Smoking is a blessing

Date of publication:2008-5   Press: People's Medical Publishing House   Author:Zang Yingnian   Pages´╝Ü380  

Absorption "smokeless is a blessing" of information, appreciate the humor in the book, master the method in the book, in the book of the essence. Memories, explore and review your past smoking proud, smokeless torture, quit hesitation and mood suffering various scenarios. Suppose the initiative in reading, actively participate in the.
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Part one is the introduction, the author of a self-aligning two, why write the book three, who wrote this book, how to use the book five, four how to read second articles to create smoke-free family happiness -- lay foundation for an, why -- to create smoke-free the importance of family two, the actual -- to promote the "smoke-free home" is not enough, three the implementation steps -- to create smoke-free family order and creed third expanded tobacco control tobacco control, hit out in all directions -- a establishing smoke-free school two, establishing smoke-free hospital three, establishing smoke-free enterprise four, establishing smoke-free government institutions five, forces promote tobacco control measures, six restaurants and hotels to promote tobacco control seven, to create smoke-free shop mall eight, public transport ban nine, ten, a tourist resort smoke-free public tobacco smoking, tobacco control eleven key people to promote the fourth smoking evil scourge harm -- there is a benefit without harm, damage to the body, a two family implicated three, a waste of money four, loss of freedom five, lack of culture six, pollution of the environment, reduce the production of eight, by seven the fire nine, destruction of resources, corrupt social values in ten Five smokers procrastinating -- is pure feeling not have. A "rational", cheat deceive oneself two, "smoking rational" interpretation of the three, to four, if that means well ring true truth five, ill will Too Late To Regret sixth quit successfully done in one vigorous effort, and -- to a smoking cessation success four a phase two, quit smoking, there is a path to the three. Four, eight pieces of alternative therapies to promote smoking cessation of the works of seventh aspects -- help quit place oneself in others'position for the people. A, smokers heart state and situation...... Eighth tobacco control of every hue -- take effective tobacco control mode ninth tobacco control and promote a harmonious -- to promote tobacco control gains a lot of summary -- expect the appendix @##@ a tobacco control volunteers The author of the book Chinese American professor Zang Yingnian in the China and overseas duty in tobacco control work for sixteen years, he persevere to preach the tobacco control tobacco control issues, published works, the tobacco control advocates, and help people quit smoking. Now, he summarized the successful experience of the past, from two aspects of theory and practice, to discuss how to establish smoke-free families from the start, and then expand to create health, and happiness of a smoke-free environment. The author also provides the necessary knowledge and methods of smokers to quit smoking and help people quit smoking. The book is rich in content, diverse forms, Tu Vin Unionmaw, set people thinking, is to promote good books Chinese tobacco control work, is also the domestic units, families and individuals to achieve "smokeless is a blessing" good state of good friend and the best helper.
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