestions for the reader to understand the full range of health.
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The first part of the 8 unbalance mistakes 001 be subject to changing moods direct vent multi time error 002 lonely inferiority others is stronger than me error 003 petty who want to provoke my heel who nasty error 004 downhearted life worry heartbroken error 005 tears not to flip knocked out teeth up blood and error 006 self pressure no pressure is not the power error 007 serious in speech and manner for people doing things to seriously wrong 008 love pale love sad beverages second part 25 diet mistakes 009 eat is a blessing body nutrition sufficient error 010 wine, not from the mouth of Shujinhuoxue benefits more error 011 inseparable from the cigarette can be refreshing and cool error 012 fruit health The more, the better. benefits more error 013 eat one's fill open the belly to eat Food error 014 lean ball finish eat good nutrition error 015 eat more salt body to Jin head foot error 016 sweet tooth with good enjoy error 017 do not eat breakfast at noon to fill go wrong 018 time rush to meet a wrong pursuit never mind 019 vegetarian vegetarian to health error 020 popular to drink spicy taste very good appetite error 021 convenience food Fast and convenient, time error 022 leftovers next meal not to waste error 023 summer cold good cooling taste good error 024 foreign fast food good every day to eat is not wrong 025 green wild herbs natural health and no pollution error 026 snacks eat to kill time and satisfy error 027 eat thin inside fat fat 028 porcelain tableware beautiful color error. Appetite error 029 cup lazy wash have tea tea flavor error 030 pure water without pollution good health error 031 up tea dredge bowel decontamination element error 032 drinking Coffee refreshing refreshment spirit errors during the 033 trimester of pregnancy fetal health tea had no effect on the third part 19 leisure mistakes 034 exercise is good for large amount of exercise is good error 035 chickens in the morning air pollution - free error 036 cold increase exercise sweating error 037 leisure shopping not only eye addiction also fitness error 038 sedentary not quiet solitude also health error 039 like sit sofa soft and comfortable rest error 040 without the sun to avoid ultraviolet irradiation error 041 stay at home idle just raise self-cultivation error 042 crazy about dancing fitness friends two don't Error error 043 bar room often sit to release the pressure a good place for error 044 lie read a Book comfortable learning tired error 045 commonly used mobile phone convenient communication error 046 in cars save time and high efficiency error 047 obsessed with gambling overnight so stimulated error 048 electric brain work is easy and efficient error 049 infatuated the network virtual world is really wonderful error 050 overload to rest a few days on nothing wrong 051 work too tired at the expense of the body to win future error 052 fog clouds more comfortable exercise fourth part 11 rest sleep error error 053 to sleep with the light heart steadfast sleep better error 054 sleepless nights insomnia not serious error 055 sleep is good for the spirit of good error 056 to recuperate and build up energy window quiet sleep no interference error 057 choice bedding soft and comfortable feel good error 058 desk nap fast refresh you raise spirit error 059 in good spirits at noon break is a waste of error 060 like high pillow sleep without any anxiety most comfortable error 061 waist pad sits comfortably on the line error 062 sleep warm cold sleep good error 063 long-term stay up to sleep not problem fifth part 7 A sexual health mistakes 064 oversexed partner does not control error 065 sex frequent love sweet love busy error 066 Warming Kidney Yang believe that the drug can error 067 in vitro ejaculation can contraception also comfortable error 068 drinking help "" add interest Hin romantic error 069 sauna often wash elimination of potential toxins error 070 stop sexual intercourse the sixth part oneself as little as possible 15 home health mistakes 071 Dry Cleaning washed immediately wearing the wrong clothes 072 shuffle convenient effortless error 073 too lazy to wash their hands not dirty dirty sick error 074 too clean absolute health healthy error 075 refrigerator storage directly edible never mind obsessed with error 076 wonderful television programs is not enough error 077 the pursuit of style take off clothes map and error 078 cold dressing cold not to find error 079 cold feet cold gas well error 080 closed balcony space increases also clean error 081 bedroom flowers air purifying environment error 082 new home decoration decoration beautiful immediately occupied 063 Pet Pet Error close to zero distance error 084 chemical disinfection the pursuit of clean Net endless error 085 often blow air conditioning cool and comfortable mood seventh part 10 doctor medication mistakes 086 he died after several days can be good error 087 pick tonsil harmless early off error 088 medication free nutrition is good fast error 089 disease stops the medicine eat drugs harm the body error 090 combining Chinese and Western treatment more rapid recovery error 091 wine tonic Yin Yang anti-aging error 092 uniform dimension C old age anti-cancer effect error 093 drink vinegar health balance often drink good error 094 hypnotic but comfortable sleeping error 095 blind supplements to fillFood and health the eighth part 15 beauty mistakes 096 breast augmentation rhinoplasty operation beauty really wonderful error 097 hairdressing hair care endless wind error 098 underwear tight body slim is a good error 099 jewelry chaos Dai as long as beautiful wear error 100 beauty a tireless nail beautiful mood good error 101 tight tie straight type. Mistakes 102 Cowboys tight line to highlight good shape error 103 to wear high heels and beautiful spirit error 104 mask is not selected The more, the better. maintenance error 105 eye wrinkle used to good effect error 106 foundation Concealer fair and bright complexion error 107 make-up dress more concentrated to more beautiful mistake 108 contraceptive Tiaojing cosmetic acne error 109 blind waist slim also fit error 110 deliberately lose rapid weight loss effect is good
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To understand other people's mistakes, we will make fewer mistakes; to make them as our successful paving stone; pay attention to health, we should start from every detail; avoid each one may cause errors.
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