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The ancients said a way of keeping good health, many of the details related to daily life. Indeed, many of the details of our daily life, such as eating, drinking, and sleeping, pull,,, dynamic, sitting, lying, go...... Principles and methods are related to health. The key of health is in the details. Details determine health, longevity has decided the details. Pay attention to health details, will be health and longevity; neglect of health details, will lead to disease. Health is a long process, we need to persevere, to start from the details of life. Health care methods more life, more convenient. Easy to implement the method of each individual's daily life, and insist for a long time, and only used for a long time, in order to achieve the effect of health. This book introduces the details can not be ignored in many health, including health knowledge, secret and misunderstanding. The book not only presents how to scientifically grasp the health knowledge, also outlined how to avoid the bad life style common in daily life, which can effectively avoid the happening of the disease.
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The first chapter healthy diet, science diet a balanced diet is a healthy diet of 1 important principles of 2 with the thickness of good health 3 "look day meal" health benefits of 4 six can scavenge junk food 5 to skin health care food 6 using 7 soybean fruit health -- health food 8 nuts care 9 tomato can be richly endowed by nature improve the immunity of the human body 10 fungi -- natural vitamin treasure 11 often eat corn Yishou health 12 eat onions and 13 eat sugar cane is beneficial to protect the heart blood 14 eleven food 15 seven strong bones food 16 nutrition health before, after 17 to 18 less drinking tea drink a health to diet nutrition, zone 19 excess adverse health 20 vegetarians have nothing to gain 21 diet and health principles 22 often do not eat breakfast vulnerable 23 dinner inappropriate harm more than 24 after six not 25 smoked food is harmful to the health of 26 six bad eating habits 27 hungry do not eat eight kinds of food eaten 28 wild animal health hazards should not be biting off more than 30 "29 orange. Popular spicy drink" Beware of prostate 31 milk taboo 32 drink water to also must often pay attention to three, nutrition knowledge, diet and reasonable self testing four The second chapter of self testing, sleep health a scientific sleep 33 at night and sleep health and longevity 34 master sleep good health 35 early to bed and early to rise is the science of a way of keeping good health 36 proper nap healthy 37 sleep posture affects the quality of sleep 38 to find the best sleep environment 39 smooth mood and sleep 40 bedtime can not ignore the details of the 41 scientific diet regimen help sleep 42 before going to bed drink vinegar Qiao health 43 pillows and bed about 44 bedding often Sun Health 45 bedtime health gymnastics 46 music and sleep health 47 adjust insomnia mental health of 48 overcome insomnia eight recipe two, sleep 49 mistakes sleep short life of 50 day night reversal is diseased roots of 51 long-term stay up all night. Do not turn on the lights down 52 to 53 sleep sleep is the enemy of healthy 54 beware of sleep to a beer belly 55 face to sleep is harmful to the health of 56 hooded sleeping is not desirable 57 sleep health six not 58 this afternoon nap is not scientific 59 awake and not immediately after the bed three, sleep quality, self testing four Assens Insomnia Scale self testing the third chapter exercise regimen a 60, the scientific movement exercise regimen trilogy 61 after exercise, diet is very important for 62 time to exercise 63 walks out of health Kang to 64 fitness walking. 65 fast health secret 66 jogging ran out of good health 67 running a way of keeping good health 68 stair also has about 69 beat regimen 70 backward movement of health 71 walk regimen 72 evening exercise is good for health of 73 rooms can also be easily sports 74 four three minute exercise 75 swimming is good way to exercise 76 for life sports health scheme two, motion error 77 excessive movement adverse health 78 fasting movement is harmful to the health of the 79 morning exercise regimen of three taboo 80 sports health time zone 81 exercise regimen four not 82 run improper injury in 83 after a cold should sleep less movement of 84 movement caused by improper the five big disease of Department of gynaecology 85 gym health risks 86 exercise eight misunderstanding 87 after motion should not eat chicken, fish, meat, egg three, healthy index self testing, physical strength age fourth chapter four self testing health care a scientific health care health care law, 88 nose 89 eyes care is very important 90 tooth care eight note 91 brain the health care law 92 head exercises 93 dry hair how to care of 94 joint will often care 95 cervical vertebra health 96 simple waist health five 97 five thin buttock method Po 9 8 heart health is particularly important in 99 liver health care act of 100 kidney health can not be ignored 101 lung health care must pay attention to the spleen and stomach health two, 102 health misunderstanding 103 eye six taboo 104 nasal cavity cleaning can not be ignored 105 lozenge can not be arbitrary 106 ears should not pay 107 tongue tendon Kang ignored 108 to avoid chaos plucking the 109 squeeze squeeze acne does 110 damage to the brain of the eight habits 111 white hair often dyed is harmful to the health of three, self health care value self testing four, self-care self testing the fifth chapter home health first, home 112 watch TV to know the way of 113 indoor should always ventilation 114 clever put flowers to health 115 decoration simple good health 116 green decoration good health 117 home health beware "freezer enteritis" 118 home health beware of "air conditioning disease" 119 find away from electromagnetic room 120 room to remove dust mite 121 bedroom health four things 122 home health should keep the kitchen clean two, home 123 mistakes should not be side decoration side occupied 124 does not let sofa hurt oneself 125 occult mat of mites is harmful to the human body 126 with an electric blanket taboo 127 containing food utensils should be cautious to make rhinoceros 128 kitchen lampblack Harmful to the health of 129 balcony closed more than 130 don't abuse "plaything" and lose health pressure 131 home noise is healthy tongue 132 small toilet can not be ignored four fault block 133 in the morning wash your face often make134 four types of flowers and health draw further apart three, indoor pollution index of four, self testing indoor environmental protection index self testing health chapter seventh chapter sixth workplace health and mental health in eighth chapter ninth chapter tenth chapter sexual health disease, four seasons health
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The first chapter diet regimen (1) fresh fruit, fresh vegetable juice, fresh fruit juice, vegetable juice is the body "cleaner". It can lift the body of toxins and waste accumulation, because when large amounts of fresh fruit and fresh vegetable juice into the human digestive system, will make the blood alkaline, the toxins accumulate in the cells dissolved, and excreted by the excretory system. (2) the radioactive material kelp kelp microglia can promote the body's expelled from the body, thereby reducing the radioactive substances accumulate in the human body, reduce the incidence of radiation sickness. (3) the mung bean soup bean soup can help rid the body of toxins, promote the body's normal metabolism. (4) the pig blood plasma protein soup pig blood soup, after decomposed body of stomach acid and digestive enzymes, can produce a role in detoxification and Hua Chang substances, the chemical reaction with the invasive gastrointestinal dust, harmful metal particles, can not easily be absorbed into the waste, thereby maximally by excretion system from in vitro. (5) black fungus and fungus black fungus and fungi have a good anti-cancer effects, and can clean the blood and detoxification, often edible can effectively remove pollutants. (6) the toxic substances containing carotene food of modern life in the environment can make the production of free radicals in the body, they will attack the protein, nucleic acid and fat, wounded or cause change, cause cancer, cell senescence, stroke incidence. According to the study, contain carotene food the body can eliminate free radicals, these foods laver, muskmelon, carrot, orange, orange, sweet potato, pumpkin, persimmon, papaya, liver, milk, egg, fish etc.. Diet should pay attention to details. For example, around us there are many can the skin health care food. (1) often eat apple belongs to alkaline food, and daily life eat cereals, eggs and other acidic foods. Acidic foods can increase lactic acid and other harmful substances in the blood and body fluids, lactic acid can not be discharged in time, will be sensitive to the erosion of epidermal cells, enable the skin to lose elasticity. The alkaline substances in the apple with lactic acid and other acidic substances, so that delicate skin. (2) eat vitamin rich food when the body lacks vitamin A, the skin becomes dry, scaly, spine like skin rash, abnormal rough etc.. If a lack of vitamin B, will appear milky mouth, lips, skin cracking, lower lip slightly swollen, desquamation and pigmentation. In order to prevent the emergence of the phenomenon of edible, rich in vitamin A, vitamin B food. Huan food containing vitamin A are animal liver, eggs, milk, cod-liver oil, butter, eggs, spinach, carrots, pumpkin, lemon, apricot, persimmon; foods rich in vitamin 8 animal liver, kidney, heart, eggs, milk, beans, vegetables etc..
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"Health is in the details" introduced not negligible details the many health, including health knowledge, secret and misunderstanding. The book is divided into ten chapters, covering all aspects of health, including diet, sleep health, sports health, health care, home health, occupational health, mental health, disease, health, sexual health, the four seasons health. The author uses vivid language, fluent style of writing, the dry curing Weiweidaolai knowledge, so that readers can understand at a glance, "a use".
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