Men and women medication and diet taboo table

Date of publication:2008-5   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Miao Mingsan   Pages´╝Ü32  

In the rehabilitation process, diet conditioning role sometimes better than acupuncture. The book introduced the common male disease medication and diet taboo, common gynecological diseases and diet taboo, the stage and suitable for eating schedule. Reading this book, can make the reader understand medical knowledge, ensuring that the body long Kang an. This book is suitable for the ordinary household use and reference.
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A common male disease, medication and diet taboo prostatitis, prostatic hyperplasia prostate seminal emission and premature ejaculation impotence do not ejaculate male sterility of male climacteric syndrome Gao Wanyan epididymitis syphilis genital herpes balanoposthitis varicocele nephritis and uremia urinary calculus of kidney stone two, common gynecological disease medication and diet taboo vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease of uterine fibroids uterine cervicitis endometriosis uterine prolapse functional uterine bleeding menstrual disorder amenorrhea dysmenorrhea, premenstrual tension syndrome were headache and body pain climacteric syndrome of abnormal leucorrhea obese infertile mastitis mammary gland hyperplasia of breast cancer habitual abortion and threatened abortion pregnant vomiting of pregnancy edema postpartum hemorrhage postpartum hypogalactia, three men and women of the stage of the appropriate diet table male adolescent males mature period of male menopause male senile female menstrual period the period during pregnancy and lactation women menopausal women aged
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