The plant Yangshengtang

Date of publication:2008-1   Press: Chinese textile   Author:Bai Dongyan, white jade   Pages:274  

"The Chinese plant Yangshengtang: 110 plants for your health" will be introduced in 39 kinds of Chinese herbal medicines: simple disease, and effects of 32 super edible plants, 20 kinds of soothing mood beautiful plants, 20 kinds of health plant air purification. A bowl of plain soup, a plain dish, as long as the appropriate medicine, will become with illnesses of tonic power efficiency. The aroma of herbs mixed with food flavor, but also for the common food adds a touch of elegance. "A dream of Red Mansions" in the Jia Baoyu said: "the medicine gas than all the flowers and fruits fruit......" Chinese traditional medicine can not only cure disease and medicine, even when the fragrance exudes a can make people refreshed.
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Simple except disease Chinese herbal plant -- a lot of medicine efficacy of Houttuynia Herba Leonuri -- Magic gynecological medicine Andrographis paniculata -- heat detoxification anti-inflammatory medicine Polygonum multiflorum -- black hair nourishing Jiapin Angelica -- blood and pain of gynecological medicine Fritillaria -- phlegm moistening lung cough medicine rhubarb -- eliminate constipation Detox general Radix Isatidis -- resistance to virus drug commonly used wolfberry -- warm kidney Ruby three seven -- blood hemostatic product Huo Pan -- first summer heatstroke drugs ephedra -- cold treatment of the dandelion -- Qingrejiedu medicine lotus -- increased appetite of small pearls Mimosa -- the treatment of neurasthenia grass Gynostemma -- enhanced physique "Southern ginseng" tuckahoe -- _ anticancer Anshen delicious Chinese medicine Cordyceps sinensis -- disease after tonic Kang 复佳 crystal white peony root -- yin tonic gynecological medicine Ophiopogon -- Liyan Runfei cough medicine ginseng -- scorching summer tonic medicine Platycodon grandiflorum -- treating sore throat detoxification Jiapin Hemerocallis roots -- to prevent skin aging medicine Angelica -- the ancient beauty of Radix Puerariae -- Interpretation of Re Shengjin The "thousand year ginseng" Bupleurum -- treatment of influenza and fever medicine Angelica -- waist and knee pain killer dill -- chronic gastritis relief medicine Fructus Cnidii -- address the problem of skin experts raspberry -- a kidney tonic medicine nutmeg -- can be anti-cancer small Doudou Momordica grosvenori -- the slimming fairy fruit of Schisandra -- so you never forgetful of traditional Chinese medicine -- cough phlegm small fruit Albizia julibrissin -- Requiem repose pills cinnamon -- body are treasure of traditional Chinese medicine and spice sinensis -- kidney qi special spices safflower -- loose silt pain medicine Eucommia ulmoides -- to protect baby tocolysis efficacy superior edible soothing beauty of plant air purification plant @##@ health This book describes the simple traditional Chinese medicine plants, in addition to efficacy superior edible plants, ease the mood beautiful plants, air purification plant. For each kind of medicinal and edible plants, medicinal and edible not only introduces the principle, function, also introduces the therapeutic method of T on health care of plants, not only the health effects, also introduced the maintenance tips. The book illustrated, easy to understand, provides the plant health care knowledge the most applicable to the readers. If you don't want to be sick, as the plant health method as presented in this book @##@! In addition to traditional Chinese medicine simple plants for people in other countries, Chinese should be said to be very happy, because our ancestors for generations left a will never outdated health gift -- traditional Chinese medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine has a long history, but it is not an anachronism, as Chinese wind prevailing in the world, Chinese medicine has been given some fashionable breath. Many successful people will choose Chinese medicine for nourishing the body, especially some showbiz star. Successful people, whether physical or psychological, often under tremendous pressure, therefore, many people will choose Chinese medicine to regulate their own body. Physical ailments may use traditional Chinese medicine to physical illness, healthy will use traditional Chinese medicine to slimming beauty, let his perfect show in front of people, and the Chinese party they use also become beautiful health tips many who sought. Traditional Chinese medicine is mainly composed of plant, animal and mineral composition of plant components, which accounted for a large proportion, so also known as Chinese herbal medicine. Chinese herbal medicine is unique drugs used by Chinese medicine, is also the important symbol different from other traditional Chinese medicine. Herbal magic often lies in a grass roots, ordinary, might have the effect of make the dead come back to life; a humble roots, maybe except disease fitness a ready-made panacea; a blooming flower, it can make people refreshed, get rid of depressed mood. Chinese smart, a bowl of porridge, a case of ordinary common soup, a plain dish, as long as the appropriate medicine, will become a tonic effect of medicated with illnesses. The aroma of herbs mixed with the aroma of food, but also for the general food adds a touch of elegance. "A dream of Red Mansions" in Jia Baoyu once said, "medicine gas are elegant" than all the floral fruit fragrance, the traditional Chinese medicine can not only cure disease and medicine, even when sends out the fragrance can also make a person look. Then, such a good thing, how can you miss it!......
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